Studio Playlist: November


november monthly playlist from artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

it’s so insane to think that this year is coming to a close…how did 2017 fly by so damn fast?! in preparing to put up this blog post, I realized I’ve been sharing my spotify playlists for almost two years. crazy.

so here’s this month’s playlist…just in the knick of time! if you’ve caught any of my Instagram live streams lately, then you’ve definitely heard some of it. this month, I was back on a Blood Orange kick (which always makes for great productive tunes) and discovered Kendall Miles – whose song ’24/7′ kicks off the playlist. overall, I think this month’s playlist is pretty solid.

enjoy! xo

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studio playlist: november


november music playlist curated by artist Roxanne Coble

it’s crazy to think that I’ve only got one more playlist after this and we’ll be closing out 2016…

this month’s playlist is definitely on the mellow side. I think a big part of it is the time of year. once halloween passes, I’m usually a bit bummed and just want to plow through the holidays. needless to say – you won’t be getting any christmas music from me next month.

I want to point out two bands I’ve discovered and that are on this list: genders and springtime carnivore. they both happened to be opening bands for other shows I attended recently, and I fell in love with them almost immediately. so much so, I’ve hunted down springtime carnivore and am attending a free show they’re doing tonight in hollywood. I highly recommend checking out both of these bands on spotify…you know…if you want to go down that rabbit hole…

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