Workshops at Way Art Yonder in 2018!


Fantastical Fauna workshop taught by artist Roxanne Coble

as I finalize in-person workshops for 2018, I’ll be keeping you guys up-to-date here on the blog! be sure you’re on my email list (sign up on the right sidebar) to be notified when I put up a post 🙂

I’ve got two workshops that I’m teaching at Way Art Yonder Studio next year, and I’m thrilled to finally share them with you! Way Art Yonder is one of my favorite SoCal studios to teach at…so if you’re in the San Diego area or want to make a trip out of it, I would love for you to join me.

first up is a brand new class I can’t wait to teach…Mixed Media Mini Zines! here’s a bit of info about the workshop:

Mixed Media Mini Zine workshop with artist Roxanne Coble!

+ Mixed Media Mini Zines // Saturday, Feb 24th 2018, 10:00am – 4:00pm +
This brand new class will take you through the process of creating a single-page, 8-fold mini zine … but with a mixed media twist! Completed in Roxanne’s illustrative and detailed style, we will create a zine that features both imagery and text. Through step-by-step instruction, you’ll learn how to apply various illustration and mixed media techniques for each page. You’ll also learn how to plan and add text, and assemble the final product. At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a completed one-page zine, ready for photocopying and distribution!.
Learn more & register here.

FANTASTICAL FAUNA art journal workshop with artist Roxanne Coble in San Diego!

the second class I’ll be teaching is a personal fav and one of my most popular art journal workshops…Fantastical Fauna! this is the second time I’ll be teaching this workshop at Way Art Yonder, because the first time around it sold out. so, if you missed out last time, here’s your second chance :). here’s a bit more about that class:

+ Fantastical Fauna // Saturday, June 16th 2018, 10:00am – 4:00pm +
This popular art journal class takes you through the process of creating a two-page journal spread that includes an illustrated animal. What makes these animals unique however, is that they are in a state of transparency; completed with bones, organs and unique illustrative details. Through guided step-by-step instruction, we will build up an initial background layer using a variety of mixed media techniques. With our background layer complete, you will then learn how to plan, draw and fully illustrate your own fantastical fauna. Learn more & register here.

I’ll be announcing more 2018 workshops in the next couple of weeks or so…so stay tuned 🙂

PPP 17: Huevos (w/ Ariel Alter)


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

With our (first-ever) special guest Ariel Alter, we discuss deadlines, James pitches a movie about ham, and then we all answer the ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ questionnaire.

Mentioned in this episode:
+ meet our special guest Ariel Alter! she’s a motion graphics artist & illustrator (and our neighbor!) and you can follow her on Instagram.
+ Ariel’s animation reel!
+ Spinster Sisters web series
+ Rox’s latest mini zine “Pools” and “Messages” video
+ The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 (and here’s Rox’s sketchbook done while watching)
+ ‘Game of Jones‘ segment on Late Night With Seth Meyers
+ You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine book by Alexandrea Kleeman
+ new tracks by LCD Soundsystem: American Dream & Call the Police
+ Chasing Coral documentary on Netflix
+ …we forgot to take a group photo, but here’s a picture of Geebs during the podcast instead
+ fan art of our pug Olive (aka GEEBS)

Inside the Actor’s Studio Questionnaire
1. What is your favorite word?
2. What is your least favorite word?
3. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
4. What turns you off?
5. What is your favorite curse word?
6. What sound or noise do you love?
7. What sound or noise do you hate?
8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
9. What profession would you not like to do?
10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

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“pools” mini zine


"Pools" mini zine by artist Roxanne Coble, aka BY BUN

"Pools" mini zine by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

mini zines from artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve added yet another issue to my ongoing series of mini zines! and this one, is titled “pools”…

this third issue is about the summer after high school, when my best friend and I used to sneak into swimming pools. this particular memory is very personal, and something I’ve always wanted to incorporate into some sort of creative project. no joke, I’ve dabbled with illustrating and drawing this idea for years. I’m so happy to have captured it in a zine – a format I’ve become quite in love with over the past few months…

much like my other mini zines, you can take a video tour of this one over on my youtube channel! “pools”, along with a restock of “two weeks in may” and “things I’ve buried“, is available now in my etsy shop!


