death calls & dream calls


+ note – this was a commissioned mixed media piece completed on canvas board (and not in an altered book). more canvas work for sale coming soon, or email me if you would like to special order one //



it’s taken me a week to even get the courage to post about lola. I debated writing anything in the first place, but felt that I should with massive outpouring of online & social media support we’ve received since her passing…

we knew after her pde diagnosis that one day, we would have to make a difficult decision. last tuesday things took a turn for our sweet pug, and it became quite clear that the time had come to put our heartbreaking plan in place. we were always realistic with her – that everyday was truly a gift and at any point may be her last.

she lived seven months past her diagnosis – a shocking fact for both us and our vets. my husband and I will also both admit that some of our best moments and memories with her was during that seven months. we’re thankful to have been given so much extra time with her (really, almost a lifetime for pugs diagnosed with this horrific and terminal disease).

I believe that things happen for a reason – and while lola was a challenge at times and required a lot of care, she was meant to be in our lives and we were meant to be her puppy parents. I often think that had she not ended up with us she may not have been able to get the care, attention, and love that we had to offer. I understand that more than ever having been working at a pug rescue. she was the best first dog, first pug, and first fur baby we could have ever asked for – and we wouldn’t have asked or done anything differently.

our home and hearts feel empty right now. it’s been a difficult transition, and I assume will continue to be one as we attempt to move forward. we miss absolutely everything about her, but know she’s in a much better place (loaded with dog treats, greek yogurt, ‘doody’ bones, and polka ‘poufs’). a huge shout out to everyone who has reached out to us – friends, family, internet/blog friends, and strangers. your support is truly appreciated, and we feel grateful to have it.

when we’re ready, I know there will come a time when we will be pug parents again (or maybe even foster parents). until then, I’ll continue to keep one of lola’s ‘doody’ bones in my purse…

+ for more on lola’s backstory and pde go here
+ + if you’re a pug owner dealing with PDE and looking for some support or more information, I would love to hear from you //

new routine // weekend recap


1. & 2. a trip to rosie’s dog beach // 3. commissioned piece in progress // 4. always a pug party during my saturday shift at pnla // 5. nothing better than a happy pug

well here I am. it’s sunday, and tomorrow I won’t be back in my cubicle. shit just got real. now I’m sitting here reviewing my class schedule for the week, and mentally preparing myself to set foot into a classroom tomorrow. hell, it’s even odd blogging on a weekend!

I’m all about a routine. and those of you who work a desk job know exactly what I’m talking about – it’s detailed. even down to the type of coffee cup you bring to the office each day or the exact time you eat your lunch. my old routine has gone out the window entirely, and now I have to build a new one. the transition is annoying and my class schedule is all over the place, but I’m hoping to settle in as quickly as possible.

it’s also interesting to factor home life into all of this, as I have two full days each week with no class (and almost a third, as I just have one night class that day). naturally, I’ve dreamed up this awesome cleaning schedule, a list of small house projects I want to work on, and things I want to redecorate – but who knows how it will really even pan out. I have absolutely no idea just what kind of student work load I’ve set myself up for this semester.

I guess this week is about not having any expectations – which is difficult for me to do. but clearly it comes with the territory of plunging into something new. at least I can say I had a good weekend going into it…

+ with my weekend gig at pug nation rescue, I’m going to be sure I add additional information at the end of my posts if I share photos of dogs who are available for adoption. the happy gal in that last photo is minerva – find her profile here and more info here.

the plan


it’s exciting that I can now broadcast the thing I’ve been working towards for so long.

over a year ago, a light bulb went off in my head. I was pretty unhappy with my uncreative desk job and felt like I was having a mid-life crisis of sorts. sure, I had been working towards my MFA, thinking that maybe one day I could teach (either art history or studio art). but then it occurred to me – once I finished my masters degree, how on earth could I land a teaching gig when I have zero experience in a classroom, and am not even working in the field of art?

