weekend treats.


come on now- you know I had to throw up a song off edward sharpe & the magnetic zero’s new album. we’ve been playing this record in the Bungalow lately, as I gave it to puff for his birthday. I’m so beyond happy it’s friday guys. like woah. I’m ready to sleep in, catch up on school work and feel more human- it’ll be the first weekend where I don’t have ANY PLANS in a long ass time. here’s the treats kiddos.

‘rage quit’…omg hilarious.

super sweet (and free) DIY printable…envelope liners.

oh. my. god. can someone make me a batch of these?

mars anyone?

skydive and more w/ google. what a brilliant demo.

by bun made the ‘lovely link‘ list on buckets and bunches (and how adorbs is her blog btw?)

bahaha…batman’s night out.

55 ways to take care of yourself while you’re busy as all hell.

and while we’re talking lists…here’s 25 summer problems (more like #firstworldproblems)

enjoy your weekend loves.
xoxo bun.

*ps- just updated my ‘rotating blog favs’ over there on the right…check it.

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