friday finds


guys, I’m tired.

lola has been on a poop eating cycle for the past week (she does this every so often due to her medication), and it’s slowly been killing my husband and I. and not only because it’s disgusting, but that she does it in the middle of the fucking night. one night I actually thought I was dreaming about shit simply because the stench of lola’s in our bedroom was permeating anything and everything. throw in some sporadic seizures (which also occur in the middle of the night), and I’m practically a night walker.

rip archie…the comic gives him a heroic send off

I’ll take a whole plate please: vegan stuffed grape leaves

you go girl! (& this is ridiculously entertaining) kacy catanzaro: 100 pounds of magic

diy 3 ingredient makeup remover

this girl creates awesome fb cover photos (geek alert, the altered beast one just about killed me!)

hoping to tackle (ie: purge) my closet this weekend, and I’m using this gal’s as some inspiration

as much as I want to just binge watch true blood and continue to work on my ahs illustrations all weekend, I’ve got homework practically pouring out of my eyeballs. everyone party and sleep in on my behalf okay?


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on that day


I wanted to included a small note regarding the subject matter of this journal spread – as I know it’s visually a bit on the darker side of things.

what started out as some paint and ephemera smeared across paper, transitioned into something far more personal. this spread reflects my personal response and internal frustrations regarding the hobby lobby decision. heartbreak. anger. and fear for the future of reproductive “freedom”.

friday finds


for once, I have a weekend that’s not saturated with plans. perfect timing since I’ve got some catching up on coursework to do. that’s the one thing I’m not used to with this particular class.  though I can’t reveal what it is, it’s not a studio course. rather than spending time in front of an easel (which is what I’m used to), I’m having to keep my face buried in a fatty textbook. it is a bit of a study adjustment.

girl crushing on emma watson this week w/ her big announcement

red & white summer wines

loving the work from michelle blade

five feng shui elements to bring into your home

why didn’t I think of this…fresh fruit mimosas!

this video is a little weird – but it’s full of pugs (& bound to put you in a good mood)

can’t believe we’re already tapping into july, but damn it feels like summer doesn’t it?
happy weekend. xo

music lately


+ we’re actually seeing wye oak tonight at the el rey, so I had to post something of theirs (not to mention, the new album is solid).

+ let’s just admit it, lana’s new album is quite addictive. my favorite tracks? brooklyn baby & pretty when you cry.

+ I want your love by chad valley – an older song, but one that has weaseled its way into several of my summer playlists.

the fit list


+ you know you’ve got gym confidence when you’re completely unphased about the people around you while taking action selfies & using a timer. everyone can just SUCK. IT. I’ve got a blog to run people!

+ so, remember how I couldn’t talk about what ‘boot camp’ really was? well, the product was recently announced and there’s a promo on youtube! you can even catch a glimpse of yours truly (and I was totally shocked I was used for this initial clip).

+ I know I’ve been a bit behind on posting this ‘fit list’ series, but I blame my vacation (where I actually took a week off from working out). post-vacation, I’ve jumped right into a brand spankin’ new program: PiYo. rather than my usual day to day workout variety, I’ve decided to give this program a full go and commit to the 60 days (ie: I’m following the program’s workout schedule). I just started last week, so it’s a little early for me to provide any real insight. so far I’m digging the concept of it – it’s like yoga and pilates had a baby, but like a super ripped and fierce yogi baby (if that makes any sense). my only feedback thus far, is that I feel like you really need to be fluent in yoga basics to get the most out of the workouts.

would love to hear – what have you guys been doing?

friday finds // girl power edition


+ posting the ‘friday finds’ up early this week due to the holiday

I did a lot of thinking & reading over vacation. mental stirring. creativity brewing. but what’s interesting is that feminism, women’s rights, being a woman, and ultimately forging my female role within the universe, has been at the forefront of my mind lately. and then, monday rolls around…

while I rarely bring up politics on the blog, the supreme court’s decision earlier this week has left me shaken up and pissed off. it’s such a frightening set back. what’s ironic is that I’ve been working on this epic edition of the friday finds for a few weeks now. after monday’s ruling, this week just seemed like the perfect timing for a little girl power.

10 radical women video artists you should know

the hobby lobby pie

gnarly in pink – a documentary on three 6 year old girls who skateboard

ruth bader ginsburg hates SCOTUS ‘mansplaining’ as much as you do

obsessed with everything in this etsy shop!

18 years after the spice girl invasion

oh, and while we’re at it – someone buy me this notorious RBG tee

highly entertained by the call your girlfriend podcast

western art history: 500 years of women ignoring men

this weekend I’ll most likely be manning a face painting booth at our neighborhood’s epic biannual block party. butterflies, spiders, american flags, and GLITTER. just what I need.

happy (and safe) 4th of july everyone. xo

happy 30th puffin


a very happy birthday to my love, my husband, my pug’s baby daddy, and my absolute best friend. love you to the moon and back dear…xo