comic con.


while I’m busy as hell trying to get some things done for school, manage my 9-5 workload, and am patiently waiting to see if any of my work got pulled for an upcoming show in redondo…here’s a little look at our weekend at comic con. if you follow me on IG (@bybun)- then you’ve already seen these bad boys.

this being the first year we dressed in costume- it made for a highly entertaining experience. it was interesting being stopped to take pictures, or having people yell comments from across the room (especially to puff- who so closely resembles Riker from TNG). our trip to comic con is quickly becoming an annual tradition…and you can bet I’m already brainstorming my costume for next year.

xoxo bun.

ps- make sure to check this out too! I make a little cameo at the very end…

weekend treats.


HOLY SHIT GUYS…HOLY SHIT…we’re going to comic con. my weekend plans have changed about 5 times in the past few days, but I finally decided I’m using my Sunday ‘free day’ from graduate work to attend the convention (I’ve got my priorities straight okay?).

last year was so much fucking fun- and I can’t wait to let my geek flag fly high in my star trek uniform (oh yah- we’re dressing up- puff makes a great Riker). although the main goal is to shoot a sauce episode- you can bet I’ve already downloaded the comic con app, planned out what booths I want to hit up first, and what bag I’m going to bring to carry all my nerd swag home. nerd SSSWAAAAGGGG. okay- treat time.


the women of comic con. can’t wait to join the club.

a really sweet run down on iphone photo apps.

being engaged has me thinking about the future- and this.

going to make a batch sometime soon.

loving this new feature– I’ve already got one of em on my office desktop…

two new blogs I’m reading…caviar dreams & buckets and bunches

can’t believe I missed wes wednesday this week…but you can always get your fix here.

check out ‘the bunker‘…sp’s art department. hoping to see these guys at comic con.

there goes another one.

two door cinema club preorder!

hope you all have a fab weekend. make sure you’re following me on IG (@bybun). I’m sure I’ll be blowing that shit up when I’m in SD…

xoxo bun.