our wedding: the details


okay, so this was definitely the batch of photos from the wedding I was most excited to post…

these photos completely encapsulate all of the diy & handmade elements that my mom & I put together. our wedding on a whole was a true labor of love. there was so much detail and thought into everything we created. and I’m happy to say, it all turned out exactly how I had envisioned.

to keep things simple, I’m going to break it all down for you…

+ more after the jump!

let’s talk tables:

I had the idea very early on to base the table names (and not use numbers) off of famous los angeles landmarks. the smog shoppe venue itself has a very LA vibe about it, and we wanted to enhance that feeling.

after coming up with a list of landmarks (ranging from the rose bowl, the hollywood sign, and even quirky sort of landmarks like the playboy mansion & the hollywood forever cemetery), I decided to hand illustrate & paint signs for each table. I wanted them to be like little paintings- each completely unique and handmade.

the other thing about smog shoppe, is that the venue is so rad to begin with – that you don’t need to bring a lot of decor shit into the space…

as I mentioned previously, my mom did all of the florals (with the majority of them being silk). she built these centerpieces about a month in advance – collecting various tin containers, putting in the flowers, moss, feathers, and even sculpting copper wire that would hold my hand painted signs.

in continuing to keep the tables simple, my mom hand painted numerous mercury tea lights and every single mat that each floral arrangement sits on. funny story with these mats, was that they were actually bags that my mom had painted for our welcome bags. we thought the bags looked so cool, that she painted an entire new batch of em, cut off the handles, and incorporated them into our arrangement! way to be creative ma.

let’s talk signage:

one of my ‘wedding rules’ from the get go, was that I wanted nothing printed. absolutely nothing. in my mind, everything from the guestbook table, to the program, to the seating chart – needed to be hand illustrated. it needed to all coincide with the handmade save the dates & invitations.

somehow (magically), I managed to pull it off. every sign at our wedding was hand painted and illustrated with ink by yours truly. come on now, you know I would have it no other way!

*to note – a few of these signs have made their way into MY SHOP (gahh! opening very soon!). but feel free to email me in advance if you’re interested or see something that ya dig (madebybun@gmail.com)

our guestbook:

(I just have to top off this ‘part one’ post with this…)

I had randomly seen the idea of your guests signing vinyl records, instead of a traditional guestbook. thankfully I never let that idea go, because it was definitely a fun & creative element. after collecting some records we deemed appropriate (ie- personal or really rad), buying a vintage record rack, and a stack full of metallic sharpies – our guests had a grand ol’ time signing away…

it’s so rad that we literally have a stack of records full of love notes & messages from our guests. and besides, nothing says LA hipster wedding like vinyl am I right? just wait till you see our day of the dead shrines…ohhh yeeahh…

**in case you missed it – getting ready , our first look & the bridal party, and the ceremony (w/ video!)

*all photography byfloataway studios
*venuesmog shoppe
*day of coordinationTACTco
*bridesmaid dresses (as seen on the gorgeous Seann!)j crew
*all florals – handmade by the mother of the bride
*centerpiece construction – handmade by the mother of the bride
*painted table mats – handmade by the mother of the bride
*all painted signs, seating chart & program – handmade by the bride
*illustrated/painted table signs – handmade by the bride

11 Responses to our wedding: the details

  1. OOMMGGG….all those hand painted signs!!! That’s unreal. They came out so beautiful. And I’m kindof obsessed with the vinyl record guestbook…all thats missing is a can of PBR =)

    Just amazing work all around. Can’t wait for part 2!

  2. All the handmade details were so gorgeous – I loved everything! I had never even considered using silk flowers at a wedding, but they looked really awesome. Who knew that silk flowers could look so real!? Can’t wait to see the rest of the details!

  3. Great post Rox 🙂 Floataway did such a wonderful job with all the “detail ” photos.
    But, one thing you did NOT mention was the inspiration behind most of these details. That you and James really wanted to have your guests remember their trip to California for an LA wedding. Over half of the wedding guests were from back east and the majority of them had never even been to California! You both took extraordinary measures to make sure that these family and friends had a very memorable west coast experience from the time they arrived until they left. From the outstanding and fun wedding website with the tourist spots and eateries, to welcome bags in their ocean side rooms, night before mixer at the hotel, and of course a VENUE like no other they had ever seen, the list goes on and on. All of these details were so personal and an authentic expression of the both of you and it showed every where you looked! It really was an amazing weekend..! xoxo

  4. saw your beautiful wedding video on my sister’s blog (be cool, mom) and WEPT! congrats – the wedding was gorgeous and my GIRL TEARS were because you two looked so happy 🙂

  5. There are really no words for how amazing it looks. You are so talented and I am sure your guests felt honored to be at a wedding that you guys put so much time into. Just stunning!

  6. Love all of the the details that went into your celebration! I feel like it made your day even more special 🙂 Your creativity is inspiring, I’m so happy everything turned out so beautifully!

  7. Wow! I was on the fence about hand lettering all of our wedding stationary, but you have you just completely inspired me! Our wedding is in August, so I will have a lot of work do! But congratulations, you’re wedding looked amazing! And thank you for all the wonderful inspiration.

    • you can do it! taking the time to do handmade elements is definitely a lot of work…but in the end always worth it. good luck/happy wedding planning! xo

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