studio playlist: march


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woah you guys. I almost missed this month’s playlist entirely! because I’ve been teaching and running around so much lately, it’s been tough for me to really put together a solid playlist. I’m just not sitting in my studio or at my computer long enough to really curate something together. soooo…there’s really only one word to describe this month’s line up: random.

now mind you, there’s a few solid tracks in this playlist – like ‘amsterdam’, ‘cat thruster’, and ‘drink to moving on’. but some of these songs were just random stuff that came into my discover weekly playlist, or something I heard at a bar (like ‘six underground’ from sneaker pimps…I nearly fell over when I heard it, it had been ages!).

tune in below on spotify, or dig back into my archive of monthly playlists for more music…


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studio playlist: february


creative monthly playlists curated by artist Roxanne Coble on Spotify

I don’t know what it was about this month, but I seemed to have experienced a bit of a music dry spell. typically, I am able to fill up a playlist rapid speed with new and old finds. but for some reason, I just struggled to get this one to the finish line. maybe it was my schedule, maybe I just wasn’t really in any sort of mood. who knows!

I do find however, when I’m in a funk like this – that I default to sort of chill-hop instrumental stuff (and that genre consumes a lot of this playlist). and honestly, it’s the best kind of tunes if you’re in any sort of ‘creative zone’. ps: definitely listen to this playlist in order (and not on shuffle), it mellows out towards the end…

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studio playlist: january


monthly music playlists curated by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

I still can’t get over that I posted a playlist every month for the entire year of 2016. and here I am starting off 2017. crazy…

so no, there’s no friday finds post today – but I thought we might need some art studio jams instead. I can’t be the only one avoiding the television today am I right? while I’m keeping myself busy painting, maybe you’re doing the same and could use a little background music.

this playlist is short. but like I’ve said on playlists in the past, something about it just felt ‘done’. there’s a pretty wide range of stuff, but the one band I do want to point out (and you’ve heard me rave about them on the vlog) is Roosevelt. if you like the couple of tracks I threw into this list, definitely give the whole album a listen…you won’t regret it.

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studio playlist: december


woah. I’ve been sharing monthly playlists here on the blog for a full year. that’s insane to think about, and even crazier to see them all lined up on spotify!

I’m happy to report that this month’s list contains zero christmas music. that’s right folks, we’ve got a christmas-free zone happening here! I really dig this playlist, and recommend listening to it in order (and not on shuffle). one band I particularly fell in love with this time around was hope sandoval and the warm inventions. if you like a chill vibes, folksy duets, and mazzy star, then you’re gong to love ’em too…

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studio playlist: november


november music playlist curated by artist Roxanne Coble

it’s crazy to think that I’ve only got one more playlist after this and we’ll be closing out 2016…

this month’s playlist is definitely on the mellow side. I think a big part of it is the time of year. once halloween passes, I’m usually a bit bummed and just want to plow through the holidays. needless to say – you won’t be getting any christmas music from me next month.

I want to point out two bands I’ve discovered and that are on this list: genders and springtime carnivore. they both happened to be opening bands for other shows I attended recently, and I fell in love with them almost immediately. so much so, I’ve hunted down springtime carnivore and am attending a free show they’re doing tonight in hollywood. I highly recommend checking out both of these bands on spotify…you know…if you want to go down that rabbit hole…

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halloween playlist


halloween music playlist curated by artist Roxanne Coble

as promised, today I’m sharing with you my halloween playlist for 2016! it probably comes as no surprise – but I listen to halloween music year round. this playlist is comprised of songs pulled from my various spooky playlists…

of course it’s got some of the classics – thriller, dead man’s party, etc. but I’ve sprinkled in a couple that I love and also find appropriate for the holiday. including a killer cover of house of the rising sun by lauren o’connell and old school jazzy stuff from benny goodman and louis armstrong.

happy halloween and stay spooky friends…xo

studio playlist: october


monthly creative playlists curated by artist Roxanne Coble

this month’s playlist is just full of good vibes and tons of new indie stuff I sort of stumbled into (and by ‘new’ I mean, new to me). I’ve also sprinkled some random classic jams in, like the tracks from america and inxs. while most of my playlists work in shuffle mode, I would recommend playing this one in order! it starts off more upbeat and then mellows out towards the end…

as promised I’ll be delivering a second playlist your way next week that is purely halloween themed. so stay tuned! (haha, tuned…get it?)

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studio playlist: september


september creative playlist from artist Roxanne Coble

now I will admit, the playlist for this month seems like it’s on the short side. but for whatever reason…it felt done to me!

this month’s playlist of course had to include empire of the sun’s new single. it’s also sprinkled with some random 90’s tunes, and a great cover of ‘howling’ by cathedrals. that howling cover is so good that I’ve been looping it non-stop all month…

stay tuned for october’s playlist, which is already well under way! I will also be sharing an additional playlist next month made just for halloween. otherwise, check out september’s playlist below!

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studio playlist: august


this poor little blog. I’m realizing one of the more recent posts I’ve put up was the playlist from last month! august was a total blur though – traveling, teaching, launching lyrical, trips to the vet with behr, family events, project deadlines…it’s been just bonkers. but with august coming to a close, we are embarking on my favorite time of year: fall and mutha f*ckin’ halloween!!! (insert choir of angels singing here).

let’s get to this playlist shall we? this month’s playlist ended up being the second longest one I’ve shared. several tracks from the stranger things soundtrack snuck their way in (which include jams from jefferson airplane, trooper, and foreigner). if you haven’t seen that show by the way, stop what you’re doing immediately and go watch it on netflix. I’ve put the theme song on this list too – you know, to really get you motivated…

happy listening!

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studio playlist: july


I know, I know – it’s August, and I’m just now sharing July’s playlist. but I’ve been insanely swamped getting my new class LYRICAL up! any who, this playlist is a bit on the random side, but there are two small things I would like to point out…

first: I have fallen back in love with helio sequence. not that I ever fell ‘out of love’ with them…but you know when you kinda forget about a band, randomly find them again, and then binge listen all of their albums? yeah, that’s what happened. so, I’ve added two of my favorite helio songs this go around – hall of mirrors and leave or be yours.

second: I recently discovered a marcus marr and chet faker ep titled work. it’s so, so, so good. so good in fact – james purchased it for me on vinyl, and we’ve been spinnin’ it ever since. I’ve added my favorite track ‘learning for your love‘ to this playlist.

tune into the entire july playlist below…enjoy! xo

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