weekend treats.


one of these days I’ll get this weekend treat thing down- and have it up by the beginning of the day on fridays…


puff is out of town for a wedding this weekend, but I’ll be busy as hell: trying to get my studio prepped for oil paint (it’s ALL still life painting this semester), getting ahead on my coursework, wrapping up a freelance project, and attempting to tidy up our apartment by the end of the weekend (oh man is it a shit storm). for once- I opted out of going to my folks house for the weekend, and am attempting to actually use my time wisely.


side note- can it be officially fall already? I’m pounding pumpkin spice lattes like woah- and the weather really needs to start matching my beverage choices. just saying. here’s the treats…

great run down on some color basics.

how lovely is this colorful wedding?

one point perspective…kick ass kubrick style.

too freakin’ fun…the cream NY.

lovin’ this ‘off duty‘ style board.

joy ride mixed tape. loved it.

how darling is this little necklace? like an homage to color theory!

I’m not a balloon person, but I do think this is a cute idea.

I need to buy a house so I can wallpaper some shit. like now.

has anyone ever made these? they look yum.


ps- come back for a post going up on MONDAY- something I’m incredibly excited about!

happiest of weekends to you all.

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