***UPDATE: all mini zines are now SOLD OUT! thank-you so so much to those who grabbed one! if you missed out, I’ll be doing a restock in September…so stay tuned 🙂 ***

messages: “the collector”


"Messages" short film series created by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

"Messages" short film/creative journal series by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

"Messages" short film/creative journal series by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

"Messages" short film/creative journal series by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

it’s been a while since I worked on this project, but a new video as part of my “messages” short film series is now up on my youtube channel. I think you’ll find this one to be particularly personal – but I want to share it with all of you…


+ learn more about the messages project here. 

+ watch more messages here.

PPP 16: The Great Cheeto Debate


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

It’s our Sweet 16 episode and we chat about themes in our creative work, James’ Patsy Cline kick, and loop you in on The Great Cheeto Debate.

Mentioned in this episode:
+ we continue to obsess over the Piece of Work podcast
+ the photo we tweeted during the podcast
+ ArtSnacks August Box Breakdown video
+ Scary Terry embroidery project
+ Rox is back on Tumblr
+ ‘Gobble Gobble Goo’ video
+ Cypress College for Mortuary Science
+ Art Journal Magazine feature and this is the journal spread
+ Coal Miner’s Daughter film
+ Sweet Dreams movie with Jessica Lange
+ Rick & Morty Season 3
+ Reply All podcast
+ Stranger Things thriller promo
+ Sock Wars Movie
+ Chef’s Table Season 3 on Netflix
+ the Twitter poll regarding Cheetos

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ArtSnacks Box Breakdown: Aug 2017


August ArtSnacks 'Box Breakdown' video created by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN!)

it’s a new month, which means a new artsnacks box and another box breakdown! the ‘box breakdown’ is a monthly video I put together for the folks over at artsnacks. it’s an in-depth look at the supplies & techniques found in the latest monthly box.

I’m particularly fond of this month’s box breakdown video – I think because I jam packed so much stuff into it! you can hop on over to the artsnacks youtube channel to watch it…

happy friday, and I hope you all have a creative weekend!

+ learn more about my collab w/ artsnacks here!
+ if you’re new to artsnacks, I’ve got a discount code for ya…use the code BYBUN10 at checkout to get 10% off your first month’s box.

PPP 15: Comic-Con Special


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

In this weird special edition, we geek out with our favorite Comic-Con moments, start Cravin’ For Flavin, and close it down with Tony Testosterone.

Mentioned in this episode:
+ recent drawings and doodles in ALMOST FULL sketchbook
+ daily doodles in the mini sketchbook (here // here // here)
+ working on the upcoming new zine
+ the super-talented Gemma Correll
+ by bun’s comic-con 2016 wrap up (with Winifred Sanderson, Gemma Correll, etc)
+ comic-con edition of internet sauce
+ rox’s Winifred Sanderson cosplay from last comic-con
+ olive snoring and belly-up during this podcast record
+ Atlanta on FX
+ Dark Matter book by Blake Crouch
+ the apartment trailer (1960)
+ orange is the new black on netflix
+ trailer for cartoon college documentary
+ ‘piece of work’ podcast about dan flavin

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PPP 14: Don’t Get Comfortable


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

After recovering from our live episode – we chat about creative regrets, exquisite corpses, a llama named Hank, and discover what GoT house we belong in.

Mentioned in this episode:
+ Abbi Jacobson’s new podcast A Piece of Work
+ Angel City Brewery
+ Rox’s new mini zine in the works and handmade patches
+ By Bun YouTube Channel and ‘Messages‘ short film series
+ party banners Rox used to paint: Chatty Vag & Billy Idol
+ Get Out movie trailer
+ Game of Thrones is back!
+ new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm (coming in October)
+ My Favorite Murder podcast
+ super cool “Exquisite Corpse” Rick and Morty promo (and this is what an exquisite corpse is)
+ other Rick and Morty claymation shorts: butt world and pummel horse
+ YouTuber Conan Gray and his song ‘Idle Town
+ “Before he was Shakespeare, he was…Will
+ take the Game of Thrones quiz with us

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