Studio Playlist: December


december Spotify playlist from artist Roxanne Coble (aka by bun)

I can’t believe it’s the end of December and 2017! this month also marks two years that I’ve been sharing monthly Spotify playlists here on the blog. it’s such a trip to look back at all of the previous mixes!

Spotify introduced a pretty cool feature this year (unless I’m wrong and they did this last year and I missed it?), and it’s called 2017 Wrapped.

after logging in with your Spotify account, they give you a pretty cool summary of your listening history: how many minutes you listened to, your top songs & artists, as well as some custom playlists made just for you based on your most played tunes. here’s a look at my ‘wrapped’ summary:

2017 Spotify Wrapped from artist Roxanne Coble (aka by bun)

for this month’s playlist I’m taking full advantage of this feature, and have put together a mix based on my most played songs of 2017! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do, and definitely put this baby on shuffle…

thanks for ‘tuning in’ along with me, happy new year, and here’s to more playlists in 2018!!

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studio playlist: december


woah. I’ve been sharing monthly playlists here on the blog for a full year. that’s insane to think about, and even crazier to see them all lined up on spotify!

I’m happy to report that this month’s list contains zero christmas music. that’s right folks, we’ve got a christmas-free zone happening here! I really dig this playlist, and recommend listening to it in order (and not on shuffle). one band I particularly fell in love with this time around was hope sandoval and the warm inventions. if you like a chill vibes, folksy duets, and mazzy star, then you’re gong to love ’em too…

thanks again for jamming with me in 2016. I plan on continuing these monthly playlists, so feel free to subscribe to my email list (in the sidebar) or simply follow me on spotify!