weekend treats.


we’re off to the cabin this weekend to celebrate Puff’s birthday! we haven’t been up there since our engagement, and I must say I’m quite excited. downside- grad school is coming up with me. this accelerated semester is kicking my ass and unfortunately consumes ANY downtime that I might have. it’s crazy to think that after only 5 days, I’ve completed the same amount of work that is done in a standard two week semester at AAU. that being said, I need a dose of treats…

color me up.

although june gloom has taken over LA- these watermelon mint julep pops look pretty freaking fab.

can’t believe I got sucked into this damn season.

snug as a bug in a rug.

generally, I’m not a sucker for these sort of lists– but some of these photos/stories are pretty amaze.

major bummer!

love this cinco de mayo inspired elopement.

uh- does this music vid freak anyone else out? #ohgoditsharrypotter


microsoft fail!

loved this bloggers post of her favorite books…ever.

awesome promo for moonrise kingdom on funnyordie.


happy weekend loves.
xoxo bun.

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