new online art journal class from artist Roxanne Coble (aka by bun)

my new online art journal class ‘SPIRITS’ arrives FRIDAY, APRIL 28th 2017! be sure to subscribe to my email list (located in the side bar on the right) to stay up to date on additional launch info and complete class details. more info coming soon!

“Spirits” is an online mixed media art journal class taught by artist and illustrator Roxanne Coble. The Spirits course is a take on one of Roxanne’s most popular in-person workshops ‘Illustrated Mini Portraits’, which guides you through the process of illustrating a figure into an art journal spread. This course teaches you the process from start to finish and is appropriate for any skill level – from building up a mixed media foundation, planning and drawing a face, and illustrating the figure or ‘spirit guide’ into your pages. Other key techniques in the class include: the use of a ‘wallpaper’ piece, creating variations to your spirit figure, unique illustration techniques like Roxanne’s ‘4-block drawing method’ and the use of a ‘faux-value scale’, and of course – how to finish your journal spread with whimsical and illustrative details. “Spirits” also features a bonus lesson on how to add ‘extras’ to your spirits such as horns, winged crowns, and objects. So join in…the spirits are waiting…