friday finds


you know, I thought when my semester ended that I would take a week to just be super lazy. the kind of lazy where you drink mimosas at noon, where the same clothes all day, and binge watch reality tv. my week however has been quite the opposite! with my store launch, business meetings, making mini’s like a mad woman, journaling, rearranging my house, and working on a top secret project…I’m feeling rather busy! but maybe that’s a good thing…

quote of the week.

how to look at art like you know what you’re doing

shameless plug – more minis are up!

another shameless plug, read about the insights museum exhibition

I so need a pair of these.

how awesome are these historical portraits on flattened cans?

memorial weekend is upon us, and I can assume I’ll be just as productive – except maybe with a beer in my hand…xo

shop launch // mini journals available!


why yes, you read it correctly. not only is my online shop finally open and running – but it’s fully stocked with handmade miniature journals ready for purchase!

because most of the items in my shop will be handmade (with the exception of some super rad postcards coming soon), know that most products are made in limited batches. that being said, if you see something you like – snag it! any shop updates or new item postings will be shared right here on the blog.

as you all know launching the by bun shop has been a huge ongoing goal for me. it’s exciting to finally see it come to life, and be filled with items that I absolutely love and am looking forward to shipping out…enjoy! xo

friday finds


my semester is officially…DONE! I feel like a 50 ton weight has been lifted. I’m so thrilled to not have only survived a brutal course load, but to embark on a solid summer break. while I’m taking today to just have a mental pause (i.e.: be super lazy), I’m looking forward to getting a jump start on my summer to do list. over the next few months I plan on making a ton of new work, launching my store (and maybe something else…wink!), and working on a few commissions. needless to say this summer’s theme is: JUST MAKE ART.

miniature dioramas made in antique ring boxes

thank-you for making a bigger planner! totes preordered.

oh grimes how I love thee.

these photos are not only stunning, but inspiring (props to deb for the find)

also on my summer to do list: a diy mason jar herb garden

271 years before pantone…there was this.

happy (rainy, for those in L.A.) weekend folks.

friday finds


just two weeks to go, and then my summer begins. I get so pumped just looking at my to do list. tons of art making, teaching, a trip or two, preparing for student teaching in fall, kicking off a big personal project (that I can’t wait to share with you), and re-organizing my entire house (literally, in a few weeks I’m swapping my studio with our master bedroom). but of course, this is all pending I get through the next 14 days…

so hypnotized by this work by il lee…in ballpoint pen!

quote of the week

darling little flower ladies

why the most creative people flourish in clutter

you had me at ‘beergarita

someone buy me this (and so many color choices!)

next week I’ll be sharing even more new work and info on two upcoming art shows. in the meantime, don’t forget to send me a question! I’ve gotten some great ones so far, and will be working on those video responses soon…