PPP 03: Origin Stories


The Pug Party Podcast — where art, creativity and writing go off the leash.

In episode three, Roxy talks about the new online class, we share our creative origin stories, geek out on the new IT trailer, and then we totally f**k things up (all because of an ice cream truck and james’ stupid fingers).

Mentioned in this episode:
+ April the Giraffe live stream
+ “Spirits” Online Art Journal Class (coming soon!)
+ “Spirits” hashtag on Instagram
+ Women’s Bean Project
(and here’s the split pea soup)
+ IT 2017 movie trailer (and yes, I got the brother’s names mixed up in the podcast!!)
+ IT trailer side by side comparison
+ The Boys comic
+ Ex Machina comic
+ Saga comic
+ Fargo season 1 (available on hulu)
+ Feud season 1 (airing on FX)
+ Rick & Morty Season 3 premiere


Thank-you for tuning in!
-Roxy & James

3 Responses to PPP 03: Origin Stories

  1. First of all, I’m waiting for Spirits! No pressure, though! 🙂
    Gotta go check on the giraffe!
    (The giraffe was eating, but she’s back in the corner!)
    I haven’t seen IT, both of those trailers had me jumping! I’ve read a bunch of Stephen King. Oh, we saw his house in Bangor a couple of years back…AWESOME…just the outside of course!
    (The giraffe is eating again; you can really see her swollen tum-tum now!)
    Loved hearing both of your stories. I had a job I hated so much it kept me in tears, too.
    (The giraffe is walking around and facing the camera. Doggone it, Roxy, you’ve made me fall in love with the TOYSRUS giraffe!)

  2. Hi Rox,
    Did you pull the pug party podcasts from youtube? I was halfway through #3 and it was gone when I went back! At least I found it here…whew!

    • Hey Mandy! yes – I did have to unfortunately pull ep#3 from youtube. sorry about that! for some reason either youtube (or a hater) flagged the video. it gave me all sorts of issues on the backend (including getting my streaming privileges revoked!), so going forward all of the podcast episodes will be here on the blog & on iTunes!

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