workshop at the PV art center!


as some of you may remember, I was teaching a children’s art camp over summer at the palos verdes art center. well, I’m thrilled to announce that I have been invited to teach a one day art journaling workshop! (I’m also teaching a weekly ‘mommy & me’ style art class…but more on that later…)

the workshop I will be teaching is my ‘illustrated mini portraits’ class. this was a course I developed a while back while I was painting a lot of figures into my journals (like the one seen in the flyer above). registration is now open, and if you’re in the so cal area you can make a day trip out of it! did I also mention the pv art center is just beautiful? here’s all the details:

Saturday, 2/20, 10am-4pm (with a one hour lunch break)
This art journaling course takes you through the process of creating a two-page journal spread that includes an illustrated portrait or figure. Through step-by-step instruction, we will begin by building preliminary layers within our journal pages using a variety of mixed media techniques. After building up a foundation, you will then learn how to plan, draw and paint an illustrative style portrait into your spread. This portrait instruction also includes variations of how to approach drawing the face and features, contouring using multiple layers of color, and detailing facial features in pen.

go here to register, and I hope to see some of you in class! xo

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    • I second the request for an online course – I can’t get to you easily and with the exchange with the Canadian dollar it would be even more painful. Fingers crossed!! 🙂

      • Hey Darcy! Like I’ve said to other commenters, releasing my own series of online classes is definitely something I’m working towards. I just don’t want to put something out yet until I think it’s TOTALLY AWESOME and something that I know students will love…

        Thanks for stopping by! xo

    • Hey Debbie!

      So happy to read you liked my 21 Secrets class…and the class I’ve created for Life Book is going to be really fabulous! As for my own online classes, it’s definitely something I have been working towards. But, I’m a MAJOR perfectionist…and am not quite ready to release a class out until I think it’s totally rad and ready to roll.

      Thanks again for your comment & support…xo!!

  1. I am the third. An online class would be amazing.
    Traveling from Australia would just take way too long.
    Looking forward to your lesson in Life Book 16.

    • Hey Jenni!

      Can’t wait to see you in the Life Book class. I’ve created a pretty cool course for Life Book, so I am looking forward to sharing it! As for my own online classes – it’s definitely something I’m working towards…but won’t put out there until I think it is really AWESOME and something students will just LOVE!

      Thanks again for your comment & support! xo

  2. Hi Roxanne,
    Love your Journaling!
    It would be awesome to do an online course with you. Please know that we already think your work is ‘perfect’ ….. we are all waiting out here in cyberspace!
    When you do release your first Journaling course please put me down as a ‘YES PLEASE!’

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