“and even though I was awake, the beetle shells were still covering my feet.”

art methods class sketchbook // 01


in my credential program, one of the major classes you take leading up to student teaching is a ‘curriculum & methods of teaching art ‘ course. needless to say it will be one of the more enjoyable classes I take this semester, as it is the only one within my content area.

in most art classes you maintain a sketchbook (remember my one from last semester?). but for this particular class, we are maintaining altered books as our sketchbooks (score!). each of our books will also take on their own theme. while I’m still narrowing down the exact theme of mine (I’m toying with something along the lines of fear, or internal feelings), here’s a look at the cover.

I’m definitely exploring a lot more in this book in terms of planning, integrating more figurative elements, and honing in on one specific concept. not to mention, this is the first time (outside of my minis) that I’ve actually finished a cover. while it’s a bit outside of my usual altered book making, I’m quite happy with the result thus far.

next week I’ll share an inside page that includes a carved out niche…stay tuned.

art journal kickstarter


I know, I’ve been completely off the blog radar. I miss this space very much, and hope to really put some time in once I wrap up my semester…

needless to say, my credential work has pretty much consumed my life. on top of my coursework (and working weekends at pnla), I’ve been doing my best to take on opportunities and gigs as an artist. the last few months have been very exciting, and I feel like I’m really pursuing two careers at the same time. ultimately, I’m juggling two paths: becoming an art teacher, and being a working artist.

I’m excited to say that I’ve got a string of really fabulous upcoming publications, the first of which is the art journal kickstarter book! this will be my first book publication as a contributing artist. I’ll admit I haven’t physically seen the book quite yet (as it’s still in pre-order mode), but I’m excited to get my paws on it…

pre-order your copy here!

***I have another VERY VERY exciting announcement coming THIS MONDAY…so keep an eye out. it’s a good one folks. xo***

pages in progress


I generally don’t say much about my art journal process, or share before and after photos. but it’s something I’m going to try and do a bit more of. my main reason for not showing the evolution of my journal spreads (as they really do drastically change with each layer I add), is that sometimes it can be several months until I feel pages are ‘complete’.

if I had to summarize it, I would say each of these journal spreads are at the halfway point. some I started several months ago, others a week ago. because I bounce around in my art journals – it’s a never ending back and forth sort of process. when all is said and done – I feel like my pages go through different incubation periods, growth spurts, and growing pains…

as they should really – it’s all a creative extension of self.