PPP 30: End of the Year Bonanza


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

Get ready, we’re wrapping up 2017 with a fancy bow! Cozy up as we share this year’s top five creative accomplishments, gush about Star Wars, and put our cheer to the test with an Xmas song quiz. PLUS — James counts down the Top 10 Best-Worst Pitches from the year!

Mentioned in this episode:
+ pics snapped while recording this ep!
+ Saga comic (mentioned last episode) — it’s the best
+ “The Art of Rick and Morty” book that James wrote
+ roxy’s zines — Two Weeks In May, Things I’ve Buried, Pools, Witches of the Wild Wood
+ podcast ep featuring james’ parents
+ rox’s youtube channel! what up youtube!
+ Artsnacks collaboration — the box breakdown
+ ‘ricking morty’ live aftershow
+ roxy’s two online classes from this year: ‘spirits’ and ‘hallowed ground
+ Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer (in case you live under a rock or something)
+ big little lies trailer (on HBO)
+ harmonquest: season 2 (streaming on VRV)
+ Xmas quiz — Can you name the rest of these Christmas song titles?

Top 10 Best-Worst Pitches (aka – old, terrible pitches that made James laugh):
10. “Tot Blooded” (from Ep 6: “Tot Blooded“)
9. “Pen Pauls” (from Ep 20: “Dungeons & Doggies“)
8. “Whole Lotta Glove” (from Ep 13: “The Baker’s Dozen (LIVE)
7. “Home Twerk” aka “2 + 2 = Twerk” (from Ep 8: “Self Doubt Mountain“)
6. “Battle of the Glands” (from Ep 11: “Celebrity Navigation“)
5. “Air Conditional Love” (from Ep 9: “Air Conditional Love“)
4. “You Are What You Wheat” (from Ep 10: “Ask Geebs“)
3. “Head Over Eels” (from Ep 25: “Head Over Eels“)
2. “Too Legit To Mitt” (from Ep 4: “Zoot Suit Riot“)
1. “Baby On Gourd” (from the first Shitty Pitch segment ever in Ep 2: “Baby on Gourd”)
+++ “TOMI-GOTCHA!” (Roxy’s first pitch ever — from Ep 21: “Stephen King’d“)

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  1. End of year Podcast, spectacular. Shitty Pitches Hilarious!!!! Cannot wait for season 2. Happy Holidays from a crout corner member

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