weekend treats.


so I totally forgot to mention to you guys, that puff and I had our first tasting with our caterer this past week! funny enough- it wasn’t trying on wedding dresses that made things seem ‘real’, but rather- tasting tray pass appetizers and varieties of meat. funny how that works huh?

in other news- I’m so fucking busy. how the hell did I take two studio courses last spring? seriously. it’s so hard to juggle all this shit at one time. this weekend is full of painting, banner sketching & party planning (for a little retirement bbq we’re hosting for my Dad the following weekend…more on that later). I’m hoping this LA heat wave can cool its jets so I’m a slightly less miserable in our zero cross ventilation bungalow of ours…


holy shit iceland engagement photos.

how to know if you’re at a hipster wedding.

someone please buy me this!!

drool- floral craft tape…

let’s do ice cream.

oh my. need to make this & then eat it asap.

how fabulous are these DIY bowls?

anyone tried this on their hair? I’m tempted…

highly entertaining (and talented).


happy weekend loves.

OH AND A MAJOR P.S. -> check back on Monday…I have the coolest post for October EVER- and something I want you all to do with me (and I busted my balls putting it together). so make sure y’all come back now you hear?

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