april 30-day drawing challenge


a little secret: I’ve always wanted to host a drawing challenge.

whenever I have participated in challenges (specifically inktober), I always find myself super creatively motivated. I’m also a firm believer that drawing, regardless of what medium you work in day to day, is just a good thing to do. drawing, illustrating, doodling, sketching…whatever it is you’re doing and at whatever level you’re doing it at…is a technical skill! so, it’s important to keep up those skills and practice, practice, practice.

now it wouldn’t be my kind of drawing challenge if it didn’t include prompts like: something two-headed, an eyeball, an urban legend, or a dead president (festive right?).  the rules of this challenge are simple:

+ draw something everyday based on the prompt. this is totally your own interpretation, and thinking outside of the box is very much encouraged!

+ your drawing can be done in any medium and on any substrate of your choosing. personally, I’ll be doing my daily drawings in a moleskine sketchbook with pitt pens (and maybe colored pencil here and there).

+ you do not have to have any drawing skills to participate. it’s about doing a creative task everyday, and practicing!

+ share your work on social media using the hashtag: #aprilartchallenge

so there you have it folks. grab your art supplies and your art homies…and let’s do this thing. the challenge starts FRIDAY!