artsnacks unboxing & journal spread


happy friday! can you believe may is nearly over? this month seriously just flew by…

as a special treat (ie: I totally cranked to get this video done, haha), head on over to my youtube channel to watch the may artsnacks unboxing! rather than doing the ‘artsnacks challenge’, like I did last month, I decided to play around with the materials on an art journal spread instead.

stay tuned for several new videos in the works – including a behind the scenes look of filming MAKE IT ARTSY and episode #2 of DRINK & A DOODLE! one of those two videos will be up on my channel next week. needless to say, I’ve got a lot of editing to do…

…have a kick ass three day weekend everyone!



+ as I mentioned on my instagram, the quote featured in this journal spread was something a stranger told me in an airport bar. I jotted it down in my sketchbook, and it just kinda stuck with me. funny how that works…

studio playlist: may


I think this month’s playlist is definitely one of my favorites thus far of 2016. I’ll admit it’s mostly because of radiohead’s new album, but there’s some other great songs that have made this list (including a super chill mazzy star cover, and a my morning jacket throw back)…

+ each month I curate a creative playlist on spotify! need more tunes? check out the march or april playlists.

sketchbook tour: april art challenge


head on over to my youtube channel for a sketchbook tour featuring the drawings from the april art challenge!

also, I’ve already gotten a number of you asking if I’ll be posting a video featuring my make it artsy experience – and the answer is yes! I had my gopro with me the entire time, and will be putting together a behind the scenes video for all of you. it’s going to take me a bit to edit it all together, but expect that to be up in the next week or two. be sure you’re subscribed to my youtube channel to never miss an update!


summer workshops at pv art center


I just wanted to post a quick update (or a save the date really) for two workshops I will be teaching this summer at the Palos Verdes Art Center. registration is not open yet, but I wanted to at least share the dates with you in the case you’re making your plans for summer! especially because I believe one of these workshops in particular will fill up fast…cough* cough*….MINI JOURNALS!

Saturday, July 9th, 12pm-4pm
This art journaling class takes you through the process of creating a miniature, two-inch, mixed media art journal. Through step-by-step instruction, we will begin by binding and constructing our mini journals by hand. Once our mini journals are assembled, the class will then take you through a variety of individual techniques, prompts, and illustrations to apply within each 2-page spread! At the completion of the class you’ll have a fully altered mini journal featuring eight different miniature art spreads.

Saturday, August 6th, 10am-4pm (with one-hour lunch break)
This art journal class takes you through the process of creating a two-page journal spread that includes an illustrated animal. What makes these animals unique however, is that they are in a state of transparency: complete with bones, organs, and unique illustrative details. Through guided step-by-step instruction, we will build up an initial background layer using a variety of mixed media techniques. With our background layer complete, you will then learn how to plan,
draw, and fully illustrate your own fantastical fauna.

I will be posting again here when registration opens up – so be sure you’re on my mailing list to receive a notification! (sign up in the side bar area if you haven’t already —>). I hope to be seeing and creating with some of you over summer…xo



+ this journal spread was completed (well over a month ago) as a contributing work of art for an ‘amazing race’ themed event. the particular country I was assigned to represent was India…

drink & a doodle: ep#1


so, I’ve had an idea for a series of youtube videos for quite some time now. the basic concept is this: I try a new cocktail or beverage, and then create a drawing inspired by that drink. that being said, I bring you DRINK & A DOODLE! head on over to my youtube channel to watch the first episode…


speed painting: wedding gift on wood


wedding season is officially here! surprisingly, we only have one wedding this year – which we attended last weekend

as you might assume, I’m all about little extra handmade touches. so I painted this gift for the happy couple to pair with their wedding card, and filmed it in the process. the video is about three or four hours worth of painting condensed into less than 3 minutes (it even features the handmade gift wrap!).

head on over to my youtube channel to watch! xo