friday finds


'friday finds' blog post from artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

it’s been a real rollercoaster of a week I tell ya. from taking care of one of our pugs, juggling freelance gigs (hence the lack of vlogging this week), and then having a bad case of creative frustration…I’m pretty much ready for the weekend.

I’m finally out of my art rut though, an spent most of yesterday playing around in my sketchbook and art journal. whew! so today I’m making up for lost productive time and am packing up etsy orders, and back to working on projects. in the meantime though, here’s some random and fun internet finds from the week…

yeah it’s may, and I’m already bookmarking halloween stuff.

if you listen to our podcast you know I’m addicted to viceland, but this party legends show is hilarious and the different animation/artwork styles are so rad.

omg, I totally need this haunted mansion mug!

I’m not a big hummus person, but damn this looks good!

so I decided to try warby parker this week (as I want some new glasses), and my first 5 frames on their way. I’m so curious to see how this goes!

I totally want a set of these pencils.

have a lovely weekend everyone!

friday finds


whew! I haven’t done in a friday finds post in what feels like forever! sometimes it’s tough for me to blog on fridays because I’m typically prepping to teach a weekend class or because I’m traveling. it’s nice to see a somewhat calm weekend ahead of me. aside from editing more youtube videos, I’m going to allow myself time to simply create. in the chaos of running this little creative business of mine, I’ve realize how important carving out that time can really be.

here’s a look at this week’s finds…

obsessed with these ‘reverse’ portraits from artist Alejandra Atarés

an inspiring video on a rebel ballerina who took over an old opera house in death valley

woah…the photographs from ugo rondinone’s ‘seven magic mountains‘ piece are incredible

in case you missed it, I crashed Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s Adventures in Arting podcast this week!

yup, I totally bought myself a pack of these

illustrations of what women do when no one is watching (props to ali for the find!)

happy weekend everyone…xo

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friday finds


this week has been such a blur to me. I don’t know if it’s because of the monday holiday, or the fact that I’m settling into an entirely new day-to-day routine! this weekend is another busy one: teaching at the pv art center tomorrow (woot!) and then cleaning & turning in our keys from our old place. I’ll be happy to close that chapter and focus on our new one in the heart of L.A.

here’s a look at this week’s finds:

can’t seem to take my eyes off william hundley’s work (especially the ‘ectopic phenomena‘ series)

oh man do these look yummy…(and they’re vegan too!)

graffiti grandmas…yes, this is real.

shameless self promotion, be sure check out my interview on seaweed kisses!

feeling so inspired by the mixed media work of sundry sullen

happy weekend folks!  and stay tuned for a new youtube video (an art supply haul!) on monday…xo

friday finds


holy crap! a friday finds post?! I know, it’s been ages.

february has been so nuts for me – mainly due to our big move from redondo beach back to L.A. this past week we moved into our new place, and are getting settled in. although we still have some finishing up to do at our old spot in redondo (including another yard sale and more cleaning…ugh), we both are throughly enjoying our new space. it’s got good vibes folks….real good vibes.

I’m also happy to report that my workspace/mini studio is somewhat arranged and I can get back to blogging, art making, and well – causing a creative ruckus. I’ve got some great things in the works for next week, including a new youtube video (from the creative nomad retreat!), new journal spreads, and hopefully re-stocking my etsy with fresh minis (and maybe some other good stuff…wink!).  in the meantime, here’s some friday finds for ya:

this has been circling the internet, but seriously these paper wigs are insane!

the most hilarious tumblr ever: the gluten free museum

here kitty kitty….

anyone subscribe to a monthly art supply box? art snacks has caught my eye

feeling so inspired by david fullerton’s work

happy valentines weekend…xo

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friday finds


I’m realizing I haven’t put up a ‘friday finds’ post in like a month. things have been a whirlwind around here. and while I don’t have the room in this post to address everything, I can sum it up in one word: CHANGE. all good things for the most part, but let’s just say what I thought I was going to be doing for the next six months isn’t the case anymore. I’ll save that for another blog post…

lazy girl sangria

my love for marina abramovic is seriously bone deep.

love these little customizable gold bar necklaces

creative madness: the 5 types of crazy artists you’ll meet in your life

get those sparklers ready…

at home with frida kahlo

happy holiday weekend…xo

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friday finds


you know, I thought when my semester ended that I would take a week to just be super lazy. the kind of lazy where you drink mimosas at noon, where the same clothes all day, and binge watch reality tv. my week however has been quite the opposite! with my store launch, business meetings, making mini’s like a mad woman, journaling, rearranging my house, and working on a top secret project…I’m feeling rather busy! but maybe that’s a good thing…

quote of the week.

