PPP 04: Zoot Suit Riot


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annnnndddd we’re back! yes, we had a bit of a hiatus there – it’s been tough to record an episode what with James getting sick and then going out of town, and then me working on the new online class. but now we’re back (we missed you!) and are bringing you a brand new episode of the podcast…

something else to note, I will no longer be posting podcast episodes up on youtube (and you’ll hear why in this week’s episode). but you can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or subscribe to my email list here on the blog (over on the right sidebar –>), and you’ll be notified when I post a new episode.

okay enough rambling, tune into episode 4 below!

James & Roxy are up in Big Bear, and in this episode – we’re talking about where we feel most creative, the new online class, Roxy’s obsession with Grace Neutral, and then top it all off with some ‘Zoot Suit Riot’ story time.

Mentioned in this episode:
+ Turns out, Tim Curry isn’t dead.
+ The pugs sit very close to us this episode.
+ Rick and Morty Art Book
+ April Art Challenge
+ New online art journal class “SPIRITS
+ ‘Jawbone‘ art journal spread
+ Here’s the bone Roxy found.
+ The Expanse on Syfy and Louie on FX
+ Needles & Pins on Viceland, hosted by Grace Neutral
+ Ex Machina comic book
+ Stupid Unicorn Frappuccino
+ James’ memory of a Friendly’s cone
+ Zoot Suit Riot by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

10 Responses to PPP 04: Zoot Suit Riot

  1. Good to hear you guys back. Understand the break.

    I am looking forward to SPIRITS–glad to hear even more about that.

    I looked up Grace Neutral. My golly! She actually does to her body stuff I just draw on my girls–like the ears…but wow…those eyes!

    The 1987 movie was MANNEQUIN. There was a song, “Mannequin, I kinda like your silly grin.” Look it up if you need to draw 80’s hair. 80’s hair. That little bone Roxy found probably fell out of a hairdo from the 80’s. Rat fails maze test/dies in 80’s hair.

    James, going to go toast some bread while I wait for SPIRITS. Maybe eat it while I watch Zoot Suit Riot for a moment!

  2. So glad you are back! Enjoyed listening while I did my art! Crout Corner – we’re here! Lol! Yes…the movie was “Mannequin”. Have a great week!
    Patricia (aka: magentamatters)

  3. James, I totally agree that the ONLY reason there is a Unicorn Frappuccino craze is because the name contains “unicorn”; I would venture to guess that if you name anything “Unicorn…. blah blah” it would be a craze. I had this very conversation with my 15 year-old daughter, and she decided not to get one. Yes!!!

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