tonight: pug party podcast LIVE!


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast does a live episode on YouTube

happy saturday everyone!

I just wanted to jump onto the blog real quick to remind you that we’ll be recording episode #13 of the Pug Party Podcast LIVE TONIGHT ON YOUTUBE! the live stream kicks off at AT 5pm PST over on my YouTube channel. so grab a drink, come hang out with us (and the pugs), and watch as we potentially make real fools of ourselves…

see you then! xo

artsnacks unboxing & journal spread


ArtSnacks unboxing & artwork done by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN!)

ArtSnacks unboxing & artwork done by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN!)

ArtSnacks unboxing & artwork done by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN!)

woah you guys. look at me…all…being on top of things…and actually getting an unboxing video up on time! you can hop on over to my YouTube channel and watch me open up the May ArtSnacks box and create this journal spread using the supplies.

oh and bonus – if you’re new to ArtSnacks and want to subscribe, use the code BYBUN10 to get 10% off your first month’s box!

enjoy, and happy art snackin’!

return of the vlog…


daily vlogs posted by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN) - follow her creative life!

the daily vlogs are back on my youtube channel! if you’re already subscribed, then you might know that I took a little break while working on the Spirits class. but now that it’s done and out there – I’ve returned back to daily vlogging…

in a weird way I missed it. mostly because I love the little crazy creative community we’ve got going on over there! although it’s very personal for me to share my life on a daily basis, I enjoy reading the comments and being able to connect with some of you in a different way.

hop over to my youtube channel to watch the latest vlog, and don’t forget to subscribe to never miss a video!


messages: “fairy tales”


a new video as part of my messages short film and creative journal series is now up on my youtube channel. to note, this particular message was written and recorded in november – which is why you’ll hear me referencing my birthday the ‘month prior’…


+ learn more about the messages project here
+ watch message 1 & 2 on my youtube channel, and subscribe to never miss a video…

let the daily vlogs begin!


yes, I think I’ve officially lost my mind. I’m going to continue filming, editing, and posting vlogs daily on my youtube channel! I guess I developed a bit of a habit during vlogmas, and still feel somewhat motivated to continue making them.

don’t worry, I’m not going to spam your inbox and put up a blog post with every vlog video – because that would be absolutely insane. I will only put a post here for videos that aren’t vlogs (so the bigger more produced sort of videos: unboxings, sketchbook tours, drink and a doodle, etc.). that being said, if you want to stay up to date on the daily videos I suggest you subscribe to my youtube channel (and click that little bell button if you want to be notified!). you can watch the most recent vlog video here.

okay youtube…let’s do this thang.

vlogmas 2016


artist Roxanne Coble does VLOGMAS (a daily vlog on her youtube channel!)

so, like a crazy person…I’ve decided to participate in vlogmas this year.

if you’re unfamiliar with vlogmas, it’s basically an annual youtube thing where you create a vlog everyday for the month of december leading up to christmas. I’m jumping on the bandwagon simply because it seemed like an interesting challenge. I have always been fascinated with youtubers who vlog every single day. how do they do it?! well…I’m about to find out.

day one of vlogmas is up on my youtube channel. hop on over here to watch, and be sure to subscribe to my channel to never miss a video!


messages: ‘the beginning’


"messages" a short creative film series made by the artist Roxanne Coble (aka 'by bun')

this creative project I’ve begun both excites and terrifies me at the same time…

if you’ve followed this blog or my work for some time now, then you know that I don’t go into a whole lot of detail regarding the inspiration or general thought process behind my artwork. I’ve always been content with the idea that I put my art out there, and people interpret it in their own way. it’s as though I simply leave my art on a table and walk away…never going into detail, and never fully revealing the origins of it all.

something hit me a few weeks ago, and it was this need to put myself out there a bit more. to share more of where the subject matter of my work stems from. like most artists, my artwork is inspired by an array of sources: personal experiences, relationships, moments and objects, and a variety of emotional themes that have plagued me for years (like nightmares and anxiety to name a few). while I’ve always made art for myself and that will always be the case – I’ve come to the decision that I want to share more of my personal processes when creating. basically, how things go from inside of my head and into a journal page…

and that’s when ‘messages’ was born…

“messages” is a creative short film series that focuses on my experiences as an artist. each video features a recorded message from my personal journal paired with drawings or other artwork correlating to that entry. ‘messages’ is my way of revealing more about my sources of inspiration and how my life is intertwined with my artistic process.

do I know how this project will be received by others? no, I don’t. do I really want to put more of myself out there? haha – no, not really. it’s all terrifying. but there’s something urging me creatively to do it…so I’m doing it.

I don’t know how long or how many of these videos I intend on making. I’ve dedicated an entire sketchbook to it (as you’ll see in the first ‘message’). so, maybe I’m done when it’s full. or maybe I’m done when it just feels done. either way, I’m putting it out there with the hopes that maybe just one of you will connect to it or feel inspired the way I was in that moment…

you can watch the first installment of ‘messages’ here, and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to never miss a video.


live stream hang out this weekend!



join me this SUNDAY at 4PM PST on YouTube for a live stream event! we can hang out, countdown to the make it artsy premiere, talk art, I’ll answer questions, and even share a big secret with all of you! you don’t want to miss it.

subscribe to my youtube channel, or be sure to mark those calendars!
see you sunday…xo