class sketchbook


as part of an intro to teaching art course, I had to maintain a handmade sketchbook. there was really no restrictions when it came to the construction or materials we used, but they did have to be made by hand (and not pre-made sketchbooks). so of course, I took a very ‘journaled’ approach to mine.

the outside cover is made from a recycled manila folder, and the inside pages are made from a variety of scrap paper I had lying around in my studio. some of it is watercolor paper, bristol paper, and just plain ol’ sketch paper. once constructed, I then of course immediately doused the thing with paint, found ephemera, and doodles.

the contents of the sketchbook were for ‘art labs’ we did in class – which were essentially small drawing assignments or reflections. one of my earliest assignments in this book was my contour alphabet, which I talked about here.

…the pink post it was a note from my professor. maybe one day I’ll glue it into the cover somewhere, or into another journal.

friday finds


well, this week I have wrapped up my finals and winter break is officially in full gear. I’ve got a solid month before spring semester starts, so you can bet I’ve got a massive to do list I’m going to try and knock out. for now though, I’m relaxing and binge watching netflix…

favorite quote from the week

how delish does this look?!

renaissance babies that can’t even…(if you’re an art history geek, you will die laughing)
*props to my artist friend frida carlos for the find

ummm yes! pumpkin pie in a mug.

an instant comfort pocket box

I’m so making a massive plate of these at our next soiree

happy winter weekend…xo

‘ascent’ animation


you might have seen glimpses of this assignment on my instagram. I had one particularly awesome class this semester that focused purely on art & technology. the entire course was project based, and tied together art and techy skills that can be used in a high school lesson plan. one of our larger assignments was an animation project. we could use any method we wanted: rotoscoping, hand drawn, claymation, or stop motion. knowing that I wanted to use my sort of illustrated style with hand drawn components, I decided to use a stop motion technique.

I knew from right at the start that I wanted to do something a bit more personal, or a topic I connected to. in the midst of planning, I stumbled into the story of brittany maynard. her heartbreaking situation hit home for me. here was a woman close to my age (and a teacher), who was diagnosed with an aggressive and terminal brain cancer.

she made the decision to pack up and move her entire family from california to oregon, so that she could have access to a death with dignity law. legal in only three states, this law allows mentally competent and terminally-ill adults voluntarily request and receive a prescription to hasten their death. brittany went public with her story, which brought new attention to the debate and a push for more death with dignity legislation in the u.s. on november 1st, 2014, brittany maynard ended her life in the privacy of her home, surrounded by family and loved ones.

watch the full animation below:

while the topic itself could be considered dark, I decided to take a lighter approach to it – as I find maynard’s story both courageous and educational. in the end it’s about having a choice, and for brittany it was a positive one – which is why I decided on a storybook feel for the drawings, colors, and music. every single element in the animation is hand drawn and hand painted. each scene is staged on painted backgrounds, and still photographs are taken while every piece is slightly moved. when all was said and done, I had nearly 700 still photographs that were then edited together to create the animation.

I absolutely love the completed video, as it is exactly how I envisioned it from my initial brainstorm. in class, we had a ‘film festival’ with award ballots and artist commentary. I’m stoked to report that ‘ascent’ took home best picture (along with most creative and best story) at our faux festival.

more importantly, for me the animation is warm, detailed, endearing, invokes emotion, and ultimately tells a story that I feel, should be told…

+ concept & artwork by roxanne coble
+ animation music by yesway ‘carried away’
+ special thank-you to J.R.S. who helped edit and brainstorm this project with me…
+ for more information on brittany’s story, and the compassion & choices campaign, visit the brittany fund website

friday finds


what! I’m actually blogging?! with my semester finally winding down, and my most gnarly projects behind me, I can start to tackle my winter break to do list. one item of which, is this little ol’ blog. I miss blogging and rambling to (what few) readers I have. so, expect some fresh stuff around here – at least until I get swamped again…

it’s crazy to think that I’ve completed the first of three semesters in my credential program. while the past three months or so have flown by, I can’t quite say the same for 2014 as a whole. I think all that waiting and planning to quit my job just made the year drag a bit. I’m looking forward to posting and updating you all on just what the hell I’ve been doing. in the meantime, here’s some finds for ya…

this quote has been my mantra for the semester

lessons from grimes on how to be a boss (I just love her!!)

