weekend treats.


the best part about being a LACMA member? seeing the exhibitions before they open to the public. tomorrow morning I’m off to spend the day at the museum with my mom to see the brand spankin’ new caravaggio exhibit (opens this sunday to the general public) and swing by kubrick after (opened on nov. 1st).

ever since I was young, my mom and I have had our museums dates…and I’m thankful we still do them to this very day. nothing beats getting inspired by the masters, chatting about art technique, art history, and more importantly- I’ll be getting some quality art time with my mom.

we really do feed off each other when we’re in a museum. she’s a working artist, self taught, and incorporates art history into her workshops and lesson plans. mix that with my undergraduate studies in art history, current MFA work, and that I’ve been her project guinea pig since kindergarten- means that we are basically a tornado of art knowledge in any museum or gallery space.

clever girl

ellen’s scare montage (this is LOL hilarious guys).

holy shit do these look amaze.

I know Halloween is over, but I’m obsessing over this party DIY…might need to happen next year.

hell to the yes…secret boards on pinterest.

kinda want to try this out.

loving the idea of purple after our wedding.

adore these film stills.

caitlin shearer’s work is the bomb.com.

is it sad I’m already thinking about new years party decor?

lovely craft paper wrapping.

on another note- you should also head over to the pizza comedy facebook page for a chance to win a free t-shirt (which features the recent logo I designed). just ‘like’ the free pizza friday post on their wall to be entered to win…

happy weekend loves.

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  1. awww thanks sweet pea ..it’s been such a joy for me , while you have been growing up, exploring museums together. And not just art museums..Whether it was the Museum of Science for the Smithsonian exhibit (remember the space capsule and Dorothy’s ruby slippers?) or the Amazing Body ( that was amazing and during your forensic scientist days..), or the Cultural Arts museum in Santa Ana( oh my the big heads!) and of course the opening of the Getty ( gallery guards after the boys for getting to close to Van Gogh’s Irises ..”$100 million for that?!?”) the list goes on and on, and each one a lovely memory..made even more so today ” ‘cos you is all grewed up” and are teaching me about the art work now ! I’m one lucky mama…xoxo

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