very rarely do I actually share completed demo spreads from workshops. usually because they don’t have the same sort of meaning or finished look that some of my other spreads might have. this particular spread seemed to be an exception to the rule, and is in fact my demo spread from the creative nomad retreat

art methods class sketchbook // 02


in continuing to share my progress on the altered book for my art methods course, this is a look at the inside back cover. there were really only two elements to this particular page prompt: it had to tie to your theme, and had to include a niche. although my theme is a bit vague at the moment, I knew right away I wanted some sort of organ-shaped niche.

the niche is carved out by clipping down a thick stack of pages, and then slowly carving out a shape with a x-acto knife. the inside edges of the niche are then smoothed out by gluing down your scrap pages (from when you cut your shape). I used gel medium to adhere my scraps and even put a thin coat along the outside edges of the pages.

while I don’t usually create niches in my journals, it definitely got me thinking about exploring it more in the future…

art methods class sketchbook // 01


in my credential program, one of the major classes you take leading up to student teaching is a ‘curriculum & methods of teaching art ‘ course. needless to say it will be one of the more enjoyable classes I take this semester, as it is the only one within my content area.

in most art classes you maintain a sketchbook (remember my one from last semester?). but for this particular class, we are maintaining altered books as our sketchbooks (score!). each of our books will also take on their own theme. while I’m still narrowing down the exact theme of mine (I’m toying with something along the lines of fear, or internal feelings), here’s a look at the cover.

I’m definitely exploring a lot more in this book in terms of planning, integrating more figurative elements, and honing in on one specific concept. not to mention, this is the first time (outside of my minis) that I’ve actually finished a cover. while it’s a bit outside of my usual altered book making, I’m quite happy with the result thus far.

next week I’ll share an inside page that includes a carved out niche…stay tuned.