weekend treats.


earlier this week, puff and I got a chance to see father john misty at one of our favorite venues in los angeles- the bootleg. little did we know, the show was entirely acoustic. man- I thought I loved this guy, but seeing him acoustic made me love his music all that much more (remember when I posted about him before?). also helped that the bootleg is like the hipster headquarters of music venues (come on- it’s in silverlake, serve $4 PBR, and has a shitty photo booth that’s too good to pass up).

I’ve got the bungalow to myself this weekend, so I’ll be painting up a storm and knocking a few films off my october list. with two oil paintings and a banner job – it should be a productive weekend.

anyone start to cook up any halloween costume ideas? I finally came up with something I’m fucking hyped about…and am hoping to turn it into a DIY for you. but, as of right now it’s top secret- so more on that another time. until then, here’s the treats.


little artist costumes. my future spawn is doomed.

super fun hand-lettering video over at the weaver house blog.

a sorority sister of mine from college trains dolphins. yes. dolphins. check her out in training!

cleaver idea for a spooky party invite.

shit do I want these plates or what.

edible halloween wafer papers…great for cookies.

kinda like the idea of having a hash tag specific to your wedding (scroll down)…

love this look.

in case you watched gallery girls (merh I did) check out these predictions.

this makes me want a pink couch. (and hey- I’m halfway there with our purple one)


happy weekend to you all.

*ps- film list update: so far I’ve watched The Craft, Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and The Witches. shit, I need to legit get through more this weekend. how many have you guys cranked out?

*pss- make sure to check out my new ‘about me’ page over there ->

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  1. Love your pics for> the Halloween invites ( too fun!), the kiddie costumes ( too cute!) and the Haute Hippie dress ( too expensive!)

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