lyrical live & cacti workshops!


"Lyrical" workshop (both online and in-person) by artist Roxanne Coble

"Cacti" art journal workshop with artist Roxanne Coble

yes, you read that right. I’m going to be teaching my online class “Lyrical” as in-person workshop! EEKK! I’m so freakin’ pumped about it…

I’ll be teaching this class, along with “Cacti” in the San Diego area at Way Art Yonder Studio next month & in June. Lyrical will be a two-day workshop for those of you that maybe want to make a trip out of it, and Cacti is a great one-day class option for any of you local folks looking to get your art fix. check out the schedule and class descriptions below…

Saturday, May 20th – 10am – 4pm
Sunday, May 21st – 10am – 3pm
Lyrical: where music meets the art journal. Designed and inspired by Roxanne’s unique artistic style and popular online class LYRICAL, you’ll create your very own two-page journal spread from start to finish. You will choose a song that you love or that inspires you, and use it as a springboard for your journal pages. Working through various mixed media techniques, the class specifically explores: the concept of synesthesia, composition and the use of a focal point, typography (and the designing of multiple hand drawn fonts), tiered paint layering, unique art journal mediums such as oil and pan pastels, and of course – all of those finishing details that ultimately ‘turn up’ your spread to a completed work of art.

Saturday, June 17th – 10am – 4pm
Art journaling meets illustration in this mixed media workshop “Cacti”. This class takes you through the process of creating a two-page art journal spread that uses succulents and cacti as a visual focal point. Through guided step-by-step instruction, you will build up a mixed media foundation layer using ephemera and acrylic paint. With a foundation layer complete, the class then further explores: planning a composition, the use of a split-complimentary color palette, observational drawing, and unique illustration techniques using both acrylic paint, ink, and/or watercolor.

if you’re interested in joining me (and I would love to create with you!) or have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email:


join me this summer in prague…


you might have already seen the save the date announcement on social media last month, but I’m here to tell you that registration is now open for the Call of the Wild Soul Retreat happening this summer in Prague! I wanted to be sure I got a post up here on the blog, because space is very limited for this (and from what I’ve seen in the past, spots go fast!).

this retreat has travel adventure, creative magic, and ‘once in a lifetime’ written all over it. it is by far, what I’m most excited about for 2017. I hope you’ll join me and artist Willemien de Villiers for the journey…

hop on over here for all of the information, faq’s, and registration form.

join me this weekend in encinitas!


illustrated mini portraits with artist Roxanne Coble

this weekend I’ll be teaching a two-day workshop at the Art Lounge on 101 located in Encinitas, CA! I was fortunate to teach there last month and I’m so thrilled to be returning again. there’s something so intimate and wonderful about their workshop space…

if you’re in the so cal area and want to make a weekend out of it, come join me for my ‘illustrated mini portraits’ class. this is not only one of my most popular in-person workshops, but it will be one of my last workshops for 2016!

hop on over here to snag your spot in the class…xo

new art shop date!


***NEXT ART SHOP***SATURDAY MARCH 9th (9am-5pm) – in Playa del Rey, CA – $60 per person. this workshop will be a MIXED MEDIA project (full details to come in an email if you express interest). art supplies, morning treats (hello mimosas!), snacks throughout the day, and ALL DAY instruction will be provided.

it’s been quite some time since I last blogged/talked about/brainstormed up a new ART SHOP. I still can’t get over the fact that I’m just now posting these photos up from my previous (and first) class! now that I’m taking this semester off, I figured what better time than now to schedule a fresh new workshop…

for those who don’t know: ART SHOP is an all day art workshop (that I currently host in my LA bungalow by the beach) where you’re allowed to let go, get creative, and learn a thing or two you didn’t know going in. there is no prior art training required– just an open mind, and the desire to be creative for an entire day. focusing on one project through step by step instruction, you’ll work with a medium or technique you have never used, learn exercises to break creative blocks and stay motivated, and walk away with some bitchin’ artwork!

here’s a glimpse into my last workshop, which was an abstract painting lesson…

**interested? shoot me an email -> (or leave a comment below with your email). space is limited, as I prefer to keep my workshops more intimate!

***still curious? check out this ART SHOP review over on the kinas!

‘into your own’ workshop


while I had planned on taking a plethora of photos and blogging tons of details about my journal workshop last weekend – hosted by artist orly avineri – that is simply not the case. after one of my best workshops to date – I found that it was more important to remain present for the day, and fully immerse myself into the experience of the class.

orly’s class environment (which for this particular workshop, was in her home), felt open, safe and inspiring. I found myself experiencing a number of breakthroughs, letting go, gaining new philosophical outlooks during the creative process, and lastly – encountering a very personal and soulful reminder…

that reminder of course, was my love and rapture for art. degrees, grades, grad school stress, and career goals aside- my drive for the creative is bone deep, and ultimately something I cannot live without. simply put: for me to function, I need to create. with this reminder in hand, I found myself in tears when retelling the day to my fiance. that’s how rooted this truly was for me…

…and it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

*orly- your workshop was brilliant. your kind, creative and soulful words was just what I needed (something my mom said to me later, which I find appropriate to note here: “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”). thank-you again!

workshop weekend.


thank god it was a short week due to the new year holiday, as I have very exciting plans for the weekend…tomorrow, my mom and I will be attending a journal workshop! it’s been a while since our last workshop, so I’m pretty hyped to spend an artful day together (and finally create something I won’t be graded on).

into your own is all about creating journals using old books and a variety of mediums. the class is hosted and taught by artist orly avineri. while I haven’t followed her blog or work much, my mom has – so naturally, it didn’t take much for me to get on board. although I’ve done some of my own journaling here and there, it’s been nothing this in depth.

I’ll be sure to share my workshop experience with you all, and in the meantime – have a wonderful weekend…

*image found on orly’s blog.