21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop!


I am SO SO SO excited to finally make this major announcement!

this spring 2015, I will be teaching a class as part of the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop! 21 Secrets (founded by Dirty Footprints Studio), is a workshop constructed by 21 different artists and is accessed entirely online. here’s a little bit about the course I’ll be teaching:

Fragments & Mysteries

Throw your plan out the window, and lose the ‘big picture’ you’ve been consistently mapping and overworking in your journal pages. Fragments and Mysteries is about embracing the idea of art making with zero constraints. As an artist, I believe that in stepping away from pre-existing plans, true and personal meanings will emerge. Deep within layered materials, found objects and imagery, your subconscious will reveal its own theme. In this workshop, I will guide you step by step. These small steps, small phases, and fragments will ultimately piece together a meaning lying within you. A meaning which until this point, had only been a mystery…

the exciting part of this workshop, is that you have the ability to experience 21 different classes and teachers all in one place, and all focusing on art journaling. it’s also entirely online, so you have instant access to videos and downloadable material! I will be teaching alongside a great group of artists (and you can find the full list of artists here).

if you’re interested in signing up, click here! by clicking specifically on my link, I will receive credit for the sales generated through it. pre-sale kicks off today, so snag your spot now (and the earlier you sign up, the better the rate!).

hope to see some of you in class! xo

art journal kickstarter


I know, I’ve been completely off the blog radar. I miss this space very much, and hope to really put some time in once I wrap up my semester…

needless to say, my credential work has pretty much consumed my life. on top of my coursework (and working weekends at pnla), I’ve been doing my best to take on opportunities and gigs as an artist. the last few months have been very exciting, and I feel like I’m really pursuing two careers at the same time. ultimately, I’m juggling two paths: becoming an art teacher, and being a working artist.

I’m excited to say that I’ve got a string of really fabulous upcoming publications, the first of which is the art journal kickstarter book! this will be my first book publication as a contributing artist. I’ll admit I haven’t physically seen the book quite yet (as it’s still in pre-order mode), but I’m excited to get my paws on it…

pre-order your copy here!

***I have another VERY VERY exciting announcement coming THIS MONDAY…so keep an eye out. it’s a good one folks. xo***

friday finds


I literally had to hold myself back from not making every single one of these links halloween related. I’ll save that for the rest of the month…

crochet basics w/ a beautiful mess

inktober is here!

mushroom shaped gingerbread cookies, or for halloween: poison toadstools

loving these cards

homemade paprika cheddar cheese-its

obsessed with this tiny book

the weekend will be busy as usual – continuing to work on our murder mystery party details, catching up on course work, and working my two shifts at pug nation. have a good one folks!


inktober flashback


well folks, it’s october. my absolute favorite month of the entire fucking year. fall, pumpkins, my birthday, and most importantly – HALLOWEEN. you all know halloween is pretty much my christmas and the only holiday of the year I truly live for. not sure if I’ll be whipping up a costume this year, with the majority of my free time going to grad school or preparing for our murder mystery party…

but of course, october also comes with another beloved tradition: inktober! while I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with a drawing a day like I did last year, I’m certainly going to try. keeping with the theme from last year, I might continue with halloween portraits.

so, what better way to kick off the month and inktober with a little flashback to some of last year’s illustrations.

be sure to follow along this year on instagram…xo

illustrated alphabet


I want to do my best to post my completed creative assignments throughout the semester. keep in mind, that the majority of the projects I do are usually meant to be taught in a secondary level classroom (i.e. high school or middle school). doing the projects allow us as future art educators to get a feel for basic lesson plans, grading work, and creating projects that fit a long list of requirements.

any creative work I post is generally going to be coming from two of my four classes this semester: art & technology (which is a legit art class), and introduction to teaching art (which is the most intense class ever – as it has both a creative component, art education component, and is the course in which we officially apply into the sscp).

that all being said, this first small assignment came from my intro to teaching art class. each of us maintain a handmade ‘sketchbook’ (I’ll share that at some point too), where each week we have a new assignment or reflection to complete. for our first sketchbook assignment we needed to create a small illustration for each letter of the alphabet. the illustration had to be based on a real life object, and in contour line only. drawing in contour line is generally something you would introduce in a basic drawing or art 1 class – so it was a good way to kick things off…

an update & yes, I’m still alive


whew. it’s been ages since I’ve been able to put the time into blogging. I’m completely behind on my daily reads, have zero posts drafted of my own, and cannot remember the last time I’ve really taken the time to sit down and write. it all makes me realize how much of this blog was being run while sitting at my old desk job. allow me to give you an update on everything lately…

+ on being back at school
being a full time student again is absolutely insane. I’ve got a full course load (which I’ll break down in a separate post) and am so happy I’m not juggling a desk job. pushing my start date back a full year, allowing myself to save money, and having full days off in between when I’m on campus was some of the wisest decisions I’ve ever made. I’m on campus all day two days of the week, and for a night class on a third day. the days off in between classes are for catching up on assignments and completing my required classroom observation hours. it’s all very very intense…and there’a never a dull moment.

