studio playlist: september


september creative playlist from artist Roxanne Coble

now I will admit, the playlist for this month seems like it’s on the short side. but for whatever reason…it felt done to me!

this month’s playlist of course had to include empire of the sun’s new single. it’s also sprinkled with some random 90’s tunes, and a great cover of ‘howling’ by cathedrals. that howling cover is so good that I’ve been looping it non-stop all month…

stay tuned for october’s playlist, which is already well under way! I will also be sharing an additional playlist next month made just for halloween. otherwise, check out september’s playlist below!

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studio playlist: august


this poor little blog. I’m realizing one of the more recent posts I’ve put up was the playlist from last month! august was a total blur though – traveling, teaching, launching lyrical, trips to the vet with behr, family events, project deadlines…it’s been just bonkers. but with august coming to a close, we are embarking on my favorite time of year: fall and mutha f*ckin’ halloween!!! (insert choir of angels singing here).

let’s get to this playlist shall we? this month’s playlist ended up being the second longest one I’ve shared. several tracks from the stranger things soundtrack snuck their way in (which include jams from jefferson airplane, trooper, and foreigner). if you haven’t seen that show by the way, stop what you’re doing immediately and go watch it on netflix. I’ve put the theme song on this list too – you know, to really get you motivated…

happy listening!

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studio playlist: july


I know, I know – it’s August, and I’m just now sharing July’s playlist. but I’ve been insanely swamped getting my new class LYRICAL up! any who, this playlist is a bit on the random side, but there are two small things I would like to point out…

first: I have fallen back in love with helio sequence. not that I ever fell ‘out of love’ with them…but you know when you kinda forget about a band, randomly find them again, and then binge listen all of their albums? yeah, that’s what happened. so, I’ve added two of my favorite helio songs this go around – hall of mirrors and leave or be yours.

second: I recently discovered a marcus marr and chet faker ep titled work. it’s so, so, so good. so good in fact – james purchased it for me on vinyl, and we’ve been spinnin’ it ever since. I’ve added my favorite track ‘learning for your love‘ to this playlist.

tune into the entire july playlist below…enjoy! xo

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june playlist & vinyl record video


whew! it’s like I’ve got a ‘music monday‘ theme happening here on by bun. not only am I bringing you another monthly playlist, but a recent music-inspired youtube video too! perfect way to kick off your week no?

in case you missed it, over the weekend I put up a new video over on my youtube channel. in it, I tackle 20 questions pertaining to my vinyl record collection. I’ve put it right into this post for you…

meanwhile, this month’s playlist feels a tad random and actually a little upbeat here and there. the new rhcp song also managed to sneak into the final cut. see below to get your jam on….

have a wonderful week everyone! xo

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studio playlist: may


I think this month’s playlist is definitely one of my favorites thus far of 2016. I’ll admit it’s mostly because of radiohead’s new album, but there’s some other great songs that have made this list (including a super chill mazzy star cover, and a my morning jacket throw back)…

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studio playlist: april


oh man, christine and the queens song it has totally been my anthem as of late. and I know, it’s not a new song whatsoever. but after hearing it on episode of girls and then seeing them live this month, it’s more than appropriate for this month’s playlist…

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studio playlist: march


okay, so where’s my game of thrones fans at? I know you guys saw that trailer for the new season. more importantly, did you hear that amaze-balls version of wicked games?! well, you can bet that it is in this month’s playlist…

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studio playlist: february


I know what you’re thinking – woah! it’s saturday, and there’s a blog post up?!

well that’s because I wanted to share this post on thursday or friday (considering that february is almost over!), but then one of my pugs got sick! poor mr. behr is dealing with some sort of stomach bug or ate something he shouldn’t have. long story short, I was up all night thursday with a barfing pug, and then spent the rest of my friday at the vet and taking care of him. my pugs are like my kids, so as you can imagine I’ve been a stressed out pug mom for several days now…

any who, here’s a look at this month’s playlist! like last month, I create these on spotify – so that’s what you’ll need to listen to it. I hope you guys dig these playlists, and if not – what are you listening to? I would love to know!

studio playlist: january


whenever I’m working in my studio, I’m always always always playing music. I can’t even imagine creating art in silence (do any of you do this?). because I use spotify, I have literally endless amounts of playlists. I even create mega-seven-hour-long ones for when I’m teaching at workshops!

every month I end up with a new playlist. this comes about through finding new music, searching through spotify, or using their weekly ‘discovery’ feature. so at the end of each month I end up with a pretty rad compilation of music. not only does this end up being my ‘studio jams’ for when I’m working, but I save the playlists over time to see what I was listening to when.

long music story short, I decided that I’m going to start sharing my monthly studio playlists with all of you! now you’re going to need spotify to do this (it’s free don’t worry!), but it could be a cool way to find some new creative tunes for your workspace.

so stay tuned each month for a new playlist, and click play below to listen to january’s!

best of 2013 playlist.


annoying, but atoms for peace was a no go on spotify. that would have most definitely made this list. there’s been some great music this past year. particularly – washed out and EOTS if I had to pick my favorites.

music aside, it’s been a really good year. a great year. puff and I moved into a house (we’re still renters), brought home our first dog (lola the pug monster), got married and had an epic wedding, traveled through iceland, and of course – I took home a trophy for a national costume contest. doesn’t really get any better…

we’ll see what 2014 holds. happy new year folks!

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