speed painting: wedding gift on wood


wedding season is officially here! surprisingly, we only have one wedding this year – which we attended last weekend

as you might assume, I’m all about little extra handmade touches. so I painted this gift for the happy couple to pair with their wedding card, and filmed it in the process. the video is about three or four hours worth of painting condensed into less than 3 minutes (it even features the handmade gift wrap!).

head on over to my youtube channel to watch! xo

mini journal // 01


I’ve started a series of miniature journals…

each one is handmade and about 2 inches in size. the interior pages begin as blank white watercolor paper. I then slowly transform them to look like my altered books. the minis are great to toss into my pencil bag or purse, and as a place to dump leftover paint or bits of ephemera.

I’m contemplating selling a few of these, and would love to hear what you think. until then, I’ll be posting completed ones and numbering them along the way…

wedding thank you cards


okay, so the one thing people definitely don’t warn you about when planning a wedding are the damn thank-you cards.

don’t get me wrong – I love our guests & am so grateful for the cash gifts we received (that went towards our iceland trip), but damn. thank-you cards just seem like the biggest never ending wedding project of all time. of course I made things even more difficult by continuing to do everything by hand. after doing the save the dates and invitations, I couldn’t not follow through. handmade or bust!

I’ve never been a fan of just a straight up post card or folded card format. I wanted them to be like little paper packages people had to open up. multiple parts and pieces.

each thank-you set came with a scalloped chartreuse card with a personal message, a smaller funky hand painted ‘thank-you’ card, a wallet size photo, and bundled together with a strip of white dotted vellum paper. I tried to tie in small elements that I had previously used. I stuck with my recycled brown paper bag envelopes, repeated gold dotted washi tape as extra seal, and brought back some similar paint colors.

although it took me forever and I’m tired of looking at them – I’m happy with the way they turned out. it was a good way to finally wrap up all things wedding.

+ in case you missed it, our invitations & save the dates.

+ also: I have one more wedding related post I’ll get to at some point soon (our reception). it’s just a lot to get through all the photos & write up the details! xo

costume sneak peek.


ugh. believe it or not, I’m actually attempting to construct an entirely new costume for halloween this year. with everything that has been going on this month (mainly the bash contest), I was really on the fence about putting one together this year.

the main reason I build costumes like this (other that than the fact that I love it), is the totally epic costume contest and parade that takes place at my office day job each year. after my headless costume (and beetlejuice the year prior), I literally get asked by strangers in the elevator if I’m dressing up again this year, or that their entire department is dying to see ‘what I do this time around’. no pressure right? but of course, my feeling like the queen of halloween with my costumes, I decided to move forward with one of my ideas.

did I mention I just started the legitimate construction of the damn thing last weekend? yeaaaahh. of course, I won’t be revealing what I’m trying to pull off (the above photo is as much of a sneak peek you’re getting), but I will admit that this costume is turning out to be slightly more intense than my headless marie antoinette! I didn’t think it was possible, but it definitely is. there are so many details in this damn costume, there’s a good chance I might not even have it completed by halloween! it’s starting to feel like a bizarre episode of project runway in my studio.

wish me luck folks…3 days to go.

our wedding: the details


okay, so this was definitely the batch of photos from the wedding I was most excited to post…

these photos completely encapsulate all of the diy & handmade elements that my mom & I put together. our wedding on a whole was a true labor of love. there was so much detail and thought into everything we created. and I’m happy to say, it all turned out exactly how I had envisioned.

to keep things simple, I’m going to break it all down for you…

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behind the scenes: our invitations


okay – so I’m doing this kind of backwards…but I’m too excited about our newest behind the scenes video not to post it up first! it’s a relatively in depth look at our handmade invitations.

I’m working on showing you some legit photos that will breakdown every element of the invitations our guests received. from our return address stamp, to our enclosure stamp, to the RSVP card, to the invitation itself…every single element of this was hand designed (and in some cases, hand drawn & painted). of course I also went the extra step of somewhat illustrating each envelope too (which you’ll see at the end of this video).

it was a hell of lot of work and took me about 2 months to finish 85 invitations – but it was 100% worth it. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

*in case you missed it – the behind the scenes of our save the dates & our wedding website.
*check out other wedding posts here.

wedding update.



I know, the silence on my blog lately has been pretty brutal. but to successfully balance everything else in my life at the moment, bybun had to take a back seat. for now, I’ll provide you with a wedding update.

we are officially 2.5 months out folks. even just typing that causes my subconscious ocd and internal wedding-coordinator-self to cringe. like most brides say at this point along the timeline – I’ve got a shit load left to do.

as I’ve mentioned before, I’m adamant about keeping elements of our wedding on the down low. so there’s really not much I can share at this point other than: I can see the light at the end of the handmade invitation tunnel. I’ve actually managed to get every single element of them gathered, for the most part completed, and have a few worker bees (shocking that I’m delegating, I know) coming over this weekend to help me out. I’ll be happy when this project is off my plate, and I can move onto the next.

send your creative vibes my way guys. I’m going to need it.

*in case you missed it – our handmade save the dates.

handmade save the dates.


whew – this week has been a bit insane – what with wrapping up a few freelance gigs & prepping ourselves for the big move. puff is actually out of town for the next few days, leaving me with a whole weekend to myself and about 50 cardboard moving boxes. let the OCD packing begin. 

in the meantime, here’s some legit photos I took recently of our save the dates. you can get the full scoop of how I made each one by hand here. but feel free to ask me any questions! 


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kristen’s studio.


I saw kristen’s post this week where she revealed her new craft studio, and just had to share. I highly suggest you hop on over here and see the full photos. you might even see she’s got one of my lil’ illustrations up (thanks girl!). as a creative person, I understand the need to have your own space – and she has created quite a beauty.