how to look at art like you know what you’re doing

shameless plug – more minis are up!

another shameless plug, read about the insights museum exhibition

I so need a pair of these.

how awesome are these historical portraits on flattened cans?

memorial weekend is upon us, and I can assume I’ll be just as productive – except maybe with a beer in my hand…xo

friday finds


my semester is officially…DONE! I feel like a 50 ton weight has been lifted. I’m so thrilled to not have only survived a brutal course load, but to embark on a solid summer break. while I’m taking today to just have a mental pause (i.e.: be super lazy), I’m looking forward to getting a jump start on my summer to do list. over the next few months I plan on making a ton of new work, launching my store (and maybe something else…wink!), and working on a few commissions. needless to say this summer’s theme is: JUST MAKE ART.

miniature dioramas made in antique ring boxes

thank-you for making a bigger planner! totes preordered.

oh grimes how I love thee.

these photos are not only stunning, but inspiring (props to deb for the find)

also on my summer to do list: a diy mason jar herb garden

271 years before pantone…there was this.

happy (rainy, for those in L.A.) weekend folks.

friday finds


just two weeks to go, and then my summer begins. I get so pumped just looking at my to do list. tons of art making, teaching, a trip or two, preparing for student teaching in fall, kicking off a big personal project (that I can’t wait to share with you), and re-organizing my entire house (literally, in a few weeks I’m swapping my studio with our master bedroom). but of course, this is all pending I get through the next 14 days…

so hypnotized by this work by il lee…in ballpoint pen!

quote of the week

darling little flower ladies

why the most creative people flourish in clutter

you had me at ‘beergarita

someone buy me this (and so many color choices!)

next week I’ll be sharing even more new work and info on two upcoming art shows. in the meantime, don’t forget to send me a question! I’ve gotten some great ones so far, and will be working on those video responses soon…

friday finds


I’m telling you, there are moments when I’m working on a CalTPA (which are four state required ‘teacher performance assessments’ that you complete while working toward your teaching credential), where I just want to throw my hands in the air and go – “that’s it! I’m done.” I have two I have to attempt to get knocked out this month – and I’m slowly losing my mind. don’t they know we artist-types don’t have the patience for this sort of crap? with a TPA due monday (yes, in three days) – my face will be buried into my laptop this weekend…

obsessed with missy h. dunaway’s ‘book of paintings

ummm yah – I’ll take a baked doughnut.

women in science illustration series

quote of the week

officially my new favorite web series: adult wednesday addams

someone buy me this button.

in other news, it’s been so wonderful hearing your feedback on my 21 secrets workshop. it’s exciting to hear you digging my techniques and really challenging yourselves in a new way. share or post your work – I would love to see what you’re making! and ah yes, and I almost forgot…

**CONGRATS TO SHAY KENT!! the 21 secrets workshop giveaway winner!!**

friday finds


I’m doubling down on friday finds (so to speak), since I missed last week’s post. the fact that I’m even managing to post one or two times a week is already pretty impressive compared to last semester’s blogging dry spell.

before I start rambling about whatever I usually ramble about on fridays, I wanted to first say a big thank-you for those who have watched, commented on, or emailed me regarding my 21 Secrets Conversation interview. that was my first video interview experience, which as you can imagine – was quite nerve wracking! I was especially embarrassed after tearing up mid-interview. but, getting such positive feedback the past few days has been really wonderful! it’s especially nice hearing from many ‘quiet’ readers of the blog. so THANK-YOU!

man, I’m such a sucker for zines

how gorgeous are these photos from a vsco user?

OBSESSED with this diy lap desk (and I’m seriously in need of one these days!)

so inspired by these block printed textiles

quote of the week.

giant pink dots for your desktop

32 paintings paired with quotes from mean girls (so hilarious)

such a fun illustration…armadillos on a trampoline

a great guide to gold paint

this weekend is of course, me playing catch up. it’s a perpetual and vicious cycle this semester. one minute I’m feeling great about my progress, the next I’m insanely overwhelmed with what I haven’t even started. the holiday weekend should certainly help putting a dent into my work load anxiety.

in other news, I’ll be FINALLY packing up postcards to put up in my online shop next week. I’ll be sharing ALL of the juicy details next week on the blog…so stay tuned here for what’s included in each set, price, and where to snag yours.

happy (valentines) weekend…xo