inktober: week one recap


stranger things illustration by artist Roxanne Coble for inktober 2016

as most of you know, each year when participating in inktober I create a series of halloween inspired ‘portraits’. they feature a variety of spooky or horror characters from tv, film, or throughout history. to recap the drawings from week one, I filmed a little sketchbook tour over on my youtube channel

hop on over here to get an up close look at the first batch of portraits!

sketchbook tour: april art challenge


head on over to my youtube channel for a sketchbook tour featuring the drawings from the april art challenge!

also, I’ve already gotten a number of you asking if I’ll be posting a video featuring my make it artsy experience – and the answer is yes! I had my gopro with me the entire time, and will be putting together a behind the scenes video for all of you. it’s going to take me a bit to edit it all together, but expect that to be up in the next week or two. be sure you’re subscribed to my youtube channel to never miss an update!


drink & a doodle: ep#1


so, I’ve had an idea for a series of youtube videos for quite some time now. the basic concept is this: I try a new cocktail or beverage, and then create a drawing inspired by that drink. that being said, I bring you DRINK & A DOODLE! head on over to my youtube channel to watch the first episode…


speed painting: wedding gift on wood


wedding season is officially here! surprisingly, we only have one wedding this year – which we attended last weekend

as you might assume, I’m all about little extra handmade touches. so I painted this gift for the happy couple to pair with their wedding card, and filmed it in the process. the video is about three or four hours worth of painting condensed into less than 3 minutes (it even features the handmade gift wrap!).

head on over to my youtube channel to watch! xo

sketchbook tour


head on over to my youtube channel to watch a tour of my moleskine sketchbook! also to note, I have uploaded one of the illustrations featured in the video to society6 (so you can buy a print, phone case, or carry-all pouch).

I’m hoping that this sketchbook tour will maybe get you a little inspired to do some drawing. especially because I’m doing a 30-day drawing challenge for april, and would love for you to join in! stay tuned for all of the challenge details…


vegan mosquito


my husband and I will work together quite often on random ideas, sketches or short animations (he too, is a creative type). our most recent project ‘vegan mosquito’ combined his writing/editing skills along side my hand drawn illustrations. as a 2d artist, it’s fun to see a simple sketchbook drawing brought to life…

watch the first installment of vegan mosquito here!

beetlejuice alphabet // 02


it’s been months since I worked on my illustrated beetlejuice alphabet. but I’m excited to say I’ve put my hands back on the project, and am really trying to get it done (or at least put a big dent in it). with some upcoming art shows I most definitely have the motivation to do it…

see part one here: letters D, S, & T.