PPP 32: The Struggle Is Teal


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

Wondering how to cultivate an audience? We double tap that. Plus, we nerd out over Hulu docs, burn rubber with “2 Fast, 2 Years Old”, and get real with another installment of The Rose Recap.

Mentioned in this episode:
+ pics of the pugs while recording this ep
+ roxy’s twitch channel — hit it up!
+ “Shit-Town” podcast
+ james’ stupid little comic “Einstein Shit In My Time Machine
+ sweet new art snacks video
+ ye ‘ol pizza comedy site
+ dana carvey: too funny to fail (full doc on hulu // trailer)
+ Obey Giant shepard fairey documentary (full doc on hulu // trailer)
+ blade runner 2049 trailer
+ made in chelsea garbage pile show
+ stranger things: music from the series vinyl (& actual soundtrack w/ original music)
+ overwatch league on twitch
+ and of course… the bachelor on abc

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2 Responses to PPP 32: The Struggle Is Teal

  1. Hey guys,
    I have tried several times to watch madebybun over on Twitch. Problem…an error msg comes up every time saying “3000 Media resource decoding error”. I looked it up on google and it seems a common problem with many people but, the answers seems complicated! Do you know of any simple fixes??
    If you address it in the PPP…please excuse the question…I haven’t listened to it yet! Thank you for any help you can give…;-DD

    • Hi there!

      Sorry to read you were having issues on Twitch – was this when I was streaming live, or were you trying to watch one of the replay videos? At this moment, I’m not seeing that on my end when I watch the videos nor did I get any other feedback on that when I was live…

      What browser are you in? Be sure it’s updated, and Chrome works best for Twitch! Also, you can always tweak the playback settings (by clicking the gear icon in the videos) to load things faster.

      Hope that helps!
      xo Rox

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