+ working weekends at pug nation
as you all know, I began working weekends at pug nation rescue LA. what started out as a means of making a few extra bucks while being a student again, has really transformed into something so much more. working at the rescue is so incredibly rewarding. while the job itself is challenging (both emotionally and physically), I absolutely love it. not to mention, I’m gaining crazy dog mom ‘skillz’.

+ yes, I’m fostering two pugs…
with the passing of our sweet lola lu, the house felt so empty. we juggled the guilt of feeling like we were rushing things and the desire to have a dog in the house again. so, we waited a few weeks before submitting our application to foster a pug (or ‘pugs’ as it turns out) with pnla. when I had brought my husband to the rescue almost two months ago, he was immediately drawn to wendee. over time my husband and I just felt more drawn to the bonded pair. we’re now fostering the mother and son duo, and couldn’t be happier. they are the most mellow and well behaved dogs I’ve ever seen! needless to say, the transition has been smooth and the two have completely settled in.

+ planning a murder mystery
yup, we’re throwing another murder mystery party next month for halloween. but this time, we’re writing all of the characters and plot line ourselves. while it’s been a hoot writing up some of the characters, puff and I still have a ways to go. I hope to share some of our party plans and details along the way…

+ by bun, freelance work, and what’s ahead
it’s been difficult to balance freelance artwork while being a student. unfortunately I’m turning a lot of things down (and essentially putting a ‘shop’ on hold). I will say however, I’ve got some very exciting things ahead. I have some artwork being published in a book this december (eek! 8 pages worth!), and have a very big secret I can’t reveal for another two months. let’s just say, it’s something several of you have been asking me for! more on all of that to come.

I feel like the entire month of september has been all about major life adjustments. new schedules. new routines. and I hope to somehow squeeze this blog into it all. I miss it, and I hope…maybe you do too.


+ + the top photograph from was from a class project. if you’re interested or curious, see the final work on my class website here.

death calls & dream calls


+ note – this was a commissioned mixed media piece completed on canvas board (and not in an altered book). more canvas work for sale coming soon, or email me if you would like to special order one // madebybun@gmail.com



it’s taken me a week to even get the courage to post about lola. I debated writing anything in the first place, but felt that I should with massive outpouring of online & social media support we’ve received since her passing…

we knew after her pde diagnosis that one day, we would have to make a difficult decision. last tuesday things took a turn for our sweet pug, and it became quite clear that the time had come to put our heartbreaking plan in place. we were always realistic with her – that everyday was truly a gift and at any point may be her last.

she lived seven months past her diagnosis – a shocking fact for both us and our vets. my husband and I will also both admit that some of our best moments and memories with her was during that seven months. we’re thankful to have been given so much extra time with her (really, almost a lifetime for pugs diagnosed with this horrific and terminal disease).

I believe that things happen for a reason – and while lola was a challenge at times and required a lot of care, she was meant to be in our lives and we were meant to be her puppy parents. I often think that had she not ended up with us she may not have been able to get the care, attention, and love that we had to offer. I understand that more than ever having been working at a pug rescue. she was the best first dog, first pug, and first fur baby we could have ever asked for – and we wouldn’t have asked or done anything differently.

our home and hearts feel empty right now. it’s been a difficult transition, and I assume will continue to be one as we attempt to move forward. we miss absolutely everything about her, but know she’s in a much better place (loaded with dog treats, greek yogurt, ‘doody’ bones, and polka ‘poufs’). a huge shout out to everyone who has reached out to us – friends, family, internet/blog friends, and strangers. your support is truly appreciated, and we feel grateful to have it.

when we’re ready, I know there will come a time when we will be pug parents again (or maybe even foster parents). until then, I’ll continue to keep one of lola’s ‘doody’ bones in my purse…

+ for more on lola’s backstory and pde go here
+ + if you’re a pug owner dealing with PDE and looking for some support or more information, I would love to hear from you // madebybun@gmail.com

new routine // weekend recap


1. & 2. a trip to rosie’s dog beach // 3. commissioned piece in progress // 4. always a pug party during my saturday shift at pnla // 5. nothing better than a happy pug

well here I am. it’s sunday, and tomorrow I won’t be back in my cubicle. shit just got real. now I’m sitting here reviewing my class schedule for the week, and mentally preparing myself to set foot into a classroom tomorrow. hell, it’s even odd blogging on a weekend!

I’m all about a routine. and those of you who work a desk job know exactly what I’m talking about – it’s detailed. even down to the type of coffee cup you bring to the office each day or the exact time you eat your lunch. my old routine has gone out the window entirely, and now I have to build a new one. the transition is annoying and my class schedule is all over the place, but I’m hoping to settle in as quickly as possible.

it’s also interesting to factor home life into all of this, as I have two full days each week with no class (and almost a third, as I just have one night class that day). naturally, I’ve dreamed up this awesome cleaning schedule, a list of small house projects I want to work on, and things I want to redecorate – but who knows how it will really even pan out. I have absolutely no idea just what kind of student work load I’ve set myself up for this semester.

I guess this week is about not having any expectations – which is difficult for me to do. but clearly it comes with the territory of plunging into something new. at least I can say I had a good weekend going into it…

+ with my weekend gig at pug nation rescue, I’m going to be sure I add additional information at the end of my posts if I share photos of dogs who are available for adoption. the happy gal in that last photo is minerva – find her profile here and more info here.