friday finds


you guys, I’m feeling so amped this week. spring semester has kicked off and I’m feeling motivated as ever. sure, my excitement will probably be squashed in a short amount of time with how much SHIZZZ I have to do – but for now, I’ll enjoy it.

someone buy me this dress! I need to crank up my art teacher wardrobe vibe

the greatest instagram that ever lived…or…err…died?

framing trash as treasure (hell yes!)

officially ready to alter a deck of playing cards

inspired by the work of mateja kovac

7 types of ‘broke’ you need to be before you can appreciate being happy

this weekend I’ll be working at the rescue, hitting up an art show (isabella kelly-ramirez’s ‘all the missing pieces‘), and meeting a friend for birthday drinks. aside from that, I’ll be trying to keep my head above water and staying on top of my coursework (which, will basically be the theme of this entire semester).

happy weekend xo.

friday finds


this past week was really about slowly dipping my toes into spring semester. getting my textbooks, attending orientations, info meetings…just getting things into gear. I’ll admit I’m excited to start, but terrified of what’s ahead. I’ve read and heard nothing but really gnarly things about the coursework I’ve got in store over the next few months. just have to take things one day at a time I guess…

reading this post had me missing iceland like crazy

so stoked for wes anderson and his 9 oscar nominations! needless to say, we’ll be having a very anderson oscar watch party this year…

someone buy me this t-shirt

my alma mater receives the most applications than any other college in the u.s.!

the best ball boys in the world – this video is so darling…

how to throw a tortured artist dinner party (love this idea)

this weekend I’ll be hosting a small creative gathering with some classmates. it’s a great way to really soak in these last few days before the chaos ensues.

happy weekend…xo

beetlejuice alphabet // 01


although I started this beetlejuice alphabet series a while back, it fell off my to do list with everything I had going on. it is however, important that I keep up on my various non-mixed media projects and drawings as a means of building my portfolio and maintaining some skills.

I’ll admit it is one illustration idea of mine that I’m just dying (pun intended) to finish. so I figure, what better way to hold myself accountable than sharing the first three letters I’ve gotten done.

these are all completed in a sketchbook using pencil and a variety of pitt pens.

wendee & behr


I can’t believe I’ve gone almost 4 months without officially introducing our newest pug babies on the blog!!

after lola’s passing in august, we initially wanted to wait a bit until bringing another pug into our home. we had gone through so much with her, and wasn’t sure if we were ready for a new fur baby. but of course, that feeling dissipated rather quickly, as we couldn’t handle not having a dog around. in the end, adopting helped to heal our hearts…

and of course, why bring one pug home when I can talk my husband into bringing home TWO! ( you guys, I’m almost at a grumble…SO CLOSE ) I’ll admit it didn’t take much convincing, as Wendee dug her sweet little old lady paws right into my husband’s heart the moment they met.

since working at pug nation, I had my husband pop by a few times to meet some of the rescue pugs. there was just something about wendee that really stuck with him (first photo of when they met here). she would let all the other dogs go crazy and get their pets and attention in…while she would patiently wait off to the side until it was her turn. when you encouraged her to come to you, she would wag her little tail and place a paw on your lap. looking back now, we call this all part of her ‘big plan’ to get adopted.

wendee was a package deal though, and was part of a very bonded pair. her other half was a big ol’ beast of a pug named pugsley, who in fact, was her son! at the rescue, pugsley (who we have renamed behr) would always approach you and had classic pug behavior (was super sweet, loved attention and people, and just wanted to be wherever you were). wendee and behr were dumped at a shelter in lancaster (how long they were there is unknown). they were later picked up by a different rescue, and then later transferred to pug nation rescue. these two had gone from shelter life and to two rescues because they had a tough time getting adopted. not only were they a pair, but wendee has an odd skin issue that was turning away potential adopters.

we knew pretty quickly that there was something about these two, and decided to bring them home to foster. we brought them home, fell absolutely in love with them, and couldn’t even think about them going to an adoption fair or getting scooped up by someone else. four days into our fostering the bonded pair…we adopted.

meet ms. wendee
“the small but spry senior pug who will melt your heart in a matter of moments with her precious paw placement, cute tongue and snaggle tooth that constantly pokes out of her mouth, and her sassy yet cuddle-pug attitude”
age/weight: 13 years old, 17 lbs
favorite treat: ground turkey
likes: being ANYWHERE NEAR MOM AT ALL TIMES, cuddles, sweaters, and dog beds
dislikes: getting licked to death by her son behr
famous for: what we call her ‘wen-ee loops’, where she will spin in a loop when excited

meet mr. behr
“the biggest pug not only in his size, but emotionally – as he’s the biggest momma’s boy you will ever meet, while also being the biggest DERP FACE on the planet”
age/weight: 8 years old, 30 lbs (YES, thirty.)
favorite treat: pasta and cottage cheese
dislikes: being left alone, strawberries, being alone, going down stairs, oh, and did I mention being left by himself? yea…big baby.
famous for: making the most ridiculous face when he is picked up. it often includes his tongue sticking out of his mouth, and stiffening his back so he looks more dapper.

since their adoption, you would think these two pugs have lived with us their entire life! they are two of the most chill dogs I’ve ever seen. my husband and I feel like we’ve hit the dog jackpot (if there is such a thing), and contribute that to our dog karma. we put so much time, money, heart, and soul into our last pug, that in return we’ve been blessed with this incredible pair…

friday finds


damn, I forgot how time consuming it is to blog. but, I’ll admit it feels good to be posting up new work and keeping this bad boy up to date. I’m still absorbing what’s left of my winter break, and it’s been so awesome that creating art has been at the top of my to do list…

blood orange and thyme palomas

my favorite quote of the week

selfies can be artistic too’

pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever found shia lebeouf attractive

what a rad repurposed drawer side table

obsessed & inspired by the work of morgana wallace

this weekend I’ll be taking part two of the CSET (as part of my credential requirements). pending I pass this one, it will be the last of the ‘big and scary tests’ I have to take. as a post-test treat, I’ll be joining the lovely orly avineri for her mapping me passport workshop on sunday.

busy weekend ahead! hope yours is just as productive…xo

mini journal // 01


I’ve started a series of miniature journals after learning how to make one from scratch this past semester.

each one is handmade and about 2 inches in size. the interior pages begin as blank white watercolor paper. I then slowly transform them to look like my altered books. the minis are great to toss into my pencil bag or purse, and as a place to dump leftover paint or bits of ephemera.

I’m contemplating selling a few of these, and would love to hear what you think. until then, I’ll be posting completed ones and numbering them along the way…

**special props (as I’m pretty sure she reads this) to my rad professor & mentor Laurie Gatlin for teaching our class how to build these mini books