headless marie costume DIY.


since today is halloween, I’m skipping wes wednesday (but get your fix here) to bring you an epic costume DIY. you’ve all already seen my big costume reveal– but as promised, here is the complete DIY instructions of how to make a headless marie antoinette costume (or any headless character for that matter). sit back, play some halloween tunage and prepare yourselves for a huge ass post.  full instructions after the jump!!

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headless marie antoinette.


well- there you have it. my costume for 2012: headless marie antoinette. more photos and full details of how I built this bad boy coming up next week…

have a great weekend everyone!

costume progress.


is the suspense killing you or what? just wait till I bust out some plaster (pun definitely intended). see how this got started here and keep an eye out for more updates.