make it artsy: episode 10


make it artsy episode 10 is now available online to view! it’s up to watch for free until december 23rd…

I’ll admit that this episode features my favorite segment that I did for the show: mini matchbook journals. they are super easy to make, easy to carry or throw into a pen bag, and easy to obsess over (haha!). I’ve made several since the taping of the show, and love working in them.

hop on over here to watch the full episode and learn how to make one!

+ psst! looking for more stuff to binge watch? don’t forget that I’m posting daily videos on my youtube channel for the entire month of december…

artsnacks unboxing & journal spread


happy friday! can you believe may is nearly over? this month seriously just flew by…

as a special treat (ie: I totally cranked to get this video done, haha), head on over to my youtube channel to watch the may artsnacks unboxing! rather than doing the ‘artsnacks challenge’, like I did last month, I decided to play around with the materials on an art journal spread instead.

stay tuned for several new videos in the works – including a behind the scenes look of filming MAKE IT ARTSY and episode #2 of DRINK & A DOODLE! one of those two videos will be up on my channel next week. needless to say, I’ve got a lot of editing to do…

…have a kick ass three day weekend everyone!



+ as I mentioned on my instagram, the quote featured in this journal spread was something a stranger told me in an airport bar. I jotted it down in my sketchbook, and it just kinda stuck with me. funny how that works…



+ this journal spread was completed (well over a month ago) as a contributing work of art for an ‘amazing race’ themed event. the particular country I was assigned to represent was India…