speed painting: wedding gift on wood


wedding season is officially here! surprisingly, we only have one wedding this year – which we attended last weekend

as you might assume, I’m all about little extra handmade touches. so I painted this gift for the happy couple to pair with their wedding card, and filmed it in the process. the video is about three or four hours worth of painting condensed into less than 3 minutes (it even features the handmade gift wrap!).

head on over to my youtube channel to watch! xo

studio playlist: april


oh man, christine and the queens song it has totally been my anthem as of late. and I know, it’s not a new song whatsoever. but after hearing it on episode of girls and then seeing them live this month, it’s more than appropriate for this month’s playlist…

+ need more tunes? check out the january, february, or march playlists.

artsnacks unboxing & drawing!


okay, I had planned on sharing this post tomorrow – but I’m too hyped and decided to put it up today instead…ohh yeeaahhh…impulse blogging at its finest…

so, I’m super excited to share this new youtube video! as I mentioned in last week’s vlog, I recently subscribed to ARTSNACKS – which is a monthly subscription box. for $20 bucks a month you receive a little box of awesome full of art supplies. this video features an unboxing of april’s artsnacks as well as a drawing using only the materials included in the box

anyone else subscribed to artsnacks or another monthly art subscription? I would love to know! happy sunday-funday everyone, and enjoy the unboxing! xo

just cause you feel it


I’ve been experimenting with some new ideas and doing some serious creative exploring. last weekend I dug into my vinyls, my playlists, and even went to my local record store – and found something that’s been there all along

in this new series of work I’m doing, I’m taking songs and using them as a springboard for a journal spread. I’m also playing with very specific materials and techniques…that like the music, connect to a memory or this idea of adolescence.

going forward, any spread from this series will include a link to the track that pairs with it. this spread is inspired by radiohead’s there there.

you are an artist podcast


man, this week has been such a blur. I have so many crazy awesome things going on right now (most of which I can’t talk about yet!), and it’s got me busy busy busy! but you know what, it’s a good problem to have – so I’m just riding the wave…

I wanted to pop in and share with you my recent interview with amy maricle of mindful art studio. she’s got a brand spankin’ new podcast, and I’m honored to say I was her very first artist interview! speaking with amy was such a rad experience – and I’ll be honest – I share some pretty personal topics that I think could resonate with some of you. one element in particular, is talking about my struggle with anxiety. for the longest time I didn’t really want to address or talk about how it influences my work. but I’m slowly becoming more comfortable with sharing it, because it’s helping me deal with it.

so pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea), hop on over to mindful art studio, and give the podcast a listen. oh, and keep up those drawings for the april art challenge! you guys are seriously blowing me away.

have a wonderful (and rainy if you’re in LA) weekend folks…