friday finds


just two weeks to go, and then my summer begins. I get so pumped just looking at my to do list. tons of art making, teaching, a trip or two, preparing for student teaching in fall, kicking off a big personal project (that I can’t wait to share with you), and re-organizing my entire house (literally, in a few weeks I’m swapping my studio with our master bedroom). but of course, this is all pending I get through the next 14 days…

so hypnotized by this work by il lee…in ballpoint pen!

quote of the week

darling little flower ladies

why the most creative people flourish in clutter

you had me at ‘beergarita

someone buy me this (and so many color choices!)

next week I’ll be sharing even more new work and info on two upcoming art shows. in the meantime, don’t forget to send me a question! I’ve gotten some great ones so far, and will be working on those video responses soon…

ask the artist series


today I’m kicking off a new blog feature called ask the artist. I quite often get emails, comments, and messages on social media filled with questions. everything from artistic processes, to materials, my background, or even something as simple as what kind of music I listen to while I work. well – here’s your chance to ask a question and maybe even get it featured…

to add an interesting twist, I’ll be responding to your questions in video format. anyone and everyone can send me a question – I will then select one or two questions from the batch and share my response with all of you via video right here on the blog. pending on the response, I may even turn this into a small video series.

so, it’s time to ask away folks! send me your questions via email (, in the comment section below, or via social media (facebook, instagram, or twitter).


friday finds


well, my semester is quickly approaching the end and I’ve got less than four weeks to go. my main to-do for the weekend is wrapping up the beastly CalTPA2, while trying to catch up on other assignments. I’ll admit I’ve been distracted all week working on personal artwork…but you know what, it’s a good distraction that is keeping me sane.

easter might be over, but I’m still loving this marbled egg diy

7 ways doodling will change your life

what your astrological sign means on tumblr (mine was spot on!)

adore these illustrations by babeth lafon

shameless plug! book a private workshop with me…

absolutely 100% in love with this painted series ‘postcards for ants’

happy weekend loves…xo

mini journal // 02


+ this journal is part of a series of miniatures. each journal is constructed by hand with recycled materials, and are about two inches in size. see my first completed mini here.

beetlejuice alphabet // 02


it’s been months since I worked on my illustrated beetlejuice alphabet. but I’m excited to say I’ve put my hands back on the project, and am really trying to get it done (or at least put a big dent in it). with some upcoming art shows I most definitely have the motivation to do it…

see part one here: letters D, S, & T.



“and even though I was awake, the beetle shells were still covering my feet.”

friday finds


I’m telling you, there are moments when I’m working on a CalTPA (which are four state required ‘teacher performance assessments’ that you complete while working toward your teaching credential), where I just want to throw my hands in the air and go – “that’s it! I’m done.” I have two I have to attempt to get knocked out this month – and I’m slowly losing my mind. don’t they know we artist-types don’t have the patience for this sort of crap? with a TPA due monday (yes, in three days) – my face will be buried into my laptop this weekend…

obsessed with missy h. dunaway’s ‘book of paintings

ummm yah – I’ll take a baked doughnut.

women in science illustration series

quote of the week

officially my new favorite web series: adult wednesday addams

someone buy me this button.

in other news, it’s been so wonderful hearing your feedback on my 21 secrets workshop. it’s exciting to hear you digging my techniques and really challenging yourselves in a new way. share or post your work – I would love to see what you’re making! and ah yes, and I almost forgot…

**CONGRATS TO SHAY KENT!! the 21 secrets workshop giveaway winner!!**