weekend treats.


this week really did fly by (maybe it’s just the heat). in reality- it’s just me trying shove as much as I humanly can into one month (wedding planning, work events, attempting have a social life…) all before my fall semester starts (not to mention I’m still waiting on my final art history grade and it’s eating me alive!). not much on tap for the weekend- another dress appt, dinner at my folks house, and catching up on sleep. onto the treats…


first- omg- have you seen kate’s new fall collection?!
(I’m asking puff to buy me one of these)

creative biz cards…loved this.

someone please buy me this bag in pink?

some fabulous invites.

housewarming gifts for grad students.

oh man…these two are cute.

get your wes fix this week here…the printed tenenbaums.

great article on how to stage your wedding w/ 6 helpful tips.

turn your instagrams into magnets…anyone done this yet?

halloween tutu? you know I’m on board.

garden cake anyone?

“you had me at meat tornado.”

xoxo happy weekend everyone.

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