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want to host or put together a private art journal workshop in your home (or even plan a weekend retreat)? well, I can most certainly make this happen! dates & rates are flexible, and I have numerous class options to choose from. email me directly if you’re interested in setting up a class ->

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  1. Hi Roxanne, I am in Palos Verdes and would be very interested in attending and possibly hosting depending on number of people. How many would it take to make it worth your while. How about for 6 people as an example?

    • Hi Alina,

      You’re right in my neck of the woods! 6 people would most definitely make for a great workshop (my minimum is usually 4). If you want to talk rates & dates, shoot me an email so we can chat!

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  3. I love yr 21secrets class and would sign up right away if I didn’t live like 5000 miles from you. Another onlineclass hosted by yourself would be just fantastic. Something you plan?

  4. I’m up in the Bay Area. I would love to fly down for a workshop. Please let me know if any of you have an extra space!

    • Bay Area here as well (East Bay / Pleasanton). Would be cool to have a workshop up here. 🙂

  5. Hi Roxanne. I would like to book 2 day workshop at my home in February or March
    Could u let me know when u are avail. Think I could accomdate 8. 10 stretching it
    Thanks Minnie. So loved your class

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