I realized I needed to take a practical route: put my MFA on pause, and knock out a teaching credential. obtaining a single subject credential would let me teach middle school and high school grade levels and gain some practical teaching experience. the program at CSULB is three semesters – but you have to go full time. when I first thought about quitting my job and going back to school last august the timing didn’t work out – I had just missed registration, and the main prerequisite art class I needed to even start the program was only offered in fall (meaning I couldn’t even reapply in spring). that means I’ve literally been counting down for well over 365 days to begin the program…

flash forward to today, and that delay was sincerely a blessing in disguise. it’s given me the opportunity to get my ducks in a row, and save up financially. I’ve put myself in a position where my rent is fully covered for the next year and half – something I’m very proud of accomplishing! I know I’m still going to need to get creative in finding extra cash flow (and my little part time job at pug nation is a start in the right direction), but I know I’m scrappy enough to make shit work.

for the first time in my life, I’m pursing my passion full time. it’s terrifying and nerve wracking – but there’s no better time to really go for it. your twenties are meant for career changes and drastic decisions right? I’m also a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and over time I’ve continued to be guided in this direction.

this exciting new phase of my life could certainly be titled my ‘starving artist’ chapter – as I’m going to be completely broke as a full time student – but it feels right. and I’m ready to do this. my last day in the office is this thursday, and my classes kick off a week from today…

and so, IT BEGINS.

friday finds


my poor blog has been neglected all week. but, at least I’ve got a decent excuse: I’m wrapping up the final days of summer school. all I have left at this point is a final exam.

next thursday is my last day in the office – pretty surreal when I think about it. I’m anxious to get going on fall semester & into a new routine. more details/blog posts/things to come…next week kittens.

an adorable little clutch

that’s it – I’m making everyone cacti rocks for xmas.

from street art to high art – the ny times features swoon (love her!)

fun & simple polka dot envelopes

digging this b&w roundup

been dying to try a cauliflower crust

this weekend also happens to be our one year wedding anniversary! crazy to think almost 365 days ago I was walking down the aisle. needless to say, we’ll be celebrating…

happy weekend. xo

friday finds


this weekend is going to jam packed. I’ve got to crank out the remaining coursework for my summer school class (which I can now say is a child development class for my credential!), and I start my first day on the job at pug nation

summer slow cooker zucchini & eggplant lasagna

somebody buy me this print

watch these pugs try to stay awake

loved these portraits of college grads moving back in with their parents

inspired bu these illustrations from haejung lee

wind summer down with a watermelon mojito

have a happy weekend folks.

pages in progress


I generally don’t say much about my art journal process, or share before and after photos. but it’s something I’m going to try and do a bit more of. my main reason for not showing the evolution of my journal spreads (as they really do drastically change with each layer I add), is that sometimes it can be several months until I feel pages are ‘complete’.

if I had to summarize it, I would say each of these journal spreads are at the halfway point. some I started several months ago, others a week ago. because I bounce around in my art journals – it’s a never ending back and forth sort of process. when all is said and done – I feel like my pages go through different incubation periods, growth spurts, and growing pains…

as they should really – it’s all a creative extension of self.

yesterday, I quit my job


24 hours ago, I officially quit my job.

after 5 years in advertising, in a cubicle, staring at excel spreadsheets…I’ve finally scrounged up enough courage to make a major career shift. it’s something I’ve been working towards for quite some time (literally, over a year in the making), and am finally taking the huge leap.

I’ve decided to quit my job in order to pursue a career in art full time. resigning marks my jumping off point – where I begin to chase my dreams, pursue my passion, and go for what I want in life.  thinking back to jim carrey’s commencement speech

you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.

more details to come on what’s happening next. but as you can imagine, I’m going to need a day or two to defrag. walking away from a cushy cubicle gig ain’t easy, but it’s something my gut my heart has been telling me to do for a while now.

today, a new journey begins.