studio playlist: february


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I don’t know what it was about this month, but I seemed to have experienced a bit of a music dry spell. typically, I am able to fill up a playlist rapid speed with new and old finds. but for some reason, I just struggled to get this one to the finish line. maybe it was my schedule, maybe I just wasn’t really in any sort of mood. who knows!

I do find however, when I’m in a funk like this – that I default to sort of chill-hop instrumental stuff (and that genre consumes a lot of this playlist). and honestly, it’s the best kind of tunes if you’re in any sort of ‘creative zone’. ps: definitely listen to this playlist in order (and not on shuffle), it mellows out towards the end…

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music lately.


nothing really new here, just a sampling of some miscellaneous tracks I’ve dragged into a ‘dump list’ on spotify.

I’ve somehow rekindled a love for strfkr & bonobo (although, bonobo is probably due to the looping of this album in our iceland camper). bombay bicycle club on the other hand, I sort of fell into just before our wedding. it was probably just the mellow sort of music I needed at the time.

meanwhile, I’m working on iceland posts – get ready guys. get ready.