“pools” mini zine


"Pools" mini zine by artist Roxanne Coble, aka BY BUN

"Pools" mini zine by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

mini zines from artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve added yet another issue to my ongoing series of mini zines! and this one, is titled “pools”…

this third issue is about the summer after high school, when my best friend and I used to sneak into swimming pools. this particular memory is very personal, and something I’ve always wanted to incorporate into some sort of creative project. no joke, I’ve dabbled with illustrating and drawing this idea for years. I’m so happy to have captured it in a zine – a format I’ve become quite in love with over the past few months…

much like my other mini zines, you can take a video tour of this one over on my youtube channel! “pools”, along with a restock of “two weeks in may” and “things I’ve buried“, is available now in my etsy shop!


***UPDATE: all mini zines are now SOLD OUT! thank-you so so much to those who grabbed one! if you missed out, I’ll be doing a restock in September…so stay tuned 🙂 ***