studio playlist: april


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wooooaaahhh nilly, where the heck did april go?! believe it or not, I’ve actually had this playlist ready to go for a while. but, I have been so consumed getting spirits done that I never got around to sharing it with all of you!

so I have to say that this month’s playlist is pretty rad. it’s got a good mix of upbeat stuff at that start (m83, a new track from paramore, and a song I’m obsessed with from the moth and the flame), and then it all tapers out with some super chill tracks (like a random one from rogue wave, cotton jones, and exes).

I feel like I also need to give a shout out to the 13 reasons why soundtrack, where a lot of the songs for this month came from. so definitely check out that complete playlist if you’re looking for more stuff to listen to…

enjoy, and happy beltane!

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studio playlist: april


oh man, christine and the queens song it has totally been my anthem as of late. and I know, it’s not a new song whatsoever. but after hearing it on episode of girls and then seeing them live this month, it’s more than appropriate for this month’s playlist…

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