our wedding: the ceremony


oh my, where do I begin…

probably with my admitting to watching this video a minimum of five times a day. I’m pretty sure james thought I was crazy when I ranted about needing a videographer when we started the planning process. but now I know he completely agrees with me. it’s 100% worth it.

floataway studios did such an incredible job putting together this video for us. they truly are so damn good at what they do – and creative makers at the core. as our videographer (and our photog) they captured the most important landmark of the day – our ceremony.

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I have to start with the fact that james wrote our entire ceremony. I gave him an outline and a few ideas of how I generally wanted things to go – and he busted out this completely real and utterly heartfelt compilation of text. I made absolutely no changes to it whatsoever when he was done writing it. each and every single letter he put down – simply put – was us.

a note on our music selection – our parents & the bridal party walked down the aisle to mazzy star’s fade into you. and I walked down the aisle with my dad (a moment that to this day still makes my eyes fill with tears) to radiohead’s high and dry.

so, let me be real with you – before james had finished writing it, the ceremony was the part of our wedding I was most nervous about (more like dreading). neither of us were all that excited about exchanging vows (or speaking at all for that matter). we wanted our ceremony quick, to the point, and as far from cheesy as we could get. there’s also the pressure of standing up in front of so many important people in your life!

but once I got up there, and heard reverend ‘LA’ dave kick things off – my nerves had completely dissipated…

our good friend dave (who we jokingly call ‘LA dave’) married us. (you may remember him here). he was fitting for the job on so many levels: he was there the day we met, knew us very well as a couple, and we knew he would take the job seriously.

the other thing about dave – is that he has the biggest heart ever. and I know that shit sounds super sappy coming from me, but it’s the fucking truth. james and I both knew that dave would deliver & he would be honest and soulful in that delivery. our ceremony would absolutely not have been the success it was if it wasn’t for reverend LA dave. (thanks rev!)

little did I know – while we would hit our goal of keeping it short (only ten minutes to be exact), it ended up being one of my absolute favorite moments from the day. the various elements of our ceremony just all fell into place. from dave marrying us, to the lyric readings from our friends ali & mikey, and of course…our ‘vows’…

to avoid speaking written vows, or repeating the standard ones – we came up with an alternative. a ‘secret promise‘. this was something that james and I secretly whispered to each other – and only each other – but that our guests would be witnesses to.

…pretty safe to say it ended up being a highlight of the ceremony. this sweet and simple little moment was something I don’t think our guests (and us) would ever forget.

Iā€™d like to leave you with an old Italian wedding blessing – ‘There are three beautiful things in life: birth, love, and this day. Best wishes and good fortune to you, Roxanne and James, for all of your life.’

(the closing line of our ceremony and to note, we appropriately exited to this).

**next up – the handmade details
**in case you missed it – getting ready , our first look & the bridal party, and our preview

*all photography byfloataway studios
*all video byfloataway studios
*venuesmog shoppe
*day of coordinationTACTco
*haircorey phillips
*makeuplex peterson
*bridesmaids dressesj crew
*groom suitbanana republic
*groom shoesbanana republic
*groomsmen pants & shirtbanana republic
*all florals – handmade by the mother of the bride
*dia de los muertos shrines – handmade by the mother of the bride
*all painted table signs & program – handmade by the bride

21 Responses to our wedding: the ceremony

  1. So beautiful. Probably the highlight of the entire day.

    And yep, Rox is 100% right…I thought having a videographer was excessive beforehand…but i’m SO happy we had one after the fact. Props to Floataway for making it so special…

  2. I want to cry– a secret promise?? That is such a beautiful idea. Your love for each other seriously shines out every pore. So so happy for you both! And thank you for sharing this with us =)

  3. Ahhh how gorgeous is this??? I love it. I was totally in tears watching this. I’m with you – videographers are necessary all the way. Everyone thought I was crazy when I decided to get one last minute and I couldn’t imagine not having the video now.

  4. I usually follow your blog for your art, but I have to say these wedding posts are wonderful. Such a great video–definitely encouraged tears. Excited for the post about the handmade details! PS. You look BEAUTIFUL and he seems like a total catch šŸ˜‰

    • thank-you so much for your comment taylor! I was worried that all of these wedding posts would be a tad overboard – but it’s great to hear such positive feedback!! thanks again xoxo. (and lots more art coming soon…haha)

  5. Oh Roxy! This is so gorgeous. I am filled with so much emotion even though I don’t know you. It makes me want to get married again! I hope that you and James have those same feelings that you did on your wedding day a million times over.

  6. Finally watched the video and it is absolutely stunning! So happy I got to witness the beautiful ceremony. You two are just so in love and it makes my heart smile šŸ™‚

  7. dear gawd roxanne. i cried tears. big old tears. so beautiful. do you mind if i share this video in my link round up this week? please feel free to say no! it’s just sooooo beautiful – i love it sooooo much.

  8. Holy crap, I don’t know how I didn’t watch this video before now… but OMG talk about here-comes-the-waterworks! That was absolutely breathtaking! What a gem! And so lucky that you have something so special to memorialize your special day!

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