studio playlist: january


whenever I’m working in my studio, I’m always always always playing music. I can’t even imagine creating art in silence (do any of you do this?). because I use spotify, I have literally endless amounts of playlists. I even create mega-seven-hour-long ones for when I’m teaching at workshops!

every month I end up with a new playlist. this comes about through finding new music, searching through spotify, or using their weekly ‘discovery’ feature. so at the end of each month I end up with a pretty rad compilation of music. not only does this end up being my ‘studio jams’ for when I’m working, but I save the playlists over time to see what I was listening to when.

long music story short, I decided that I’m going to start sharing my monthly studio playlists with all of you! now you’re going to need spotify to do this (it’s free don’t worry!), but it could be a cool way to find some new creative tunes for your workspace.

so stay tuned each month for a new playlist, and click play below to listen to january’s!

behind the scenes: life book 2016


head on over to my youtube channel to get a behind the scenes look of filming for life book. don’t forget to ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’ to my channel to stay up to date on new videos (which I’m attempting to do weekly!).

and of course, if you haven’t already, go here to join in on life book 2016…

vlog episode #1


head on over to the by bun youtube channel to watch my first ever vlog! in this episode, you’ll see me working in my studio, a glimpse at our haunted gingerbread house, and a trip to pug nation rescue la…

on a similar note – thank-you so much for the support and positivity surrounding my first video and channel launch! xo

by bun youtube channel!


YAAAAAASSSS. and yes, it’s that exciting of a moment that I’m allowed to use ‘yaaass’. I finally launched my damn youtube channel! to kick things off, I’ve put together a little ‘speed painting’ video of a recent santa illustration I created on a piece of wood. head on OVER HERE to watch it…

I’m going to do my best to create, film, and edit content for youtube. I can’t promise weekly videos (I’ve already learned just how time consuming it is to manage a channel and edit footage), but it’s definitely something I want to try and keep up with! I plan on doing some vlogs, more time lapse videos, art supply hauls, and am even bringing the ‘ask the artist’ series over to this new channel. to follow along, be sure to subscribe!

+ psst! I’m still collecting questions for my next ‘ask the artist’ video…so feel free to leave one below

the year ahead


the past year has been a whirlwind without a doubt. from pursuing what I thought could be a new career path (public school teaching), to new creative endeavors (teaching and working freelance), and finally settling into a somewhat comfortable routine in redondo beach (where I picked up part time work, and we nested in our rental home of nearly three years).

yet, so it seems that the trend of ‘mega-life-changes’ will be continuing for me in 2016. the biggest news that I have yet to share is that my husband and I will be officially moving out of the suburbs and back to L.A. this comes about as my husband (who works in entertainment) recently got a kick-ass new job. said kick-ass new job however, is in burbank. needless to say the commute has been gnarly – and there really wasn’t enough keeping us in the south bay area…

this move back to L.A. has me feeling excited for a number of reasons. first, we’re looking to relocate to the east side (echo park / silver lake / los feliz area). if you know L.A., then you know that this area of town has quite the artistic community – which opens up any number of creative possibilities for me. second, if you know me…then you know I love moving. I’ve moved five times over the past seven years, and frankly I’m overdue for a major move. a third reason I’m thrilled to relocate, is that we are majorly downsizing. it feels good to finally think about purging, cleaning, and narrowing down our endless list of shit down to the essentials. and I’m not kidding when I say we’re downsizing: we’re going from a freestanding three bedroom / two bathroom house…back to two bedroom apartment living. oh yeah!

there’s something about 2016 I’m anxious about, but in a really good way. living in redondo has been great – but the past couple of months I feel like I’m in a bit of a safety net and not truly challenging myself as a person…as a human…as a creative. I see it in my work and the time I spend in my studio. lately it’s been a bit lifeless. I think a new surrounding and slightly scary change will be good for me. it’s just time.

so that all being said, 2016 is starting off with a MAJOR bang. apartment hunting, life book and love art happy life launching, a rad retreat in palm springs, and then moving in the next 30 days or so. it’s a lot, but I’m ready.

happy new year everyone – and thank-you for those who follow, read, ‘like’, or simply stumble into my blog. your support means everything, and I’ll be seeing you all in 2016…


+ photo via euroman

new blog series & a giveaway!



it’s no secret that I’m addicted to pinterest. I mean, aren’t we all? as a creative, it’s a great resource to gather ideas, brainstorm projects, and just get inspired. being that I’m constantly pinning, I thought it might be cool to share what’s inspiring me here on the blog every now and then. going forward I’ll be calling this series ‘pinned’.

this week’s pins are inspired by the class I have created for the LOVE ART HAPPY LIFE e-course (that kicks off january 1st!). if you remember my last post about the online course, my class is inspired by the artist egon schiele – who is both a personal favorite and a direct inspiration in my own artwork. there’s something so ugly-beautiful about his work that you can’t help but stare right at it, and embrace the unfinished sort of quality of his figures. naturally I’ll be fusing this into my love art happy life class, where we’ll be putting schiele-inspired figures right into our journal pages…

and while I’m at it, I’m going to giveaway ONE FREE SPOT FOR THE LOVE ART HAPPY LIFE E-COURSE! to enter, simply comment below and tell me why you want to take the class. a winner will be selected at random on wednesday, december 2nd by 12pm pst.

another FYI: the class is on sale right now at an early bird rate that ends on nov 30th! the giveaway will still be open for those who buy a seat in class (I don’t want you guys to miss on out a good deal!)

+ UPDATE: congrats to Amy Maricle, you’re the winner of the giveaway!! thanks to all who entered to win!!

+ images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

workshop at the PV art center!


as some of you may remember, I was teaching a children’s art camp over summer at the palos verdes art center. well, I’m thrilled to announce that I have been invited to teach a one day art journaling workshop! (I’m also teaching a weekly ‘mommy & me’ style art class…but more on that later…)

the workshop I will be teaching is my ‘illustrated mini portraits’ class. this was a course I developed a while back while I was painting a lot of figures into my journals (like the one seen in the flyer above). registration is now open, and if you’re in the so cal area you can make a day trip out of it! did I also mention the pv art center is just beautiful? here’s all the details:

Saturday, 2/20, 10am-4pm (with a one hour lunch break)
This art journaling course takes you through the process of creating a two-page journal spread that includes an illustrated portrait or figure. Through step-by-step instruction, we will begin by building preliminary layers within our journal pages using a variety of mixed media techniques. After building up a foundation, you will then learn how to plan, draw and paint an illustrative style portrait into your spread. This portrait instruction also includes variations of how to approach drawing the face and features, contouring using multiple layers of color, and detailing facial features in pen.

go here to register, and I hope to see some of you in class! xo