Artsnacks Box Breakdown: Sept 2017


ArtSnacks 'Box Breakdown' videos by artist Roxanne Coble (aka BY BUN)!

happy Sunday everyone!

I’m dropping by the blog to let you know there’s a new ‘Box Breakdown’ video up on the ArtSnacks YouTube channel. this month, I decided to take things ‘back-to-school’ by creating a doodle-filled planner page in my sketchbook. hop on over here to check it out…


+ learn more about my collab w/ artsnacks here!
+ if you’re new to artsnacks, I’ve got a discount code for ya…use the code BYBUN10 at checkout to get 10% off your first month’s box.

supply me: airplane travel kit


it’s no secret that I almost always have art supplies with me. in my purse, in my car…it never ends. and for when I’m traveling (as you may have seen on my instagram), you can bet I’m dragging an entire ‘art kit’ with me to work on projects. nothing beats working on a project during a five hour a flight, and having that stranger sitting next to you look at you like you’re crazy.

all of that being said, one of the most common questions I get is – ‘what’s in your travel kit?!’. so here’s a detailed look at one of my travel kit variations. I say variations, as this kit is specific for a carry on backpack for an airplane (my kit looks very different if I’m in a car!). you’ll see I might be missing some key mixed media items below – like my gel medium or scissors – but obviously you can’t schlep that through security…

+ JOURNAL/SKETCHBOOK (left): pretty obvious, but my kit includes a small moleskine sketchbook and a journal I might be working on. in an effort to keep my backpack weight down, I try to take an art journal that is lightweight. my moleskine is with me almost always, so naturally it would be included in my travel kit.

+ MY BIG BAG O’ CRAZY (right): so, my ‘big bag o’ crazy’ lives in my purse 24/7 (literally, if you stopped me on the street I could pull this bad boy out). it started out as a small bag of pitt pens, and then slowly evolved into having gel pens, pencils, colored pencils, small post cards for illustrating, erasers, a pencil sharpener, transfer paper, and my small pouch of crystals (which I keep with me for good energy). the good part about carrying this around, is that I don’t even have to think about it when it comes time to pack for a trip. I know if I need something pen or pencil-like, it’s going to be in this bag.

+ GALLON ZIPLOC BAG OF PAINT (left): now obviously we’re on an airplane here, so you can only have small bottles of paint on you. this is easy for me because I only buy 2oz bottles anyhow. I also limit myself to one gallon sized bag, which keeps things light and gives you an interesting creative challenge (you have to work with what you brought)! I do always make sure I have a white & black, and a good balance of standard acrylic & liquid acrylic. I’ve brought a gallon bag of small paint bottles with me on a plane numerous times – and not once have I ever been stopped by security (I don’t even take it out of my backpack)!

+ ANOTHER GALLON BAG OF MISCELLANEOUS (right): I really could have thought of a more creative title with this item, but ‘bag of miscellaneous’ was just easier. this gallon ziploc bag holds just a few items, primarily ephemera! I also usually throw in my paint brushes, mini journals, and a glue stick. the glue stick replaces my gel medium…obviously not the greatest thing – but it works when traveling. and yes, I could very easily scoop some gel medium into a separate smaller container…but that would just be too much work wouldn’t it?

…cheers to creative travels! xo

supply me: pitt pens


I’m finally kicking off a new series I’ve been meaning to do – “supply me”. I get a lot of questions regarding certain supplies I use or prefer, and thought this could be a cool way to address it. I’ll feature one of my favorite art supplies, how or why I use it, and why you could end up loving it too…

ahh the almighty pitt pen. this has been my primary weapon of choice for several years now. while I’ve always had one or two on hand in my studio, it didn’t really become something I used everyday until a comic book class I took two years back. nowadays I carry a big ol’ bag of em with me at all times.

+ what it is – they are essentially really yummy pens with pigmented india ink and are more frequently used by illustrators or comic book artists. they come in a variety of ‘nib’ sizes (tips) and shades of ink. they don’t smudge, can create really clean line work, and essentially replace old school ink & brush drawing methods. my absolute favorite and ‘go to’ brand is Faber-Castell.

+ when to use it – almost all of my black & gray illustrations I do are done with pitt pens. they’re practically an essential supply when it comes to any sort of paper and ink drawing. but fear not, they are great for other things too! these pens are excellent for any sort of mixed media work (ie- journaling), as they go over paint/gesso/gel medium with no problem. if you’re a stationary or paper geek, they’re fantastic for lettering or addressing an envelope (as seen above).

+ where to find it – pretty much any art store carries these bad boys. I usually buy them at blick, as they have a great in store selection where you can snag individual pens (without having to buy a set). I make it a point now to grab a new pitt every time I’m there (hence why my collection is as big as it is!). if you’re just starting out, it’s not a bad idea to get yourself a small wallet set that features a variety of sizes (like this 4 pack off amazon). if you’re just going to pick up individual pens, get yourself these nib sizes to start: S, XS, B (and in BLACK). be sure to always double check your ink color by reading the label on the side of your pen.

+ bonus tip – for some of the larger and more ‘brush-like’ nibs (like a size B), there’s a good way to save a few bucks and stretch the life of it. when they start to blow out on you (ie- get all scraggly and no longer a nice clean point), there’s a way to actually flip the ink around and get a fresh nib. see a demo here.

happy inking friends.