PPP 18: Meet Lurch


Pug Party Podcast - a creative podcast hosted by artist Roxanne Coble and writer James Siciliano

We share what we listen to while working, geek out over animated stuff, hear a ‘Tina Salami’ pitch, and then talk about our new foster pug Lurch.

Mentioned in this episode:

+ LeVar Burton Reads – a podcast recommended by listener Melissa S.
+ here’s the photo we took while recording
+ James’ ‘Honey’ playlist on Spotify
+ Rox’s monthly playlists on Spotify
+ Gravity Falls animated show on Disney
+ Wet Hot American Summer 10 Years Later on Netflix
+ last weekend we saw Washed Out live at the Wiltern (check out their new album here)
+ Monster House movie
+ Radiolab podcast
+ The Art of Rick and Morty book
+ send us your shitty pitch for “Iguana Buddies”!
+ meet our new foster pug Lurch (and he looks pretty cute here too)
+ our local pug rescue: Pug Nation Rescue Los Angeles

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One Response to PPP 18: Meet Lurch

  1. Thanks you two! I’m totally with you regarding listening to music while creating, well, just about everything actually: Driving, cleaning, waking up, walking, exercising, etc. all equals music!! When my husband and I are watching movies, I’ll start singing to a song being featured, and my husband often will say, “How the hell do you know that song?” Me, I just love music; all my life. When I was two, I’d dance and sing to Puff the Magic Dragon; probably why I have a fascination with dragons! I even do conceptional photo sessions based off various songs. Yeah, can’t wait to get a paycheck (P/T teacher here), so I can take Lyrical, then, I will have taken all your online classes; yay, me!

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