weekend treats.


this little video makes me so happy. it’s so silly/random but totally fuckin awesome (note what shows up at :05). good summer tune no? god- it just makes me love living in CA (and LA specifically) all that much more. busy weekend ahead and I’m in full preparation mode for my summer semester (more on that later). I know I’ve been a bad blogger this week- but I’ve got some sweet things in works kiddos…don’t you fret. and now for the treats:

crazy weird music vid I would totes be in.

anyone eaten here? this place looks so pretty.

umm okay…so why I was so highly entertained by this?

worst dressed.

greatest little hobbit of them all.

okay so I hate musicals and the tony’s- but I loved the book of mormon and this sweet intro to the show.

oh yah…la kings. an article by puff.

new fiona album for the win.

happy weekend loves.
xoxo bun

*ps- keep an eye out for my Father’s Day post going up THIS SUNDAY. it’s totes adorbs.

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