instagram favs: vol 1


BY BUN shares her favorite artists she follows on Instagram

it’s no secret that instagram is my favorite social media platform, and I’ve been meaning to create a blog series highlighting some of these favs. I follow a lot of artists out there, and have found that sometimes just checking out my instagram feed can be a great source of inspiration.

as I mentioned, I’m hoping to turn this into a regular series – where I share some of my favorite instagram accounts and why I love ’em like I do. so here’s what I’m calling ‘volume 1’ of my instagram favs…

+ top left: @l0ll3_ (aka, Lolle)
Lolle’s instagram is probably my favorite out of any account I follow. no joke, I love love love her artwork. and if you know me, you’ll figure out why pretty quickly: the subject matter, her use of detail, and the overall style. be sure to also check out her etsy shop, where she’s got tons of stuff (including patches that she makes by hand!).

+ top center: @miles_art (aka, Miles Johnston)
Miles’ instagram is a newer one on my ‘following’ list, but his artwork is so fascinating and beautiful to me. the fact that he can capture so much detail and texture using pencil is absolutely mind blowing.

+ top right: @nomi_chi (aka, Nomi Chi)
can you fall in love with someone’s line work? is that a thing? well, I did with Nomi’s work. what drew me to her work is the way she shades her figures with such organic details. the fine lines she does looks like fur at times, and they dance around, giving her illustrations such a unique look and feel.

+ bottom left: @mabgraves (aka, Mab Graves)
chances are, you might already know about Mab as she’s got a pretty big following. and that following is justified – because her work, her style, her personal story, and just about everything she shares is so so wonderful. Mab also recently collaborated with Alvin, and I totally want one of those damn pencils!

+ bottom center: @light_witch (aka, Courtney Brooke)
‘light witch’ is one of the few photography accounts I follow. but when I stumbled into it a while back, it quickly became one of my favorites. her photos are hauntingly beautiful, and at times can truly transport you to another time/place/dimension (or spooky-witch cabin in the woods).

+ bottom right: @freeorgy (aka, Pony Reinhardt)
believe it or not – of all the types of instgrammers I follow, tattoo artists probably fill up my feed the most. and I must say, ‘freeorgy’ is one of my all-time favs. her subject matter, compositions on the body, and overall approach to tattooing is unlike anything out there. I would kill to get inked by her! even if you’re not into tattoos, you’ll be into these…because her work is incredible.

+ all photos found on each individual instagram account, and links are all included above!



it’s not bad kicking off a fresh week after such an incredibly productive weekend (both in a schoolwork sense, and a CLEANING OF THE APARTMENT sense). I did a major scrub down on a number of rooms/areas in our apartment- including our kitchen. really just makes me more motivated to study in different areas around the bungalow when everything is so damn clean.

I have to admit however- it was FUCKING torture on saturday. I was stuck indoors ALL DAY (literally- 11am until about 10pm at night)- painting swatches for monochromatic color scales and working on an analogous color portrait (sounds fancy eh?). seeing everyone’s IG photos…and folks partying off their decks in our neighborhood…was like a reminder that I won’t really have a legit summer this year.

*monochromatic portrait- painted with gouache on bristol…

anyone else think this week is going to be kinda weird? I mean- I work my 9-5 job mon/tues, have wednesday off, then have to be back in the office for thur/fri. it leaves you in an odd position just having one day in the middle of the work week off- you can’t take a day trip, you can’t get too shitty…but hey- a day off is a day off right? I’ll most likely be doing some form of homework/studying- but with this accelerated semester, it’s hard for me to even forecast what my schedule will look like 3 days ahead…

cheers to a new *holiday week everyone.

xoxo bun.