our wedding: the details


okay, so this was definitely the batch of photos from the wedding I was most excited to post…

these photos completely encapsulate all of the diy & handmade elements that my mom & I put together. our wedding on a whole was a true labor of love. there was so much detail and thought into everything we created. and I’m happy to say, it all turned out exactly how I had envisioned.

to keep things simple, I’m going to break it all down for you…

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our wedding: the ceremony


oh my, where do I begin…

probably with my admitting to watching this video a minimum of five times a day. I’m pretty sure james thought I was crazy when I ranted about needing a videographer when we started the planning process. but now I know he completely agrees with me. it’s 100% worth it.

floataway studios did such an incredible job putting together this video for us. they truly are so damn good at what they do – and creative makers at the core. as our videographer (and our photog) they captured the most important landmark of the day – our ceremony.

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our wedding: first look & bridal party


(…let the wedding photo overload continue)

we sort of took the easy route with our first look, and saw each other prior to our ceremony. two reasons: we wanted to get all of our photos done before our ceremony & reception so that we could party (am I right??). and second- to kill our nerves.

I didn’t even envision where our first look would take place, or how it would even go. thank god – our photographers staged the entire thing and lead us through it…

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our wedding: getting ready


okay, so I just have so many amazing photos from our wedding that I have to break them up into batches! it’s going to be wedding overload, I know. that being said – I present you ‘part one’…

we chose the culver hotel as our bridal party hq not only because of it’s close location to our venue, but because it’s one of the coolest hotels in los angeles. with it’s history and whole vintage boutique kinda vibe – it was the perfect place for us to get ready before the ceremony.

we each got ready in our own rooms of course, and were surround by our groomsmen, bridesmaids and puffin’s parents (my incredible in laws). the moments leading up to the ceremony were surprisingly very calm! drinks were had, memories were shared, and it was the perfect balance of total excitement & bliss.

my absolute oldest childhood friend corey phillips did my hair as well as all five bridesmaids. it meant so much to have her in the room with me. it was just like when she used to do my hair when we were kiddos! being that we’ve known each other since birth, it was such a unique and special way to come full circle.

on top of that – my makeup was done by the talented alexis peterson, of whom I’ve known since kindergarten! I was feeling totally trapped and overwhelmed when it came to hiring someone to do my makeup. one facebook cry for help later, and I had booked one talented lady. funny how things work out that way…

don’t ask me who designed my dress. I honestly have no idea and would need to research where I bought it to figure that out. all I know is – I loved it. I never had that ‘OMG THIS IS IT’ sort of moment. but knew: if I didn’t have to wear anything under it, could dance in it, and felt it was very much a one of a kind – then I was sold.

much much more to come folks. next up: our first look.

*all photography byfloataway studios
*haircorey phillips
*makeuplex peterson
*bridesmaids dressesj crew
*groom suitbanana republic
*groom shoesbanana republic

smog checked.


we were so fortunate to have a photo booth at our wedding (thanks to my in laws!). it was hands down one of the best wedding decisions we made…

I knew from the get go I wanted photoboxLA. they’re a husband & wife team who started up their photo booth rental after their own wedding at the smog shoppe (read more here). I mean, come on – I couldn’t resist! even better – you could totally customize your photo strip – the direction of photos, color, font & phrase.

of course, it was puffin who came up with ‘I got my smog checked at james & roxy’s wedding’.

there’s honestly nothing better than seeing huge groups of your friends and family piling behind the camera with the most ridiculous props and costumes on their head. not to mention going through all of the photos after the fact.

totally 100% worth it.

wedding preview.


pretty sure I squealed when I opened the email from our incredible photographers containing these preview photos. and, of course, I couldn’t even wait 24 hours to get them up on the blog…

it’s honestly a magical feeling to relive your wedding after being totally off the grid for over two weeks. remembering all of the little moments from the day, the ceremony, the reception – it just fills you with such joy. it’s an incredible feeling…(and was 100% worth all of the work).

more to come. xo

*all photography byfloataway studios
*venuesmog shoppe
*haircorey phillips
*makeuplex peterson

behind the scenes: our invitations


okay – so I’m doing this kind of backwards…but I’m too excited about our newest behind the scenes video not to post it up first! it’s a relatively in depth look at our handmade invitations.

I’m working on showing you some legit photos that will breakdown every element of the invitations our guests received. from our return address stamp, to our enclosure stamp, to the RSVP card, to the invitation itself…every single element of this was hand designed (and in some cases, hand drawn & painted). of course I also went the extra step of somewhat illustrating each envelope too (which you’ll see at the end of this video).

it was a hell of lot of work and took me about 2 months to finish 85 invitations – but it was 100% worth it. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

*in case you missed it – the behind the scenes of our save the dates & our wedding website.
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