Join me LIVE on Twitch!


mixed media artist and illustrator BY BUN is now live streaming on Twitch!

you read it right…I’ve finally set up a Twitch channel!!!

after all of the Instagram live streams I did during inktober, one of my big creative goals for 2018 was to do more live streaming. with the adpocalypse on YouTube and the time restrictions on FB & IG, I’ve decided to go with Twitch…

in the case you’re unfamiliar – Twitch is a huge live streaming platform. as a content creator on YouTube, I’m already finding Twitch to be the perfect direction to go in. have no fear, I’m not leaving YouTube, but simply adding Twitch into the mix :).

on stream, I’ll be in my sketchbook, art journals, or whatever creative project I might be working on! I don’t have a concrete streaming schedule as of yet, but the best way to know when I go live is to follow my channel over on Twitch. you don’t have to pay anything…simply follow my channel and tune in whenever I’m live. I will also post updates over on Instagram, so be sure you’re following me there too!

I’m sooo looking forward to this new journey on Twitch. it will be nice to hangout with you guys live as I create with zero time restrictions (goodbye 1 hour limit on Instagram!). I am already having so much fun making graphics, creating playlists, setting up my workspace, and playing with webcams (hello…PUG CAM?! heck yes).

so keep an eye out on Twitch, and I hope to hang out with you all LIVE very soon!

live stream hang out this weekend!



join me this SUNDAY at 4PM PST on YouTube for a live stream event! we can hang out, countdown to the make it artsy premiere, talk art, I’ll answer questions, and even share a big secret with all of you! you don’t want to miss it.

subscribe to my youtube channel, or be sure to mark those calendars!
see you sunday…xo