PPP 02: Baby On Gourd


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annnnddd we’re back for episode two! while we intend on recording this podcast weekly, we were unable to record last week because james was sick. needless to say, we did a lot of catching up in this episode! hit play below to tune in, listen on youtube, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes


In episode two, we tackle creative frustration, James tries out some shitty pitches, and Rox explains her uncontrollable sobbing with Beauty and the Beast. Plus, we embarrass ourselves with a Sporcle quiz.

Mentioned in this episode:
+ April Art Challenge
+ James’ Tinkerbell
+ New Hero ‘Orisa’ on Overwatch
+ Sock Wars
+ Life movie
+ April the Giraffe
+ James’ twitter
+ Sporcle Lyric Quiz

Thank-you for tuning in!
-Roxanne & James

2 Responses to PPP 02: Baby On Gourd

  1. I howled laughing while listening to the quiz.

    Now LL Cool J’s “Going Back To Cali” is best ’cause it was in the movie LESS THAN ZERO. Roxanne, I did my Lyrical homework using “Stairway to Heaven.” That song is so classic. James does a pretty good Peter Gabriel. And I can still hear Otis Redding singing “Dock of The Bay.” Oh, man, ya’ll had some old school and middle school taking this quiz.

    Looking forward to the April Art Challenge and the Spirits class.

    Why 60-year-old people sleep in separate rooms: THE MAN SNORES and THE WOMAN KICKS! True story. But as of this May we’ll celebrate 25 awesome years. Marrying was the BEST decision of my life. Every now and then he’ll drop to one knee in a home improvement store and propose to me again. You should see the looks we get! 🙂

  2. I swear I didn’t cheat (I know this because I didn’t enter the LL Cool J answer) but I got 63% in the quiz. Almost lost my credibility with my brothers over Prince because I couldn’t sing the lyric but there was a car hint in there. Phew. I’m more of a Sign O’ The Times fan myself. Had no clue about the Kinks or Nirvana or Dylan or the Nine Inch Nails. Or Pink Floyd! Next time I’ll do the quiz with you, then I can just put down my answers and try not to shout out the answers you obviously can’t hear!

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