artifact uprising


I’ve been meaning to blog about artifact uprising for ages. I recently had two portfolio books made – one for my art journals and another for my entire body of work. when I received them in the mail I could not have been happier. these hard cover books are great quality and were easy to design using their website…

this is by no means a promotional post, just something I used and completely fell in love with! it’s been great to tote these beautiful books to interviews, classrooms, and workshops as an easy way to share my work. from one artist to another who may be reading…it’s a fan-freaking-tastic way to show off your portfolio.

a personal update


with so many of my blog posts these days focused on artistic content, I decided to take a moment to give an update on my personal life. I have definitely been thinking about how I would address one major change and decision I’ve recently made…

when I quit my job last august to pursue a teaching credential, I knew I would ultimately be nurturing two career paths: being a high school art teacher and working as an artist. I feel that my path as an artist is on the rise, and that I’ve accomplished some major personal and professional goals. it is also a path that truly excites me – I enjoy not only producing work, but teaching freelance. on the flip side with my credential, while I excelled in all of my educational prep courses, had positive experiences in the classroom, and was repetitively told I would make a great (and passionate) high school art teacher – something just didn’t feel right.

with the way my timeline had lined up, I was on schedule (and approved) to enter student teaching this fall. but at the end of my spring semester, I was feeling extreme stress and ‘burn out’. I had been taking back to back full course loads, was juggling state tests and TPA’s, and managing endless hours of classroom observation. looking ahead to student teaching, I was feeling tired, anxious, and emotionally unprepared to step into a classroom full time. this ‘burn out’ feeling also began to really pair with my demeanor as a creative person. believe it or not, I fit that stereotypical ‘artist’ demeanor in that I’m both introverted and battle a variety of personal anxieties.

long story short, all of this emotional turmoil and stress led me to reevaulate the decision to become a public school teacher. there were a long list of items that just didn’t align for me, and I’m not convinced it’s a good fit. as of right now, I am no longer entering student teaching and have decided to put my teaching credential on hold. when I made that decision about a month ago, it came with a huge sigh of relief and positivity. the longer I sit with my decision, the more confident I feel. right now, I’m focusing on my work and teaching freelance – and I’ve never felt better. while I was concerned about letting some people down, I’m happy I followed my gut and am moving forward with what feels right for me.

so that’s where I’m at. and while I’m here, I want to thank those who are continuously encouraging and supporting me as an artist. it means so much, and I’m thrilled to continue to share this journey with all of you…


ask the artist #5


‘ask the artist’ features various questions sent in via this blog or through social media. in this week’s episode, I talk about why I enjoy the altered book format…

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vegan mosquito


my husband and I will work together quite often on random ideas, sketches or short animations (he too, is a creative type). our most recent project ‘vegan mosquito’ combined his writing/editing skills along side my hand drawn illustrations. as a 2d artist, it’s fun to see a simple sketchbook drawing brought to life…

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ask the artist #4


‘ask the artist’ features various questions sent in via this blog or through social media. in this week’s episode, I share my top five favorite art supplies!

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creative nomad: register today!


today is the big day folks! go here to snag your seat for the creative nomad retreat. join myself and fellow artist brian kasstle at the ace hotel in palm springs for four days of epic art journaling!!

space is limited – so sign up asap! I hope to see you in the desert…