comic con 2016


I am realizing as I draft this up, that I don’t think I’ve done like a chatty-real life-plus-photos-blog-post in ages!

as some of you may have seen on my instagram, last weekend I went comic con (insert ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’ sound byte here). this was my third time attending the convention, and probably my best one to date! I feel incredibly fortunate to have a husband who works on a totally kick ass tv show (which I won’t name for privacy reasons), that allows me to not only go to the convention – but attend some pretty rad events and parties (thanks BEB!).

I thought it might be fun to share some photos with you, and a few of my favorite moments from the weekend. this is only a mere sampling of everything we did – it’s always a jam packed weekend I tell ya…running from one thing to another!

highlights from the weekend:

+ dressing up on day two in my hocus pocus cosplay! you guys know I take my costumes very seriously – and winifred sanderson is a character I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I sewed (and painted) my entire costume by hand. I also handmade the giant spellbook that served as my purse! I’m not even kidding – the lid of the book opens up to reveal compartments inside where I stored my wallet, extra makeup, and comic con badge.

+ meeting gemma correll. I’ve been a fan of gemma’s for a long time…and never in a million years did I think I would get a chance to meet her!

+ walking the convention floor. I think this was the most time I’ve ever spent on the floor during a trip to comic con. it genuinely takes several days/hours to make your way through the booths. we were probably in there for hours at a time over the course of the weekend, and I almost guarantee we still didn’t see everything! I also picked up some sweet stuff…and am thinking about filming a mini comic con haul for my youtube channel (would you guys even watch that?).

+ attending some super sweet events – including ‘adult swim on the green’. they apparently do it every year, and is essentially a giant outdoor carnival. it’s an insanely well done event, but it is so cool to see fans in full action!

+ ending our days with pokemon go. I know it sounds silly, but there’s something really rad about walking around the gaslamp quarter at like 2am looking for pokemon…

well, that about sums it all up (in the shortest way possible, haha). until next year comic con! xo

costume sneak peek.


ugh. believe it or not, I’m actually attempting to construct an entirely new costume for halloween this year. with everything that has been going on this month (mainly the bash contest), I was really on the fence about putting one together this year.

the main reason I build costumes like this (other that than the fact that I love it), is the totally epic costume contest and parade that takes place at my office day job each year. after my headless costume (and beetlejuice the year prior), I literally get asked by strangers in the elevator if I’m dressing up again this year, or that their entire department is dying to see ‘what I do this time around’. no pressure right? but of course, my feeling like the queen of halloween with my costumes, I decided to move forward with one of my ideas.

did I mention I just started the legitimate construction of the damn thing last weekend? yeaaaahh. of course, I won’t be revealing what I’m trying to pull off (the above photo is as much of a sneak peek you’re getting), but I will admit that this costume is turning out to be slightly more intense than my headless marie antoinette! I didn’t think it was possible, but it definitely is. there are so many details in this damn costume, there’s a good chance I might not even have it completed by halloween! it’s starting to feel like a bizarre episode of project runway in my studio.

wish me luck folks…3 days to go.

hello weekend.


(look at that sweet little baby pug monster of ours! I’m overdue on a ‘lola update’, so I’ll be sure to update you all next week…)

I don’t think I’ve been craving a weekend this bad a long while. coming off of last weekend’s events and rolling right into my birthday week has left me feeling a tad worn down (in the best way possible of course). thankfully I’ve got some fun weekend plans on tap…

what has become somewhat of an annual birthday tradition, I’ll be sitting down for a new tattoo on saturday. this time around is particularly exciting, because I’m finally kicking off my arm sleeve. I’m years away from any sort of full sleeve (so don’t get too worked up) – but this will be a significantly larger sized tattoo in comparison to the others already on that arm.

sunday evening, puff and I will be taking some time out for a belated birthday date night. one of my all time favorite things to do in the south bay is go to the silent movie theater in el segundo. I mean, could we really pass up ‘sci-fi sunday’? we’ll be watching this & this (definitely two of my all time favs!).

last but certainly not least – saturday night my folks are hosting a small watch party for the hub network’s halloween bash! this is going to be such a bizarre experience watching myself on tv totally headless. watch me take home a ‘jackie’ SATURDAY OCT 26th, 5pst/8est on the HUB NETWORK!


hub halloween bash.