ok, someone buy me this dress

loving the illustrations from stasis burrington

how to read tarot cards (and I actually own & love the deck from wild unknown)

great interview with jen gotch (the co-founder of

have a wonderful weekend folks. xo.

21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop!


I am SO SO SO excited to finally make this major announcement!

this spring 2015, I will be teaching a class as part of the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop! 21 Secrets (founded by Dirty Footprints Studio), is a workshop constructed by 21 different artists and is accessed entirely online. here’s a little bit about the course I’ll be teaching:

Fragments & Mysteries

Throw your plan out the window, and lose the ‘big picture’ you’ve been consistently mapping and overworking in your journal pages. Fragments and Mysteries is about embracing the idea of art making with zero constraints. As an artist, I believe that in stepping away from pre-existing plans, true and personal meanings will emerge. Deep within layered materials, found objects and imagery, your subconscious will reveal its own theme. In this workshop, I will guide you step by step. These small steps, small phases, and fragments will ultimately piece together a meaning lying within you. A meaning which until this point, had only been a mystery…

the exciting part of this workshop, is that you have the ability to experience 21 different classes and teachers all in one place, and all focusing on art journaling. it’s also entirely online, so you have instant access to videos and downloadable material! I will be teaching alongside a great group of artists (and you can find the full list of artists here).

if you’re interested in signing up, click here! by clicking specifically on my link, I will receive credit for the sales generated through it. pre-sale kicks off today, so snag your spot now (and the earlier you sign up, the better the rate!).

hope to see some of you in class! xo

art journal kickstarter


I know, I’ve been completely off the blog radar. I miss this space very much, and hope to really put some time in once I wrap up my semester…

needless to say, my credential work has pretty much consumed my life. on top of my coursework (and working weekends at pnla), I’ve been doing my best to take on opportunities and gigs as an artist. the last few months have been very exciting, and I feel like I’m really pursuing two careers at the same time. ultimately, I’m juggling two paths: becoming an art teacher, and being a working artist.

I’m excited to say that I’ve got a string of really fabulous upcoming publications, the first of which is the art journal kickstarter book! this will be my first book publication as a contributing artist. I’ll admit I haven’t physically seen the book quite yet (as it’s still in pre-order mode), but I’m excited to get my paws on it…

pre-order your copy here!

***I have another VERY VERY exciting announcement coming THIS MONDAY…so keep an eye out. it’s a good one folks. xo***

friday finds


I literally had to hold myself back from not making every single one of these links halloween related. I’ll save that for the rest of the month…

crochet basics w/ a beautiful mess

inktober is here!

mushroom shaped gingerbread cookies, or for halloween: poison toadstools

loving these cards

homemade paprika cheddar cheese-its

obsessed with this tiny book

the weekend will be busy as usual – continuing to work on our murder mystery party details, catching up on course work, and working my two shifts at pug nation. have a good one folks!


inktober flashback


well folks, it’s october. my absolute favorite month of the entire fucking year. fall, pumpkins, my birthday, and most importantly – HALLOWEEN. you all know halloween is pretty much my christmas and the only holiday of the year I truly live for. not sure if I’ll be whipping up a costume this year, with the majority of my free time going to grad school or preparing for our murder mystery party…

but of course, october also comes with another beloved tradition: inktober! while I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with a drawing a day like I did last year, I’m certainly going to try. keeping with the theme from last year, I might continue with halloween portraits.

so, what better way to kick off the month and inktober with a little flashback to some of last year’s illustrations.

be sure to follow along this year on instagram…xo