Beetlejuice Sketchbook Cover


Beetlejuice Handbook for the Recently Deceased sketchbook cover by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)

if you watched my recent 2017 sketchbook video, then you know I was due for a brand spankin’ new sketchbook. while I work in several sketchbooks at a time, lately I’ve enjoyed having a larger 8.5×11 sized one in the rotation…

this time around I decided to go for the Strathmore mixed media sketchbook and snazzy up the cover Beetlejuice-style! this will serve not only as a rad cover for all of my upcoming Inktober stuff, but also as a prop for my halloween costume this year (and yes, that’s a hint for you…but I’m still not revealing it quite yet!).

you can hop on over to my YouTube channel to watch how I created this cover. this video is part of my Bun-O-Ween series on my channel, so be sure you’re subscribed to see all of the spooky vids for October!


beetlejuice alphabet // 02


it’s been months since I worked on my illustrated beetlejuice alphabet. but I’m excited to say I’ve put my hands back on the project, and am really trying to get it done (or at least put a big dent in it). with some upcoming art shows I most definitely have the motivation to do it…

see part one here: letters D, S, & T.

beetlejuice alphabet // 01


although I started this beetlejuice alphabet series a while back, it fell off my to do list with everything I had going on. it is however, important that I keep up on my various non-mixed media projects and drawings as a means of building my portfolio and maintaining some skills.

I’ll admit it is one illustration idea of mine that I’m just dying (pun intended) to finish. so I figure, what better way to hold myself accountable than sharing the first three letters I’ve gotten done.

these are all completed in a sketchbook using pencil and a variety of pitt pens.

weekend treats.


While I am channeling my inner Beetlejuice for the day…here are few treats for your weekend…

1.) totally thought this was legit.

2.) bought this scarf a few weeks back and love it (actually received several compliments!)

3.) holy balls I want something sparkly from here.

4.) although I hate Bieber, I love weddings- therefore this is cute.

5.) check out this costume contest!

happy almost halloween everyone.
xoxo bun.