our wedding: first look & bridal party


(…let the wedding photo overload continue)

we sort of took the easy route with our first look, and saw each other prior to our ceremony. two reasons: we wanted to get all of our photos done before our ceremony & reception so that we could party (am I right??). and second- to kill our nerves.

I didn’t even envision where our first look would take place, or how it would even go. thank god – our photographers staged the entire thing and lead us through it…

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it was a terribly nerve wracking moment seeing each other for the first time (in mr. culver’s office at the historic culver hotel). to just casually walk up behind james without bursting into tears was certainly a challenge. but the moment he turned around, it was like a huge weight had been lifted. for me, it felt like home. we each scoped out our outfits, giggled, and realized – this is finally real. it was a sweet little moment that I’ll never forget.

our bridal party was such a blast. I feel like I can’t say it enough.

james had 7 groomsmen (or as I jokingly called it: his quinceanera) and I had my 5 bridesmaids. although it bothered me in the early stages of planning that it was uneven (god forbid right? what a bridezilla moment), the day of it didn’t matter. what mattered most was the people who were supposed to be by us that day…were.

that’s ‘reverend LA dave’ standing next to james in the above photo – more on that charming fellow later. let’s just say dave was incredible. I’m so thankful he was with us that day and that we chose him to marry us. just you wait…

my crazy talented (and amazing) mother made every single boutonniere and bouquet (including mine). in fact – she did all of the flowers for our ENTIRE WEDDING. from selecting the colors, types of flowers, and coming up with brilliant ideas (like using magnets on the boutonniere’s instead of pins, and putting feathers into everything) – she knocked it out of the park.

and believe it or not, the majority of our wedding flowers- were silk! that’s right…fake. and you know what? it was the way to go. not only does it save you money, make it easier to chuck into your car at the end of the night, and look totally great in photos – but you can keep em forever.

**next up – our ceremony AND OUR VIDEO (that’s right. video. prepare yourselves.)
**in case you missed it – getting ready & our preview.

*all photography byfloataway studios
*venuesmog shoppe
*haircorey phillips
*makeuplex peterson
*bridesmaids dressesj crew
*groom suitbanana republic
*groom shoesbanana republic
*groomsmen pants & shirtbanana republic
*all boutonnieres & bouquets – handmade by the mother of the bride

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  1. Awww, thanks for the props sweet pea…and I loved that you called me crazy..lol..that totally described our year of planning ..crazy mother daughter creative fun! Some of my best memories of this whole event are of the collaborative meetings, lunches, and e-mails I had the great pleasure of sharing with you..and never once did you ever EVER EVER go bridezilla…xoxo

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