by bun birthday


here we are again. march 6th: the anniversary of by bun. today marks four years. four years. it’s funny to think that I’ve been documenting my life and work in this way for that long now. while the number appears small, in the blogging realm it is actually quite big. at least, I think so…

every year I like to reflect on the general perspective and direction the blog is headed. it’s something you always have to be thinking about as a blogger – how much to share, what to share, how to post it. looking back to last year’s anniversary reflection I was really preaching the idea that because it’s my website, I’m going to post and share whatever I feel like writing about. while the idea of that is something I certainly still want to embrace, I have to admit I’m in a much different position now.

there are two factors that are shifting the direction of by bun. this may even be something you’re already noticing. the first (and most obvious), is that I’m becoming an art teacher. embarking on a career in teaching unfortunately comes with a bit of an internet filter. not that I feel that is a negative thing in any way whatsoever, but let’s just say I have to put a lot more thought into what I’m putting out there. the second factor, is that my path and priorities as an artist have changed. the desire to post recipes or talk about what I did over the weekend just aren’t all that interesting to me anymore. my life revolves around being a creative individual…so frankly – that’s what I want to blog about.

one encouraging and positive change for this space has been the increase in readers year over year. I can’t tell you how many times I am convinced that I’m just sending these posts out into the darkness! but when I get the emails, comments, and support through social media – it’s incredibly inspiring. and I want to thank-you for that.

I hope you’ll stick around with me as I embark onto year five. something tells me, it’s going to be a good one…


friday finds


I’m doubling down on friday finds (so to speak), since I missed last week’s post. the fact that I’m even managing to post one or two times a week is already pretty impressive compared to last semester’s blogging dry spell.

before I start rambling about whatever I usually ramble about on fridays, I wanted to first say a big thank-you for those who have watched, commented on, or emailed me regarding my 21 Secrets Conversation interview. that was my first video interview experience, which as you can imagine – was quite nerve wracking! I was especially embarrassed after tearing up mid-interview. but, getting such positive feedback the past few days has been really wonderful! it’s especially nice hearing from many ‘quiet’ readers of the blog. so THANK-YOU!

man, I’m such a sucker for zines

how gorgeous are these photos from a vsco user?

OBSESSED with this diy lap desk (and I’m seriously in need of one these days!)

so inspired by these block printed textiles

quote of the week.

giant pink dots for your desktop

32 paintings paired with quotes from mean girls (so hilarious)

such a fun illustration…armadillos on a trampoline

a great guide to gold paint

this weekend is of course, me playing catch up. it’s a perpetual and vicious cycle this semester. one minute I’m feeling great about my progress, the next I’m insanely overwhelmed with what I haven’t even started. the holiday weekend should certainly help putting a dent into my work load anxiety.

in other news, I’ll be FINALLY packing up postcards to put up in my online shop next week. I’ll be sharing ALL of the juicy details next week on the blog…so stay tuned here for what’s included in each set, price, and where to snag yours.

happy (valentines) weekend…xo

21 secrets conversations


I posted this on instagram yesterday, but thought it deserved its own blog post. I’m thrilled to announce that I was included and am kicking off this season’s 21 Secrets Conversations! the series is a compilation of interviews from artists featured in the 21 Secrets online workshop (click here for workshop information).

the interview is centered around the question ‘what has your journey as an artist been like?’ watch my interview & attempt to tackle that topic here

art methods class sketchbook // 02


in continuing to share my progress on the altered book for my art methods course, this is a look at the inside back cover. there were really only two elements to this particular page prompt: it had to tie to your theme, and had to include a niche. although my theme is a bit vague at the moment, I knew right away I wanted some sort of organ-shaped niche.

the niche is carved out by clipping down a thick stack of pages, and then slowly carving out a shape with a x-acto knife. the inside edges of the niche are then smoothed out by gluing down your scrap pages (from when you cut your shape). I used gel medium to adhere my scraps and even put a thin coat along the outside edges of the pages.

while I don’t usually create niches in my journals, it definitely got me thinking about exploring it more in the future…

art methods class sketchbook // 01


in my credential program, one of the major classes you take leading up to student teaching is a ‘curriculum & methods of teaching art ‘ course. needless to say it will be one of the more enjoyable classes I take this semester, as it is the only one within my content area.

in most art classes you maintain a sketchbook (remember my one from last semester?). but for this particular class, we are maintaining altered books as our sketchbooks (score!). each of our books will also take on their own theme. while I’m still narrowing down the exact theme of mine (I’m toying with something along the lines of fear, or internal feelings), here’s a look at the cover.

I’m definitely exploring a lot more in this book in terms of planning, integrating more figurative elements, and honing in on one specific concept. not to mention, this is the first time (outside of my minis) that I’ve actually finished a cover. while it’s a bit outside of my usual altered book making, I’m quite happy with the result thus far.

next week I’ll share an inside page that includes a carved out niche…stay tuned.

friday finds


you guys, I’m feeling so amped this week. spring semester has kicked off and I’m feeling motivated as ever. sure, my excitement will probably be squashed in a short amount of time with how much SHIZZZ I have to do – but for now, I’ll enjoy it.

someone buy me this dress! I need to crank up my art teacher wardrobe vibe

the greatest instagram that ever lived…or…err…died?

framing trash as treasure (hell yes!)

officially ready to alter a deck of playing cards

inspired by the work of mateja kovac

7 types of ‘broke’ you need to be before you can appreciate being happy

this weekend I’ll be working at the rescue, hitting up an art show (isabella kelly-ramirez’s ‘all the missing pieces‘), and meeting a friend for birthday drinks. aside from that, I’ll be trying to keep my head above water and staying on top of my coursework (which, will basically be the theme of this entire semester).

happy weekend xo.

friday finds


this past week was really about slowly dipping my toes into spring semester. getting my textbooks, attending orientations, info meetings…just getting things into gear. I’ll admit I’m excited to start, but terrified of what’s ahead. I’ve read and heard nothing but really gnarly things about the coursework I’ve got in store over the next few months. just have to take things one day at a time I guess…

reading this post had me missing iceland like crazy

so stoked for wes anderson and his 9 oscar nominations! needless to say, we’ll be having a very anderson oscar watch party this year…

someone buy me this t-shirt

my alma mater receives the most applications than any other college in the u.s.!

the best ball boys in the world – this video is so darling…

how to throw a tortured artist dinner party (love this idea)

this weekend I’ll be hosting a small creative gathering with some classmates. it’s a great way to really soak in these last few days before the chaos ensues.

happy weekend…xo

beetlejuice alphabet // 01


although I started this beetlejuice alphabet series a while back, it fell off my to do list with everything I had going on. it is however, important that I keep up on my various non-mixed media projects and drawings as a means of building my portfolio and maintaining some skills.

I’ll admit it is one illustration idea of mine that I’m just dying (pun intended) to finish. so I figure, what better way to hold myself accountable than sharing the first three letters I’ve gotten done.

these are all completed in a sketchbook using pencil and a variety of pitt pens.