New Year, New Sketchbook!


new year new sketchbook video on the ArtSnacks YouTube channel featuring artist Roxanne Coble (aka by bun)

this year, I’m teaming up with ArtSnacks (beyond the ‘Box Breakdown’) to create more videos for their YouTube channel!

I’m here to tell you about the first video “New Year, New Sketchbook!” – where I unbox the Plumchester sketchbook and share a few of my creative rituals when I start a new one. there’s nothing better than a brand new sketchbook am I right?!

you can hop on over here to watch the video, and be sure to leave a comment! we would love to know what you do to kick off a new sketchbook…


+ learn more about my collab w/ artsnacks here!
+ if you’re new to artsnacks, I’ve got a discount code for ya…use the code BYBUN10 at checkout to get 10% off your first month’s box.