Studio Playlist: September


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okay, I have to admit…this might be my favorite playlist of 2017 thus far. I know I’ve still got halloween next month, so that might top it – but damn this is a good one guys…

you have to listen to this one in order. things kick off with a Miami Horror and a song I’ve been using to get myself pumped up for workshops and filming. it’s then followed up with “Feel It Still”, a track by Portugal, The Man that will continue that feel-good dance party vibe. the playlist then slows down with a little jazz, some female vocals, and even a Lady Gaga song I got hooked on after watching that Netflix documentary.

it’s a short list this time around, but oh so sweet…xo

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studio playlist: september


september creative playlist from artist Roxanne Coble

now I will admit, the playlist for this month seems like it’s on the short side. but for whatever reason…it felt done to me!

this month’s playlist of course had to include empire of the sun’s new single. it’s also sprinkled with some random 90’s tunes, and a great cover of ‘howling’ by cathedrals. that howling cover is so good that I’ve been looping it non-stop all month…

stay tuned for october’s playlist, which is already well under way! I will also be sharing an additional playlist next month made just for halloween. otherwise, check out september’s playlist below!

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