friday finds


'friday finds' - a roundup of cool stuff curated by artist Roxanne Coble

is it just me or did this week fly by? I swear it was monday and then BAM…friday is here. I’m definitely working on recalibrating my workday a bit. the new online class was pretty much my whole life for a solid month – so now it’s about trying to settle back into my normal routine and kick off some new projects…

it’s been a bit since my last ‘friday finds’ post, so I figured it was time to share some random stuff I’ve liked around the internet!

loving the artwork and instagram of eva magill oliver

soooo tempted to buy this tapestry designed by nikkistrange

nothing will make you smile more than a toad wearing a handmade hat.

currently reading: dark matter by blake crouch

cinco de…pineapple margaritas!!

I totally want to make one of these (and how cute is mr. kate?!)

I hope you all have a wonderful and creative weekend! – xo

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friday finds


this week has been such a blur to me. I don’t know if it’s because of the monday holiday, or the fact that I’m settling into an entirely new day-to-day routine! this weekend is another busy one: teaching at the pv art center tomorrow (woot!) and then cleaning & turning in our keys from our old place. I’ll be happy to close that chapter and focus on our new one in the heart of L.A.

here’s a look at this week’s finds:

can’t seem to take my eyes off william hundley’s work (especially the ‘ectopic phenomena‘ series)

oh man do these look yummy…(and they’re vegan too!)

graffiti grandmas…yes, this is real.

shameless self promotion, be sure check out my interview on seaweed kisses!

feeling so inspired by the mixed media work of sundry sullen

happy weekend folks!  and stay tuned for a new youtube video (an art supply haul!) on monday…xo

friday finds


holy crap! a friday finds post?! I know, it’s been ages.

february has been so nuts for me – mainly due to our big move from redondo beach back to L.A. this past week we moved into our new place, and are getting settled in. although we still have some finishing up to do at our old spot in redondo (including another yard sale and more cleaning…ugh), we both are throughly enjoying our new space. it’s got good vibes folks….real good vibes.

I’m also happy to report that my workspace/mini studio is somewhat arranged and I can get back to blogging, art making, and well – causing a creative ruckus. I’ve got some great things in the works for next week, including a new youtube video (from the creative nomad retreat!), new journal spreads, and hopefully re-stocking my etsy with fresh minis (and maybe some other good stuff…wink!).  in the meantime, here’s some friday finds for ya:

this has been circling the internet, but seriously these paper wigs are insane!

the most hilarious tumblr ever: the gluten free museum

here kitty kitty….

anyone subscribe to a monthly art supply box? art snacks has caught my eye

feeling so inspired by david fullerton’s work

happy valentines weekend…xo

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friday finds


my semester is officially…DONE! I feel like a 50 ton weight has been lifted. I’m so thrilled to not have only survived a brutal course load, but to embark on a solid summer break. while I’m taking today to just have a mental pause (i.e.: be super lazy), I’m looking forward to getting a jump start on my summer to do list. over the next few months I plan on making a ton of new work, launching my store (and maybe something else…wink!), and working on a few commissions. needless to say this summer’s theme is: JUST MAKE ART.

miniature dioramas made in antique ring boxes

thank-you for making a bigger planner! totes preordered.

oh grimes how I love thee.

these photos are not only stunning, but inspiring (props to deb for the find)

also on my summer to do list: a diy mason jar herb garden

271 years before pantone…there was this.

happy (rainy, for those in L.A.) weekend folks.

friday finds


you guys, I’m feeling so amped this week. spring semester has kicked off and I’m feeling motivated as ever. sure, my excitement will probably be squashed in a short amount of time with how much SHIZZZ I have to do – but for now, I’ll enjoy it.

someone buy me this dress! I need to crank up my art teacher wardrobe vibe

the greatest instagram that ever lived…or…err…died?

framing trash as treasure (hell yes!)

officially ready to alter a deck of playing cards

inspired by the work of mateja kovac

7 types of ‘broke’ you need to be before you can appreciate being happy

this weekend I’ll be working at the rescue, hitting up an art show (isabella kelly-ramirez’s ‘all the missing pieces‘), and meeting a friend for birthday drinks. aside from that, I’ll be trying to keep my head above water and staying on top of my coursework (which, will basically be the theme of this entire semester).

happy weekend xo.

friday finds


weekdays are just so brutal. keeping up with work (on top of my commute), the dog, summer school, freelance gigs…it’s just a constant battle to keep my head above water. yeah yeah, I know not to make ‘busy’ important – but it’s the fucking truth. thankfully, I’ve got at least one fun activity planned for the weekend…

I’ll be hitting up LACMA this saturday with my mom for a member preview of the new exhibit from van gogh to kandinsky (open to the public on the 8th). although it will be tough to top the calder exhibit*, I’m looking forward to a day at the museum. you know I love my member preview days (art patrons only…yeah!)

proof that the women of game of thrones are way more badass than the men

favorite quote of the week

diy watermelon donuts…I mean…

a fascinating article on what’s lost as handwriting fades

obsessed with one minute wonder (that features 1 min video ‘portraits’ of various creatives)

geek alert! the luigi death stare cracks me up

happy weekend. xo

*side note – the calder show fell into my ‘museum top ten’ list. hands down one of my favorite exhibits I’ve seen (and if you know me, I see a LOT of art…so it’s serious). if you haven’t see this show, GO RIGHT NOW. REALLY. the curation is absolutely brilliant, and there’s nothing quite like seeing his work in person. it’s open until july 27th.

friday finds


have I mentioned that I just feel absolutely incredible? boot camp ended, but I plunged right into my own fitness routine & meal regimen. from yoga, to insanity/p90x, to hitting up the santa monica stairs – the variation is challenging & such a nice change of pace. I feel like I’m one of ‘those people’ now. you know, the ones that live in their workout gear 24/7? yah…guilty. but at least I earned it.

cereal sabotage is 100% going to be my biggest struggle post boot camp

loved this weekend snapshot from freepeople…so witchy.

super inspired by howard tangye‘s work

I would print these even if it wasn’t mother’s day

someone buy me this yoga mat

proof that alt music in the 90’s didn’t need lyrics to be fucking awesome

I’m looking forward to mother’s day weekend. my mom & I have some pretty chill plans – a morning hike followed by a healthy brunch by the beach. sounds just perfect if you ask me.

happy weekend loves. xo

weekend treats.


this weekend will be like most – busy. trying to crank out some artwork, tidy our shit storm of an apartment, unbox all of my holiday amazon purchases that are taking over my studio, pick up a christmas tree on sunday…the usual…


easy braids for rookies (like myself).

really great etsy gift guide over at such small steps!

zen habits.

every december issue gift guide ever (so hilarious & true).

got a girl crush talks about the ‘lumberjills‘ of WWII.

really cool hotel key tags.

normally not a sarah silverman fan, but this is great.

umm…hiiiii…spike jones new skate film.

nerd status – I kinda want to play this in march.


puff also has a stand up show this weekend – saturday night @ the comedy store’s main stage in hollywood. if you’re in the area- drop by! show starts at 6pm, and tix are $15 (and say you’re there to see James at the door).

happiest of weekends loves.