behind the scenes: our invitations


okay – so I’m doing this kind of backwards…but I’m too excited about our newest behind the scenes video not to post it up first! it’s a relatively in depth look at our handmade invitations.

I’m working on showing you some legit photos that will breakdown every element of the invitations our guests received. from our return address stamp, to our enclosure stamp, to the RSVP card, to the invitation itself…every single element of this was hand designed (and in some cases, hand drawn & painted). of course I also went the extra step of somewhat illustrating each envelope too (which you’ll see at the end of this video).

it was a hell of lot of work and took me about 2 months to finish 85 invitations – but it was 100% worth it. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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one year.


today, january 21st, marks one year since my engagement to this fellow (how I love him so). yet another reminder of how quickly 2012 really did go by. in terms of the actual planning for our wedding, I think we’ve made the best of these 12 months. they’ve been exciting, productive, a wake up call, a countdown & so much more.

much as I have said before, the 21st marks “the day that I realized that I am…for sure…going to marry not only the love of my life, but my best friend.”

eight months till we wed folks. only eight months to go.

a decision.


this pains me to even type this – but this week, I had to make a decision.

for several weeks now, the question has plagued me: should I attempt to take a class in spring semester while planning my wedding (and oh yah, working full time)?

I have finally reached the decision that I will be dropping my figure drawing class, and skipping spring semester all together (and will return to my coursework in fall 2013 after the wedding). not only did I realize – hey you only get married once, grad school isn’t going anywhere – but I also realized…I don’t want this to happen again. as much as I would like to think I can handle it, in reality, it’s just another stress on my plate.

so here we go. I’m trading in coursework, for wedding work…and it’s starting to sound a little better each day.


wedding update.


why is my MOH and I drinking in the middle of a dressing room? …cause I finally found my wedding dress this weekend! it’s so damn nice to get that stress out of the way (as you might remember), and I can’t wait to wear that bad boy down the aisle. it was exactly the kind of dress I needed to find. ironically, the day I find my dress, is the same day a man skydives from space and the endeavor reaches the science center (if you remember our engagement story…you’ll get where I’m going with this).

as I’ve stated before, I’m not going to blog much about our wedding- it’s important to me to keep the majority of our wedding elements a surprise for our guests. as much as I want to post up photos of the fun DIY projects we’ve gotten to (…like how I’ll be hand painting ALL of our invitations), I would prefer to keep it hush hush. I will say however, we’ve made excellent progress and have knocked out some major items on the to do list: venue (booked that a while back), caterer, photo booth, dj, day of coordinator, our photographers, videographer, and now…the dress.

…10 months to go folks! xoxo



sorry I’ve been a little MIA with the blog this week- but for those of you who have not heard the good news- James and I got engaged over the weekend! We are both absolutely ecstatic and are doing our best to simply enjoy the moment (before my inner bridezilla rears its ugly claws…and we start planning). I wanted to take a moment however- to share our engagement story…(and yes- this going to be a mega sized post).

we decided to take a little Big Bear getaway before I started school- little did I know, James had been planning this trip for weeks. on the drive up the mountain, James mentioned that he had rented Star Trek Next Generation on VHS for us to watch (my folks keep our old VHS tapes and 2 players up there for old school movie watching). I couldn’t believe he had rented the exact episodes where we had left off! I even texted my Mom telling her how excited I was to continue our nightly routine on our weekend trip…or so I thought.

when we arrived a little after 11pm- we just relaxed for a bit. I suggested a 1500 piece puzzle and a few board games- of which James totally declined. he finally agreed to play a short game of chinese checkers, and the minute we finished- he really pushed the idea that we should watch Star Trek instead of continuing another game…

moving to the living room- James popped in the VHS and the paramount logo began to play on the screen. there was no sound- and he immediately stopped the tape to try and fix it. I tried telling him: “Babe- there is no sound on the paramount logo- just fast fwd it, it’s fine.” as he was pulling wires out of the vhs player he immediately replied: “OH NO. THERE IS SOUND ON THE LOGO.” we continue to argue about the damn logo for another 5 minutes before agreeing to try the other VHS player in the bedroom.

after switching locations, and James remembering the good old ‘channel 3 video input’ trick…he got the VHS playing with sound. the ‘episode’ started like any other would, the enterprise gliding by in space, and the title appearing across the screen- “The Buntinian Engagement”. I didn’t think anything of it- I figured it would be some new species Starfleet encounters and that is that. until…I saw James come up on screen fully dressed as Captain Picard standing on the bridge.

while I won’t get into the details- James wrote/filmed/edited an entire mini Star Trek episode leading up to his proposal! He played all of the characters even green screened himself right onto the enterprise (found out that this was the real reason we painted a green screen in his office)! I realized about 2 minutes in what was going to happen, and it was at that point I was just shaking and uncontrollably sobbing (never in a million years thought I would react like that- and am so happy it was just the two of us). I only retained those first two minutes of the episode (it was a total of about 10), until it reached the final credits…

he of course then got up, got down on one knee- and officially proposed. although it’s a blur, I’m pretty sure my reaction was something along the lines of this: “Oh my God! Oh my God! Of course yes! Of course Yes!…wait…did you ask my Dad?” he then told me he had asked my Dad almost a month ago, and I continued with: “Oh my God! Can I put the ring on now?!”

January 21st, 2012 is certainly a day I will never forget…the day James popped the question. He did it in the most creative and appropriate way for us– both in it’s Star Trek theme and location at my family cabin. The 21st is the day that I realized that I am…for sure…going to marry not only the love of my life, but my best friend.

James- I love you beyond words and cannot wait for our life together. my puff- we truly are star crossed

xoxo bun.