what a way to kick off my birthday week!! for those of you who follow me on social media – you’ve already gotten the scoop on that secret I couldn’t talk about…and the good news! so let me back track a bit before I get to the really good stuff…

I entered the Hub Network’s 1st Annual Halloween Bash costume contest in september – not thinking ever in a million years that I would win the first ’round’ (so to speak). there were six different categories, and only 50 national semi-finalists (one from each state) would go to the televised contest (hosted by keenan thompson, and martha stewart as one of the celebrity judges). when I got the phone call that I had won for the state of california, I nearly had a heart attack.

two weeks later, and I’m meeting other semi-finalists and attending dress rehearsals for the show. the whole weekend was a total whirlwind adventure – from on camera interviews, to PR photos, to being on a huge stage in the barker hangar in santa monica. but the one thing that I absolutely did not expect…was the people I would meet along the way.

I knew after day one, that it absolutely did not matter if I won my category or the grand prize, because meeting the other state contestants had already made the experience worth it. not once did it ever become a ‘toddlers and tiaras’ kind of competition. we contestants were there because we all love halloween, were creatively like-minded, and were there to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. it was amazing meeting so many new people from all walks of life (and literally all over the country). I’m happy to say that I’ve made some pretty rad connections and new friends along the way.

while I won’t go into too much detail on the other costumes (there were some AMAZING creations) and show details – I will tell you that I won my category and took third place overall! I’m looking forward to seeing the look on my face when they announced my name as the ‘spooktacular’ category winner. needless to say, I was pretty stunned…

the whole experience was incredibly positive and so much fun! while it was a lot of work (that comes with a jam packed 3 day production schedule), it was 100% worth it. I’m pretty sure the contestants would agree with me when I say – it was an unforgettable weekend.

so set your DVR folks, and watch the Hub Halloween Bash THIS SATURDAY OCT 26th on the Hub Network, at 5pst/8est.

you can bet I’ll be celebrating!


*second photo credit, and third photo credit.
*see more photos from the event here and here.

halloween this year.


yeah yeah, I’ve been a bad blogger I know. but look – I’ve got something really major on my plate…

while I can’t divulge too many details as of yet, let’s just say I’m busting out my headless marie antoinette costume for a second halloween. I’ll be celebrating, competing and rocking out in a HUGE way. one detail I will share – is that you will all be able to watch it unfold – as I will be on national television!

…halloween this year – is going to be epic.
more to come.

headless marie costume DIY.


since today is halloween, I’m skipping wes wednesday (but get your fix here) to bring you an epic costume DIY. you’ve all already seen my big costume reveal– but as promised, here is the complete DIY instructions of how to make a headless marie antoinette costume (or any headless character for that matter). sit back, play some halloween tunage and prepare yourselves for a huge ass post.  full instructions after the jump!!

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costume progress.


now, I’m well beyond this point in my costume construction (and if you follow me on IG, you already know this). but I did want to share the ‘plaster phase’ on the torso of my costume.

I have to admit this was one of the more enjoyable steps in the process for me. there’s nothing better than having your hands drenched in plaster. follow that up with painting gore into the severed neck? hell yes! stay tuned folks- I’ll try to post up a completed look at my costume tomorrow…

*see the prior updates on this costume here & here.

costume in progress.


jesus, do I look gross in that photo or what? this was also about three hours after purchasing my wedding gown…such a contrast.

obviously, I take halloween very seriously. very. seriously. I’ve always done some pretty over the top costumes (if you can remember, last year’s crowd pleaser and our dumb and dumber couple costume). this year- I’m really pulling out all the stops. it’s going to take me several days to construct, and I don’t intend on revealing what the costume is…until it’s fully completed (don’t worry, I’ll turn it into a DIY post for you all).

I will say however, if I can pull off this illusion of a costume…it will be fabulously gory and potentially one of my best to date.

*side note- yes, that is me making a duct tape body form of myself. whahahaha!

weekend treats.


While I am channeling my inner Beetlejuice for the day…here are few treats for your weekend…

1.) totally thought this was legit.

2.) bought this scarf a few weeks back and love it (actually received several compliments!)

3.) holy balls I want something sparkly from here.

4.) although I hate Bieber, I love weddings- therefore this is cute.

5.) check out this costume contest!

happy almost halloween everyone.
xoxo bun.