weekend treats.


I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. of course, while most of you are off work for the day – I’m chained to ye’ ol’ day job desk (fucking absurd that I have to work today). I’ll be itching away the hours till I’m packed up and in the car with puff headed to the mountains. it’s weekends like these that really make me thankful…

loving this tarot card deck (makes me want to bust out mine).

great post on why some opt out of having children (I dug what Cat said).

scone me.

cute idea for a beer tasting party. *props to KP

totally love these pink socks.

I’m taking a tip from this gal for any future logo work I do…

just BEET it. this is making me hungry.

homegirl has some killer gift guides.

this will the first weekend in a very very long time that my family has been up at the cabin at the same time. seriously, it’s been years since we stayed the weekend as a family (and now with the addition of my future hubs). it’s sure to be filled with great food, wine, board games and cozy sweaters within that little a-frame cabin of ours…

have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone.

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