let’s get lyrical…


I don’t know about you – but the entire month of august is bound to be busy as ever! the month ahead has it all: everything from launching an online class, prepping and teaching new workshops, tinkering with some super secret projects, and even a bit of traveling…

this weekend’s plans include teaching a workshop at the pv art center (there’s still room if you wish to join!), and oh yeah – painting a mural. haha…more on that a bit later, but be sure you’re following me on social media for some behind the scenes.

in the meantime, I’m here to remind you that LYRICAL is still on sale at a lower launch price through sunday! starting monday august 8th, the class returns to its regular rate. same goes for the LYRICAL/CREATURES bundle – I’ve got that up for a lower price through sunday. keep in mind, you can do these class at any time! so snag it now while it’s at a lower price…

have a wonderful weekend everyone! xo

studio playlist: july


I know, I know – it’s August, and I’m just now sharing July’s playlist. but I’ve been insanely swamped getting my new class LYRICAL up! any who, this playlist is a bit on the random side, but there are two small things I would like to point out…

first: I have fallen back in love with helio sequence. not that I ever fell ‘out of love’ with them…but you know when you kinda forget about a band, randomly find them again, and then binge listen all of their albums? yeah, that’s what happened. so, I’ve added two of my favorite helio songs this go around – hall of mirrors and leave or be yours.

second: I recently discovered a marcus marr and chet faker ep titled work. it’s so, so, so good. so good in fact – james purchased it for me on vinyl, and we’ve been spinnin’ it ever since. I’ve added my favorite track ‘learning for your love‘ to this playlist.

tune into the entire july playlist below…enjoy! xo

+ need more tunes? each month I curate a creative playlist on spotify! check the last few from june, may, and april.

lyrical online class now available!


good morning and happy monday! I’m here bright and early to let you know that my new online class LYRICAL is now live and available for purchase! hop on over to my etsy shop to snag your seat in class. three other important items I also want to note:

+ LYRICAL is available at a discounted rate for this week only! starting august 8th, the class will return to its regular price.

+ want to take CREATURES and LYRICAL? grab a class bundle from my etsy shop. this too, is at a lower rate for this week only!

+ be one of the first 20 people to purchase LYRICAL and you’ll get one of these! (NOW SOLD OUT)

that about wraps it up. I’m thrilled launch day is finally here, and I can’t wait to see you all in class!

***UPDATE: wow!! I’m so thrilled and honored to say – the 20 postcards SOLD OUT in about 3 minutes! thank-you to everyone!***

lyrical launches monday!


hey guys! I just wanted to pop onto the blog before the weekend kicks off to not only remind you that my new online class “Lyrical” launches MONDAY…but to also share the promo I’ll be doing for the first 20 people who purchase the class…

the first 20 students to enroll in LYRICAL will receive one hand-altered, hand-painted postcard (from my new 2016 postcard set) in the mail! as seen in the photos of this post and sticking to the theme of the class – I’m including handwritten song lyrics on each card. recipients can either customize their lyrics or allow me to choose it for you…

what’s cool about these postcards is that you can use it as ephemera, or hang it up in your work space for a little inspiration. these went insanely fast when my other class “Creatures” launched (literally, within 6 minutes) – so definitely set those alarms! see you monday…xo

***LYRICAL launches this MONDAY, AUGUST 1st @ 8:00AM PST // #bybunlyrical***

+ + UPDATE: these altered postcards are now SOLD OUT! + +

comic con 2016


I am realizing as I draft this up, that I don’t think I’ve done like a chatty-real life-plus-photos-blog-post in ages!

as some of you may have seen on my instagram, last weekend I went comic con (insert ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’ sound byte here). this was my third time attending the convention, and probably my best one to date! I feel incredibly fortunate to have a husband who works on a totally kick ass tv show (which I won’t name for privacy reasons), that allows me to not only go to the convention – but attend some pretty rad events and parties (thanks BEB!).

I thought it might be fun to share some photos with you, and a few of my favorite moments from the weekend. this is only a mere sampling of everything we did – it’s always a jam packed weekend I tell ya…running from one thing to another!

highlights from the weekend:

+ dressing up on day two in my hocus pocus cosplay! you guys know I take my costumes very seriously – and winifred sanderson is a character I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I sewed (and painted) my entire costume by hand. I also handmade the giant spellbook that served as my purse! I’m not even kidding – the lid of the book opens up to reveal compartments inside where I stored my wallet, extra makeup, and comic con badge.

+ meeting gemma correll. I’ve been a fan of gemma’s for a long time…and never in a million years did I think I would get a chance to meet her!

+ walking the convention floor. I think this was the most time I’ve ever spent on the floor during a trip to comic con. it genuinely takes several days/hours to make your way through the booths. we were probably in there for hours at a time over the course of the weekend, and I almost guarantee we still didn’t see everything! I also picked up some sweet stuff…and am thinking about filming a mini comic con haul for my youtube channel (would you guys even watch that?).

+ attending some super sweet events – including ‘adult swim on the green’. they apparently do it every year, and is essentially a giant outdoor carnival. it’s an insanely well done event, but it is so cool to see fans in full action!

+ ending our days with pokemon go. I know it sounds silly, but there’s something really rad about walking around the gaslamp quarter at like 2am looking for pokemon…

well, that about sums it all up (in the shortest way possible, haha). until next year comic con! xo

lyrical online art journal class


I’m absolutely thrilled to finally share with you the trailer and details for my new online art journal class LYRICAL!

I don’t think I’ve ever been THIS STOKED to put an online class out there. this particular class is very personal for me – as it truly mirrors my current art making process and style. I was so excited about designing this class in fact, that it ended up being the biggest online class I’ve ever created!


I’ve made a page on my website that is fully dedicated to the “LYRICAL” class. this page features what’s included in the class, the price, where to buy, and even some FAQ’s. hop on over here to get all of the details.

also to note, I will be doing another giveaway for the first 20 students who sign up for the class on August 1st. I’ll be sharing more details and sample photos of that item soon (*wink!).

so mark your calendars, and I look forward to you seeing you in class!

friday finds


it feels like summer is in full swing huh? in los angeles it’s nothing but hot sunny days, busy farmers markets, walks around echo park lake, oh…and pokemon go (admit it, you’re playing too!).

as you may have seen on my social media (or in my sidebar…*wink! –>), I’ve been working hard to finalize my new online art journal class LYRICAL. while I don’t want to confirm the launch date quite yet, I will reveal that I aim to get the class live no later than august 1st. don’t hold me to that of course, but I’m bustin’ my butt to get it out there! I will also admit: it’s by far one of my favorite online classes I’ve ever created…

in between editing LYRICAL, I’ll be working hard on my COSTUME FOR COMIC CON (you guys know I love a good costume)! yaaasss – comic con is next week, and I’m stoked that I’ll be there for the entire weekend. I’ve been filming a little behind the scenes of my costume construction which I hope to edit together for youtube, but be sure to follow me on snapchat – which is where I’ll be sharing a lot of my progress (snapchat username: bybunrox).

alright…let’s get to some friday finds shall we?

ghost photographs – a brilliant series of work by artist angela deane

omg…someone buy me this lost boys garland!

obsessed and inspired by these illustrated book covers from artist karl james mountford

advice from ghosts: the frida kahlo edition

how cute are these headphones…rawr!

my mantra for the week

have a wonderful weekend everyone! xo

diy lawn dominoes


as you might have seen on my instagram, last month I teamed up with my brother for a little summer diy project. I finally had a chance to edit the footage together for my first ever diy video – so hop on over to my youtube channel to see how I made these bitchin’ lawn dominoes!