instagram favs: vol 1


BY BUN shares her favorite artists she follows on Instagram

it’s no secret that instagram is my favorite social media platform, and I’ve been meaning to create a blog series highlighting some of these favs. I follow a lot of artists out there, and have found that sometimes just checking out my instagram feed can be a great source of inspiration.

as I mentioned, I’m hoping to turn this into a regular series – where I share some of my favorite instagram accounts and why I love ’em like I do. so here’s what I’m calling ‘volume 1’ of my instagram favs…

+ top left: @l0ll3_ (aka, Lolle)
Lolle’s instagram is probably my favorite out of any account I follow. no joke, I love love love her artwork. and if you know me, you’ll figure out why pretty quickly: the subject matter, her use of detail, and the overall style. be sure to also check out her etsy shop, where she’s got tons of stuff (including patches that she makes by hand!).

+ top center: @miles_art (aka, Miles Johnston)
Miles’ instagram is a newer one on my ‘following’ list, but his artwork is so fascinating and beautiful to me. the fact that he can capture so much detail and texture using pencil is absolutely mind blowing.

+ top right: @nomi_chi (aka, Nomi Chi)
can you fall in love with someone’s line work? is that a thing? well, I did with Nomi’s work. what drew me to her work is the way she shades her figures with such organic details. the fine lines she does looks like fur at times, and they dance around, giving her illustrations such a unique look and feel.

+ bottom left: @mabgraves (aka, Mab Graves)
chances are, you might already know about Mab as she’s got a pretty big following. and that following is justified – because her work, her style, her personal story, and just about everything she shares is so so wonderful. Mab also recently collaborated with Alvin, and I totally want one of those damn pencils!

+ bottom center: @light_witch (aka, Courtney Brooke)
‘light witch’ is one of the few photography accounts I follow. but when I stumbled into it a while back, it quickly became one of my favorites. her photos are hauntingly beautiful, and at times can truly transport you to another time/place/dimension (or spooky-witch cabin in the woods).

+ bottom right: @freeorgy (aka, Pony Reinhardt)
believe it or not – of all the types of instgrammers I follow, tattoo artists probably fill up my feed the most. and I must say, ‘freeorgy’ is one of my all-time favs. her subject matter, compositions on the body, and overall approach to tattooing is unlike anything out there. I would kill to get inked by her! even if you’re not into tattoos, you’ll be into these…because her work is incredible.

+ all photos found on each individual instagram account, and links are all included above!

make it artsy: ep10 online tomorrow!


in case you missed the last time it was up, make it artsy is putting episode 10 back online! this episode features my segment on how to create mini journals out of matchbooks. this was actually my favorite project and segment I did for the show…

the episode will be up starting at noon tomorrow and will remain available for the following 7 days. hop on over here to watch (again, tomorrow @ noon!) and scroll down to the bottom of the page to play the video!

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upcoming san diego area workshops!


san diego area workshops with artist Roxanne Cobleniches and mini journals workshop with artist Roxanne Coble

if you’re in the southern california or san diego area, I have several upcoming private art journal workshops with an open registration. the hostess of these classes (who is absolutely wonderful) has opened up her home to whomever might be interested in attending!

what’s great about the first two weekends offered in february, is that they can be taken individually as a one-day or together as a two-day workshop if you wanted to make a weekend out of it. then in march, I’ll be teaching one of my most popular one-day workshops: ‘Fantastical Fauna’…

here’s the complete class line up again:

+ Feb. 4th: House of Voodoo 10am – 4pm
+ Feb. 5th: Book of Shadows 10am – 3pm
+ Feb. 11th: Carved Niches 10am – 4pm
+ Feb. 12th: Mini Art Journals 10am – 3pm
+ March 18th: Fantastical Fauna 10am – 4pm

if you’re interested in joining me for any of these workshops, send me an email! I’ll provide you with all of the details…email me at:


studio playlist: january


monthly music playlists curated by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

I still can’t get over that I posted a playlist every month for the entire year of 2016. and here I am starting off 2017. crazy…

so no, there’s no friday finds post today – but I thought we might need some art studio jams instead. I can’t be the only one avoiding the television today am I right? while I’m keeping myself busy painting, maybe you’re doing the same and could use a little background music.

this playlist is short. but like I’ve said on playlists in the past, something about it just felt ‘done’. there’s a pretty wide range of stuff, but the one band I do want to point out (and you’ve heard me rave about them on the vlog) is Roosevelt. if you like the couple of tracks I threw into this list, definitely give the whole album a listen…you won’t regret it.

+ need more tunes? each month I curate a creative playlist on spotify! you can follow me, or check out last month’s playlist here.

friday finds


this weekend is sure to be a busy, but creative one. I’ll be focusing the majority of my time working on a new online class (eek, more info coming soon!).

it’s been a bit since my last friday finds post, so I thought I might put one up today. these aren’t all new per se, but certainly some things I’ve recently loved or have bookmarked…

feeling inspired by the sketchbooks of jared muralt

beyond obsessed with what artist tina walker did with my wolf stencil over on the stencilgirl blog!

this bag though…swoon!

just finished through the woods, and man oh man is it good

really diggin’ the journals & instagram of @journalbean

frannerd (one of my favorite artists on youtube!) shares her favorite copic marker colors
(and you’ve got to check out her instagram, she’s illustrating an animal a day for the entire month of january)

happy weekend everyone…xo

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make it artsy: episode 8 is back online!


in case you missed the last time it was up, make it artsy has put episode 8 back online! this episode features my segment on how to create abstract mini canvasses.

the episode is available to watch for free until noon on january 20th. so, plenty of time to tune in and make some minis of your own. hop on over here to watch and scroll down to the bottom of the page to play the video!

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messages: “fairy tales”


a new video as part of my messages short film and creative journal series is now up on my youtube channel. to note, this particular message was written and recorded in november – which is why you’ll hear me referencing my birthday the ‘month prior’…


+ learn more about the messages project here
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